Staycation at Nobu Hotel and Family Bonding at DreamPlay!

Planning a Staycation this long weekend?

It is definitely the City of Dreams! I would say that this Staycation at Nobu Hotel was the best one that we have ever had as a family. We love staycations. My little one always loves staying in a new place for a short time. She loves discovering things. She love experiencing new things and going through new adventures. Now, i’ll tell you why this particular staycation was the best for all of us!

Nobu Hotel

Hospitality at its finest!

When we got to Nobu Hotel, we were greeted by smiles by all of the staff. The lady that checked us in to our rooms was very pleasant. She even talked to Zeeka, and wished that she would enjoy DreamPlay. She also gave me very specific instructions without me having to ask where the exit to DreamPlay was, or where the gym was or where breakfast was the next day. I loved that it was so cool that she even left her post to direct us to the elevator!

I learned from her that Nuwa and Nobu are from the same group of hotels.

Attention to Detail

When we got to our room, I loved the Japanese inspired look!

View from our room!

I love how it’s so simple yet so classy. I am always impressed by this kind of aesthetic. Also, I love how Nobu Hotel put effort into thinking about the details. Case in point, there were two robes and two pairs of slippers. One was black and the black robe and slippers were bigger. The other one was white and both the robe and the slippers were smaller.

Another detail was that I had my name on the phone. Little stuff like this make the experience more customized!

Relax and Enjoy with the Family!

There are a lot of things to do in the hotel and a lot of things to do in the whole expanse of City of Dreams. In the hotel, the entire family will enjoy swimming. Check out how beautiful the swimming pool and the garden is!

Do you know that they had coolers for each table? These little touches make all of the difference. And WIFI was available for anyone to use within the premises of the hotel. No passwords! I loved it!

Look at my little love! She had so much fun swimming with daddy!


Since we couldn’t visit the casino since we had Zeeka tagging along, we went to DreamPlay instead.

DreamPlay is a DreamWorks movie-inspired wonderland for kids to enjoy. It’s located inside City of Dreams Manila. It reminded me of a smaller version of Sanrio Puroland in Japan.

Inside DreamPlay, there are 12 attractions that your kids can enjoy and choose from. Although, shorter kids will not be able to join some of the activities. My daughter was 5 years old so she kept on going back and forth to the activities that she can do. She absolutely adored the place and didn’t want to leave.

So what were the things that a 4-5 year old could do?

First, we threw and shot balls at each other. haha! This was inside the Afro Circus. Parents, if you have little kids and you want them to use up all of the energy, have them play here for at least 30 minutes. The surroundings and the things inside are very safe — lots of padding. The balls are made out of foam so it doesn’t hurt when you shoot them. They have machines (like the red and blue one in this picture) that shoots the balls into the air when you press the green button. It was so cool that my husband and I actually played, too!

Afro Circus at Dreamplay!

My favorite was this cooking class — Cooking with Gingy! There are time slots for this class so best to check at the reception when you enter. We all had aprons, chefs’ hats, rolling pins, etc. This wasn’t an ordinary baking class because we baked while watching Shrek, Donkey and Gingy talk to each other. I won’t tell you how that happened. 🙂 Anyway, each one of us baked a Gingerbread man cookie. We, then, we decorated it and ate it!

But don’t worry about getting hungry. Beside the area of where the cooking class was held, there was an area called Chez Gingy where you could actually order food for lunch. They served pizza, ice cream, chicken fingers, etc. I wasn’t a fan of the food though. What I enjoyed was the ice cream with the bottomless toppings that you could take. The food was okay, but not that impressive.

Chez Gingy!

After lunch, we watched a 4D animated movie at the DreamPlay Theater. It was a fun film. Zeeka hid under her dad’s arm, because there were times when the seat would squirt water. She hated that! hahaha! Overall, we enjoyed watching at the DreamPlay theater.

After that, we went for Kung Fu training with Kung Fu Panda. Then we created our own dragons and had them race towards the finish line. We also built a boat and raced, too!

There are other things that your young kids can do, like go up Shrek’s treehouse,  pretend to fly a plane, etc. We really had a fun time at City of Dreams, both in DreamPlay and at Nobu. My next target is to have dinner at Nobu. Breakfast was amazing, so I really want to go back to try dinner. The ambiance at the restaurant was simple yet very elegant. I love how they fixed their buffet, too.

To end my review, I’m sharing a video of what happened during our staycation!


Love lots,