Tips for Dressing up your Child

I’m so proud of my little girl. She had her first flower girl stint at the wedding of my cousins King and Catherine and she did superbly. We just practiced walking the night before the wedding after eating dinner at The City Club. She wasn’t paying attention much so I thought that the next day would be a total disaster and that my husband would end up carrying her. The next day, we got to the church early, so she has time to practice and to acclimatize herself to the surroundings.

My husband and her took several walks down the aisle. See how cute she was!

Zeeka as Flower Girl

Zeeka as Flower Girl 2

The Arboledas


All our practice paid off! haha! But the real horror (maybe I’m just exaggerating a little) was dressing her up. I know for a lot of mommies, dressing up your child can be quite a challenge. For Zeeka, oftentimes, it’s easy to dress her up. I think all that #BabyOOTD when she was little did us good, but sometimes, when she’s not in the mood, the mere sight of the clothes brings her to tears.

So we’ve tried several things to pacify her and please feel free to add to the tips in the comments section below so that we can help other moms, too. Here are some of the things that you can do when dressing up your child:

Distract him or her! When she is about to burst into tears, I choose a toy that she can concentrate on and I give it to her. Normally for Zeeka, her ‘toy’ is a bag of clips and accessories. She loves taking everything out of the little container and she loves packing them away again.

Choose comfortable undergarments. Oh, for this particular dress (the flower girl dress), you’ll notice that the tool or the cloth under can be itchy. What I did was I bought white comfortable stockings at Mothercare, so that this is what her skin comes in direct contact with. Plus, she really looked so cute wearing the stockings!

Make dressing up a fun activity. My daughter loves to wear hats; thus, we had this picture taken at Claire’s. What I do is that I always make dressing up or trying on new accessories fun for her. When she was little, I’d make dressing up feel like playtime and it really helped a lot.

at Claire's: Mommy Ginger and Daughter

How about you? What other tips can you share with other mommies on dressing up their child? Feel free to leave a comment below!