I’m a fan – US The Duo

I love to work with music playing on the background. I’m a fan of acoustic and old songs. I love listening (and really LISTENING) to the lyrics and I am amazed at how people come up with such beautiful rhythm for words that blend and make perfect sense. I am always at awe at how music can explicitly say how one feels and a given moment. I love listening to the lyrics of songs because for me each song is a message from the artist to us. It tells us of how they are feeling at a given time. Much like how bloggers are with their blogs.

I don’t normally write reviews on music, although I really love it, but this duo deserves to be recognized. I got to find out about them last night through a link shared on Facebook which was this video of them. They are called US the Duo 🙂

*Image from US the Duo's Facebook page

*Image from US the Duo’s Facebook page

Songs included are all in my Spotify playlist, so I really loved it!

“All Of Me” – John Legend
“Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift
“A Sky Full of Stars” – Coldplay
“Am I Wrong” – Nico & Vinz
“Chandelier” – Sia
“Break Free” – Ariana Grande
“All About That Bass” – Meghan Trainor
“Happy” – Pharrell Williams
“Maps” – Maroon 5

I was amazed at how these two can be so talented. By the way, the lady, Carissa, is Filipina and Micheal is her husband. Here is another favorite…

This is one of their original songs that I love. Their style is just so refreshing and so unique. Even if they sometimes play covers, they inject their own style and their own take on it. I also love the chemistry between these two individuals. Each brings in ‘magic’ to their team.

Both of them actually started as Vine stars. I love this interview of them. I am officially a super fan. If you get to read this, US the duo, I’d love to fix your concert here in Manila. I know that most of my events are expositions and seminars, but I will make an exception for you! I’d love to be the events provider for your concert if ever you visit Manila.

Learn more about US the Duo through this site: http://www.ustheduo.com/

Tell me what you think of their songs!