Make it Blissful x Luminisce (A Christmas Gathering): Part 2

The reason why I thought of creating a part two of the Make it Blissful X Luminisce gathering is because I believe that the brand who participated deserve to be featured and highlighted, too. And it’s not because they were “sponsors” of a beautiful event, but because I felt that their brand stories were beautiful, too!

People don’t see the just see the hardships that entrepreneurs go through in creating their businesses and in building their brands. We only see them as things that we buy or things that we don’t buy or brands that we like or brands that we don’t like. But I personally, would like to see each as inspiring stories. Stories of people who took courage to fulfill their passions!

Especially made for me!

Especially made for me!

The Make it Blissful Box

The Make it Blissful Box

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The Make it Blissful x Luminisce Box

This box was really filled with amazing gifts and surprises, but most of all, it was made with LOVE. Some of them were even personalized and made especially for us! Let me share the stories of these entrepreneurs who made them.

Your Truly receiving my box from Audrey and Dra. Kaycee of Luminisce

Your Truly receiving my box from Audrey and Dra. Kaycee of Luminisce


Luminisce founder, Dr. Kaycee, believes that achieving physical wellness should not only come from the outside but from the inside as well. She says that what sets Luminisce apart from the others is their desire to help people achieve the balance of both body and mind. Luminisce teaches its patients to achieve beauty and confidence from the inside. Using state-of-the-art equipment combined with natural or alternative approaches, this combination aims not to achieve physical wellness in the short run but to sustain overall health in the long run.

Read more about her here: Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations

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Erika Tesoro-Mata and Dr. Richard Mata were a couple who started supporting a few scholar students from the Philippine Science High School and they felt that they wanted to do “something” more. This led to the birth of Humabi, which is a social enterprise that helps women in need and children who could not go to school.

Read more about them in this link: Humabi

Pro Studio

Valerie and Andrea were just two friends who were into beauty, who both faced the problem of purchasing airbrush kits that were too expensive. With this, they thought of creating their own affordable airbrush makeup brand and this was the birth of Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives.

Read more about them in this link: Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives

Whisk and Zin

Oh, I am a super fan of Cheryl and Czarina ever since the first time I met them for the GTV interview. Here’s my interview with them.

Their business really started when these two friends were seeking for yummy salad dressings and jams and decided to create them instead. I’m so proud that they now have a line of salt (ZIN), which by the way I cannot live without now!

Read more about them in this link: WHISK and ZIN

Lulu Swing

Lulu Swing was established by another lady that I admire, Isabel Abonal. We had coffee once, but her passion for her craft really inspired me! Isabel had deep appreciation for shoes so she wanted to create a local and affordable line that caters to women who loves comfort but seeks for pretty styles, too.

Reed more about her in this link: Lulu Swing


After 14 years of making handmade paper invitation, Airees (thus the brand name), rediscovered her passion for painting. In April 2014, she took an online watercolor class and painted girls in boots every day. In October, she launched her business with Calendar presenting 12 of the numerous girls she painted. Last September, she launched a collection named Musings in Color consisting of 8 designs taken from her art journals. Each one has a story behind it.

Read more about her here: AireesCreates




This business started in a small backyard in 2010 with the vision of providing opportunities for the unappreciated but highly skilled Filipino garments worker. The company has grown and has been exporting for major brands in the US and Europe. When require by the doctor to exercise, the managing partner was inspired to create a line of sportswear inspired by 80s fashion and design. This was the birth of Atsui.

Read more about it here: Atsui


Anna Marasigan loves travelling and her attention to detail led her to create Anma. Anma inspires people to lead a lifestyle of stylish yet functional items that lets you see the world instead of worrying about the little things. The three basic elements that they hold dear are simplicity, practicality and quality.

Read more about it here: ANMA Lifestyle

Blessings by Fad

France and Ami run Blessings by Fad, which aims to touch people’s lives one bag at a time. They realized that there was a need for simple but sturdy bags that speaks of God’s faithfulness and all around positive vibes, as well as bags that would be easy to use for women-on-the-go who were like them. Every year, Blessings by FAD partners with an organization and supports them by giving 5% from every tote or pouch sold.

