What is Life All About? (My Easter Reflection)

We will all have our own definition of what life is. My personal take on what life is about is that life exists or we exist to be of service to others.

Looking at the great examples of Jesus, Mother Teresa and all other people you may think as admirable, they dedicated their lives to serve others. You need not look further since our medical professionals and most people now are all serving others now at the time of COVID-19.

We can serve others in our own ways. There are no clear rules on how to serve others. It feels better though when you do it wholeheartedly without expecting anything in return.

Yesterday, when my husband and I were talking, we touched on the question: “are we just pressuring ourselves to hit a target for the business?” We’re both doers, goal-oriented individuals and we thrive in such a fast-paced industry. Even in Stardew Valley (for those who play), after completing the Community Center, the next question we asked was “so what now? Let’s hit to achieve 1,000,000 in our wallet!”. Yes, we constantly have goals that we want to achieve both in life and in a game.

But that question really got me thinking. Why do we have moving targets? Our targets change because people and our environment change. Each one of us change consistently that our priorities change and our loved ones’ priorities change, too.

Staying indoors really made me think about a lot of things. How about you?

Have you find the meaning of life?

What is your life’s purpose?

How are you of service to other people?

If you haven’t found your life’s purpose is yet, it’s okay. Some people find it early in life; sone find it late in life.

I wish you all clarity of purpose this Easter. May you find inspiration in the darkest days. May you find life’s meaning, and may you find people who will support your cause and purpose.

Have a Happy Easter Sunday!

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On to the Next Goal… And the next…

I just finished answering a list of questions for an interview for an online magazine. One of the questions about my business got me thinking. The question was what are your short term goals and long term goals for Manila Workshops (my business)?

I’m a goal-oriented person. What that means is that my life’s purpose is based on achieving results. Shucks. That sounds so boring and not fun. Which lead me to think, is being goal-oriented a good thing? Or am I missing the real purpose of life by setting goals?

*Image from Death to the Stock

*Image from Death to the Stock

First of all, the reason why I set goals is because i’m the type of person who loves seeing getting things done. Placing a checkmark beside a task that I have accomplished gets my adrenaline moving. Ticking things off gets me inspired again to tick another one off my list. Setting goals is just something I do.

Second, achieving goals bring me closer to the destination I want faster. I just feel that going with the flow will be a waste of time (but that’s just me). I tried surrendering once to the will of the wind, but that didn’t work out quite well. I didn’t regret it though because i learned a lot of things about myself.

And lastly, setting goals prevents me from feeling lost. I’m a deep thinker and a flaw is that I think of things too much. You’ll realize that when you think of things too much, you tend to get lost. Personally, setting goals brings me back to my ‘here and now’. It gives me a clear direction on where to go, what to do and what to prioritize.

But what I need to introduce into my life is to enjoy the journey, too. My husband often tells me that it is about as much the journey as it is of the destination. Yes, we can all be happy and celebrate when we accomplish tasks. We need not mindlessly breeze through all of the tasks and hurriedly accomplish it all. We (I) need to savor every moment in this lifetime.

So before you go on to your next goal, let’s celebrate LIFE.