Moji Clock Trainer: New Cool App for Kids

My daughter is so cute! I wanted to show her a video which was on my phone. I was sitting right next to her while she was playing with the iPad. I called her and what she did was she paused the video she was watching to listen to me talk. Awww, isn’t that such an adorable thing? I think, as a mom, you find things that little children do adorable especially when you don’t see much of that happening with the adults that you interact with.

I, personally, don’t think technology is bad. I think it’s an enabler — it makes you do things more efficiently. To be honest, I’m not the type of mom who stops my child from learning using a gadget (tablets or mobile phones). But, I see to it that she is exposed to it only in moderation. Ever since she was little, we would see to it that she would get a good balance of gadget time and outdoor play time.

Now, recently, I found a very cool app that teaches kids how to tell the time. My daughter loves it. She calls it “owl time”, but in reality, it’s called Moji Clock Trainer. It teaches kids how a mechanical clock works. I just realized that, as adults, we may forget to teach them how to tell tell time using a mechanical clock since we can just look at our phones or laptops to show us “digital” time.

Moji Clock Trainer

Moji Clock Trainer 2

How the app works is that you first listen to a voice telling the current time. You can then set the clock by moving its hands to the correct numbers and when the you get the correct answer, a little bird/owl shows up. This is why my daughter calls it the Owl Time app.

Moji Clock Trainer 3

There are different levels for various ages. I love it since it’s very engaging! You can download the app from App store and Google Play Store.

Another app for kids that they made is called Moji Bingo Math.

Moji Bingo MAth 2 Moji Bingo Math 1åç

It teaches the child addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and a mixture of operations. Check it out here:

Have fun! Let me know if these apps for kids were helpful! 🙂 Leave a comment below!