Padyak Para Kay Caitie

Yesterday, I watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy that just broke my heart. It was a little girl of 6 with a terminal disease. I couldn’t stop crying. Watching this episode made me remember Courageos Caitie and an email that I have received from a lady names Melly a few days ago. Honestly, I am drowning with stuff to do now, but I know that wouldn’t forgive myself if I failed to tell others about this.

The lady who emailed me is Melly Ng. She’s a triathlete that will take on 12 Hours of Indoor Cycling for the Benefit of Caitlyn Soleil Lucas or Caitie. On March 13, Sunday, Melly will attempt to complete 10 consecutive Sufferfest sessions, a collection of high intensity cycling interval training programs presented in an instructional video. The entire attempt makes up to a total of 12 hard hours of continuous indoor cycling.

catie poster 3 (1)

The goal of this fundraising activity is to raise the highest amount possible to help Caitie and her family handle Caitie’s rising hospital expenses. The event will be held at WattUp Indoor Cycling Studio, 36-B Scout Ybardolaza St., Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City.

You might be wondering who Caitie is. Courageous Caitie is a three-year-old who has recently been diagnosed with JMML, a rare form of leukemia, after three previous diagnoses which were eventually ruled out. She’s been in the hospital for 60+ days and counting and has undergone multiple tests and procedures that would make adults 10x her age cringe.


The expenses that her hospital stay (both in Manila and now in Singapore, where she is currently being treated) plus procedures have incurred are soaring, and her parents and relatives would gladly appreciate any monetary support that people could extend to them.

Let’s all help raise the highest amount possible to encourage Caitie and her family to continue fighting this tough battle.

Click on the link below to fill out the donation form and know the many donation options that you have to help this family.

There are Two (2) Steps to Donate:

1. Fill-up the online donation form:
– This will help us track the donations and thank you appropriately.

2. On the form, select a donation type:
– Pledge Php100.00 per cycling video (Melly will do 10cycling videos in 12 hours).
– Donate a Fixed Amount – choose to donate however much you are willing to share.

Donation may be made via bank deposit (BDO/BPI/Chinabank) OR through the gofundme account set for Caitie (ideal for overseas donations). Details will be provided upon form submission.

There’s also a space allotted on the form should you wish to send words of encouragement to Caitie. We will collate these messages and forward them to the Lucas family after the event. 🙂


For questions and other details, you may send an email to

For fundraising event updates, please follow the event page:

To follow Catie’s inspiring story and her courageous battle with a rare form of leukaemia, pleas like: