Increasing the Value of Air at Home with Crane Humidifiers and Air Purifiers

In the past, people would have probably thought that placing water inside a bottle and selling it would be impossible. A few years ago, we would have probably laughed at the idea of air being sold in containers. But then again, this week, I saw an article in Facebook that this air that we breathe is now being sold in China. What is happening to the world? It seems like now, even the basic necessities in life, has a price tag. Why is this so? This is when that point of imbalance in supply and demand is evident.

Hey, I don’t know about you, but i’m increasing the value of air at home, and when I do this, I’ll store it in bottles too and sell it. Haha! Just kidding, but really, my plan is to increase the value of Air at home with Crane.

What is Crane?

In the Philippines, Keywest International is the official distributor of Crane. Crane USA is a ten year old company that values design and sees that one’s home is the evident expression of who they are as a person. They also know that one of the aspects that people cherish is to keep everyone healthy and safe at home. With this aspect of health in mind, Crane created humidifiers and air purifiers which control indoor air pollutants and improve the value of air! See, this is how I will increase the value of the air that I breathe at home.

Check out this beautiful Crane Train air Humidifier

Check out this beautiful Crane Train air Humidifier


When I saw the products displayed at the L’indochine store in Megamall, I really wanted to get one. This is because for the longest time, I have been suffering really bad rhinitis. I take Antihistamines like vitamins; I take them almost everyday. I hate that I am allergic to everything! This is off topic but do you know that I am allergic to chocolate (such a sad life…)? Anyway, I was so excited, since I wanted to use it immediately, not only for me, but also for my daughter. I don’t want her to experience this and I’m scared because as early as now, I see her rubbing her nose often.

Jax from The Horribles collection of Crane

Jax from The Horribles collection of Crane

Why are Humidifiers important?

Humidifiers help ease breathing problems caused by sickness and air pollution. When you breathe well, you get to sleep well and everything follows (I’m sure you’ve already heard this from a yoga or meditation class). Humidifiers also hydrate the skin, which is useful for people with eczema or psoriasis.

We got Jax from the Horribles collection because he’s so cute. Jax is priced at around Php 3499.75. These animal designs are so cute, too! They are at Php 2999.75.

2015-11-26 13.51.12

The Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers range from Php 2999.75 to Php 3499.75.

2015-11-26 13.48.58

If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, I would highly suggest giving them the Travel Humidifier at Php 1899.75. It includes a travel cup, USB Adapter, 3 Wick filters and a carry bag. Since you can bring it anywhere, it can be used for offices, hotel rooms, etc. Voltage is 220 volts and it has an auto off feature!

2015-11-26 13.47.57

Their top of the line Humidifier though is this black tower like product. It is called the Crane Digital Humidifier. It is at Php 6099.75.

Crane Philippines

It has a 4.9 Liter tank and voltage is at 220 volts. It has both cool and warm mist options. It has an LED screen with a digital humidity display, a sensor touch panel (but you can also opt to use the remote control if you’re too lazy to get up) and it also has an auto shut off feature when it’s empty. It has a 12 hour timer setting and an automatic humidity control. It has a dual mist outlet, ceramic filter and an ionizer function. This is super cool!

When I posted this on my social media accounts, I already got a lot in great feedback from couples and parents who bought it for their homes. I kid you not when I say that this is a product that you should consider purchasing. The next thing that I will probably get is the Crane Air Purifier!

Crane Philippines 3

I had an amazing time learning about air humidifiers! Zeeka had a great time looking at the different designs!

For more information about the product, please do visit them at or check out their Instagram account at Their website is

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger





PS. Saw these really cute bags from L’indochine. Also great gifts!

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