On Technology: Do More with Less

Every company needs to live by core values that they define. I remember, in the last company where I was employed with before I became an entrepreneur, the core value that we all tried to adapt was SMART Banking. We had to do everything ‘smarter’ than competition or simply just in a ‘smart’ way. Although still early in the game since my company is just a start-up, our core value is continuous learning. With this, all members of the team are encouraged to try new things in order to learn. They are encouraged to experiment on new things so that they learn from it.

If I were to add a second value though, it would be to do more with less. Seriously, I am super impressed with people who can accomplish a lot of things with less effort. I feel that I am not there yet in terms of the ‘less effort’ part. I feel that I’m still exerting a lot of effort… hehe! I have been emotional recently and thus this recording…

Honestly, without tools and technology, I don’t know how we can survive living in this world anymore. Well, we probably could in certain places, but I feel it will be difficult since we’re now so used to how we currently live. I feel that everything is so fast paced right now and thus, we need to use new tools just to catch up with the changing times and just to have enough time for ourselves.

I’m so glad that a lot of companies and individuals are innovating and creating new ideas to address different needs. One company that I have come across that wants us to #DoMorewithLess is Electrolux. I have this new top-load washing machine and it’s incredible.

What’s so amazing about it?

Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine

Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine

You need not hand-wash clothes that require hand-washing, since this T-Drive has an Agitator technology that is a paddle feature that simulates hand washing and lessens the wear and tear of delicate pieces. I always worry that new household helpers might destroy my clothes that require delicate washing just because they are not familiar with my things. Now, I don’t need to worry! I don’t need to brief new helpers on each clothing piece that I have in the closet.

Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine 3

Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine 2

The next amazing thing about this top load washing machine is that is has an Anti-Residue system prevents unsightly detergent residue on dried clothes. Have you ever experienced having that whitish residue on your clothes just because the washing machine didn’t get to rinse it thoroughly. I have experienced it!

Another amazing thing that the T-Drive can do is that it can spew money. Haha! Just kidding, but it can help me #DoMorewithLess “Money” since it cuts on water usage by 50% when rinsing with its Eco Rinse program. This is super savings for the budget-conscious mom like me!

The T-Drive will also save you the hassle of untangling clothes after wash, because its Anti-Tangle system gently separates your clothes automatically.

Safety feature of the Electrolux T-Drive: Soft Closing Lid

Safety feature of the Electrolux T-Drive: Soft Closing Lid

Also, this really “smart” washing machine also has a security feature of Soft Closing Lid that keeps your hands safe from accidents, like suddenly and accidentally closing the washing machine lid. This is super because if your carrying a lot of laundry, and if you have a wash area as tiny and packed as ours, the tendency is that you would most likely shut the lid of the washing machine accidentally.

This T-Drive washing machine from Electrolux made me realize how much I love technology! Things, devices, contraptions, gadget, etc. like these make our lives easier!

I can now spend more time with my daughter!

I can now spend more time with my daughter!

Remember to #DoMorewithLess. Thanks, Electrolux for reminding me!