Traveling with your Kids to Davao!

Earlier this year, I went to Davao for a business trip. I was able to book a flight to Davao at a great deal so I decided to bring my husband and our daughter, too. Among the three of us, my daughter was the one who had the best time! Now, when you ask her what her favorite place is, she will, without hesitation, answer Davao!

We only stayed in Davao for a short time and didn’t really get to go around that much, but we successfully managed to make it memorable for our little one. Given limited budget and limited time, traveling with your kids to Davao is really worth it! It’s a safe and clean place to travel to.

We stayed in a hotel called North Zen Hotel. I loved the location of the place and the rates were affordable. The hotel was clean and each floor had wi-fi access (which we needed since we worked remotely). There were tables and chairs on each floor that allowed us me to work with my business partner.


For our meeting, we had it at The Boardroom Office Space along Loyola St, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur. This venue is the perfect place to hold team meetings and to set up mini workshops in Davao. There is this cute cafe near the area also called Blooming Days. They have great coffee and a very homey ambiance!




Mommy Ginger in Davao 3

After my meetings, we had a few days to go around Davao. Since we had a two year old with us, we chose places that would appeal to her. We went to the Davao Crocodile Park, Japanese Tunnel and Eden Nature Park and Resort. We also got to eat at Lito’s Park and bought pastries and “pasalubong” at Lola Abon’s.



Davao Crocodile Park

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Davao Crocodile Park was the most memorable place for my daughter. The crocodiles in that park were humongous. One was thrice or quadruple the size of a person. There was also a huge nursery of baby crocodiles. The nursery was a huge swimming pool type of area with little crocodiles that filled it, almost one on top of the other.

Aside from crocodiles, there were other animals there. We turned it into a learning experience for our daughter and mentioned the names of on animal after another so she remembers how each one looks like.

Eden Nature Park and Resort




Eden Nature Park and Resort was a more relaxing place. It was a huge expanse of greenery, split into different sections where you can do different activities. A big portion of it was an aviary. It was interesting to see the different kinds of birds, with different colors, shapes and sizes.


Another activity, was swinging in a hanging rope. This rope would go from one end of the field to another. It was an ‘Indiana Jones’ moment for my husband and my daughter.





My daughter’s favorite activity though was fishing. They had a fishing village, where you can catch fish and either cook it or let it go again. They had little huts all around that area where you can enjoy eating with your friends and family!

Japanese Tunnel Resort and Restaurant

Mommy Ginger in Davao 12

We went to another historical place, known as The Japanese Tunnel. The tour guide said that the tunnel was created during World War II by the Filipino slaves and prisoners of wars. This tunnel was as the hideout of the Japanese soldiers and their belongings. It was so cool going through the tunnel. There was a prayer room with a replica of a Japanese Golden Buddha. The guide also showed us the prison cell, which was so small. The area was for Filipino prisoners who defiled the Japanese soldiers.

It was a memorable trip, especially for my little one. I suggest this itinerary for anyone going to Davao with a kid!

Hope this article helps you, mommies and daddies! Looking for cheap flights to Bacolod for next year! I’ll definitely share with you our Bacolod adventure!