Choosing the Right Diapers and Pampers Premium Care

I always thought that all diapers were one and the same — a diaper is a diaper is a diaper. This was what I thought until I researched and found out why Pampers Premium Care stands out. We all know that our consideration as a mom in choosing diapers should be one that keeps our babies healthy and happy! If they wake up in the middle of the night, several times (even if you already fed them), it “may” be because they are not comfortable with the “nappy” that they are wearing.

Here are the things that I found out about Pampers Premium Care that was so shockingly amazing!

– It was made in Japan with cutting-edge Japanese Technology for world-class care. There are a lot of amazing technologies that are developed in Japan, and these technologies make their products of utmost quality.

– You’ll immediately notice that the Pampers Premium Care diaper is very soft. Pampers makes sure that it uses quality materials that ensures softness, dryness, and comfort for babies’ sound sleep and happy mornings.

– I love the Magic Gel Channels that can only be found in the Pampers Premium Care line. When this technology was shown to us, we saw how fast the absorption was. It easily spread to the different parts of the diaper, therefore the problem of bunching up only in the lower part when the diaper becomes full won’t be a problem.

– The Magic Gel keeps baby dry also by turning liquid into crystal form in seconds. This gel is also the reason why a Pampers Premium Care diaper is thinner than other diapers!

– Pampers Premium Care has also upgraded diapers with with Skin Protection Lotion to wrap babies in silky softness that is gentle on skin.

– Pampers Premium Care has also has unique innovations designed specifically for a particular lifestage in your babies life. For newborns, the NB and S sizes come with a specially designed top sheet called the Absorb Away Liner. This quickly absorbs runny messes, and helps reduce the risk of skin irritation.

I was also so happy to know that the Pants variant is now available in the Philippines. In the Pants variant, a unique S-Flex technology protects the skin from friction. So when your toddler, like mine, loves moving around and running around, they can do so comfortably.

These are the things that I learned about diapers. I didn’t think that there was so much more really to choosing, but there is! After seeing this, I don’t think I’ll be looking at any other brands soon! If you want to see how Pampers can work for you, check out their store in Lazada:

Showing Tender Love & Care with Heaven Baby Diaper

I’m preparing for Baby Zeeka’s first birthday party already. I’ve decided to go DIY (do-it-yourself) on some of the things for her party to show my tender love & care. I love doing things for my baby, which takes a lot of time and effort (for example, I created a scrapbook for her, when I could easily just have had the pictures printed already in a pre-set layout). I mentioned my DIY idea for the party to a few people and some said that since it’s the first birthday party, I should go grand. I don’t know why some people associate making stuff by yourself as ‘pagtitipid’. Not because something is expensive, it’s better than some other alternative. Some ‘not so grand’ or ‘under-the-radar’ products can also be equally effective and can equally elicit the same response.

Heaven Baby Diapers

Heaven Baby Diapers

Heaven Baby Diapers: Total Leak Control System

Heaven Baby Diapers: Total Leak Control System

Like for example, I recently heard of this diaper brand called Heaven Baby Diaper. Have you heard of this brand? I saw it in Waltermart and found that it was cheaper than other brands. My baby’s size is large (sorry, I took a photo of the Medium) and for a Large pack of 24 pieces, it was priced at P186, so that is P7.75 per piece. The current one that I use is at Php 153 for 16 pieces per pack. That’s Php 9.56 per piece. That’s a lot of savings. You know how expensive it is to buy disposable diapers for a baby! That’s huge savings because my baby can consume around 6 diapers during the day and around 2 at night (during her sleep). If you compute that, you save at least Php 435 pesos in one month.

Zeeka in Heaven Baby Diapers

Heaven Baby Diaper has these features:

TLC or the Total Leak Control System: I tested it and it absorbs wetness and doesn’t leak. I only use it during the day. I tried to use it at night, but it’s best to go with more absorbable ones for night use.

Soft cottony cover: I tried it and my baby didn’t get any rashes. My baby has very sensitive skin and it’s amazing that with this brand, she was fine. Believe me! I tried other known brands and sometimes, my baby gets rashes with those brands. With this one, everything was fine and dandy!

Adjustable/magic tape: My baby has a cute little bulging tummy and she’s already 10 months now, so she really loves playing, crawling and trying to walk. With her active disposition, she really needs a diaper that fits comfortably. I love how Heaven Baby diapers fit her. They fit perfectly and she never cried about it.

Zeeka in Heaven Baby Diapers 2

As you can see, my baby loves the comfort that Heaven Baby Diapers give. In the little things that I do and buy for Zeeka, even if it’s not that expensive, I try to show my tender love & care. I believe that being practical should not be associated with how much you love a person. Sometime the little things or those that are made from the heart are those that matter the most!