Catch me at the Philippine SME Business Expo Today!

I am part of a company ( that gives branding and marketing advise to personalities who want to be more visible and active in the digital landscape. We came across a client who had huge dreams and who was really passionate about he wanted for his industry. We saw that he could be a key influencer (he was actually quite influential already) in his community, and we advised him to embrace this! Embracing it requires him to do things that he isn’t comfortable with like creating his own web channel, fan page, etc.

I admit, it’s quite scary, but really necessary. I, for one, am really scared of talking to large audiences. I could talk to a few people and coach them, but admittedly, talking to hundreds and thousands of people scare me. Although one of my dreams is to speak in a TEDx event. My personal advocacy is to help people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and to turn it into reality, and in order to get to more people, I need to be visible and I need to go to big conferences to spread the word.

So today, I will be at the Philippine SME Business Expo at the SMX Convention Center Manila. I will be speaking with Gian Javelona of and Sheena Caburog of Our session will be at 5:15PM and we will give tips and tricks for young entrepreneurs.


Mommy Ginger at the PhilSME Forum

Hope to see you at the Philippine SME Business Expo! 🙂