Read more about them here: Blessings by FAD


Joana Gube has been designing jewelry for almost 10 years and she sold them to classmates and friends. In 2013, she decided to establish Heyjow, a brand that was inspired by the allure of tropical beaches and the mesmerizing world she discovers every time she travels.

Read more about her here: Heyjow


Noteworthy was inspired by Kristine’s love for crafts, color, texture and most importantly, gift giving. With her deep fascination for unique and pretty gift wrapping ideas, she started handcrafting clay to add to the beauty of gift wrapping that she was so amazed with.

Read more about her here: Noteworthy


Curves is a fitness facility especially designed for women featuring a 30-minute workout and weight management program that is fast, fun and safe.

Read more about it here: Curves Philippines

Snapper Doodles

Pearl was an entrepreneur who took the leap from the corporate world, too! SnapperDoodles just began as a one year Instagram journey to make God known through lettering and art. Now, it is an online shop highlighting the beauty of traditional hand-drawn designs ranging from various stationery products such as postcards, tote bags, notebooks and of course BLOOM 2016.

Read more about it here: SnapperDoodles


Kristine Claudio is one of those women who has created a brand for her passion, consistently and successfully following the path to profitable businesses while building a collective reputation — philantrophic, resourceful, adaptable and collaborative. For the Love of Prints has grown its product and service portfolio which includes printing on t-shirt, tumbler, mugs, bags, etc.

Read more about it here: For the Love of Print

Bits to Pieces

Bits to Pieces

Kay Fanlo has been in love with arts and crafts since she was a child. She eventually discovered polymer clay and when her husband’s job required them to move back to Davao, she let go of her corporate job to become a full time mom and to concentrate on her craft.

Read more about it here: Bits to Pieces

Olivia and Diego

Yana Santiago is the humble and silent mover of worthy cause that bridges the gap between fashion and the social environment. Yana established a brand of fashionable arm candies and neckpieces. Her objective is to remind people that great things can come from upcycling / recycling.

Read more about it here: Olivia and Diego

The Honest Crop

The Honest Crop was started by 2 colleagues who had the desire to support the organic natural farmers in the country and to help people pursue a healthy active lifestyle. They realized that “healthier” options are not widely available, not convenient to consume and oftentimes way beyond people’s budget. This is what The Honest Crop wants to focus on — convenience, availability and more affordable healthy alternatives.

Read more about them here: The Honest Crop


In 1910, 18 year old Joyce Clyde Hall stepped off a train in Kansas City with nothing but shoeboxes of postcards under his arm. He had no money but he had the drive and desire of a soon-to-be-known entrepreneur! Hall quickly made a name for himself with the picture postcards he sold. His business with his brother was originally called Hall Brothers. In 1915, a fire destroyed their office and inventory. Also, as postcard sales declined, they realized that people wanted a more private form of communication. They started selling high quality Valentines and Christmas cards inside envelopes and the rest was history!

Read more about them here: Hallmark

Boqueria Lifestyle Market

BLM was founded by sisters Steph and Lady. Growing up, they were exposed to a “well-curated” home — mixing and matching of old and the new, turning trash into treasures, etc. Their mom made sure that everything was lovely! Over the years, they have been collecting anything and everything that tickles their fancy — collector’s items, unique pieces of art, bargain finds, etc.

Read more about them here: Boqueria Lifestyle Market

A Vanilla Story

It all started when Mr. and Mrs. Vanilla changed their hectic lifestyle and relocated to the countryside hills for a simple and slow-paced lifestyle. When they started baking Christmas cookies, they couldn’t find good, real Vanilla, so they decided to be THE Vanilla Company!

Read more about them here: The Vanilla Company

I hope you liked the inspiring stories of the entrepreneurs behind these brands. I sure did and I hope that you see the time, love and the effort that these people gave to building their businesses and brands to how they are today. Thank you Make it Blissful x Luminisce for sharing with us the box and the amazing,inspiring stories of these people!

Continue to make life blissful!

Blissfully yours,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger