I’m on the Pursuit of Happiness

I'm on the Pursuit of Happiness

This is what was posted on one of the walls of Onelife Studio in Makati. I am really on the pursuit of happiness. I know what makes me happy and that is having loving relationships with others. The definition of loving in this statement is doing unto others what you would want to them to do unto you. I try to live by this golden rule each and every day. I don’t want to go all philosophical on you, but this ‘rule’ is pretty simple.

Onelife yoga studio

I intend to go to the Onelife Studio more often this coming month. I love the ambiance and I love that promote the place and have branded the place as something more than a fitness studio that offers yoga, pilates, belly dancing, and all other types of fitness classes, but as a home away from home. Every one here or rather every one who comes to the studio is treated like ‘family’. I have been there once to check out the place and I already felt the ‘love’.

And I plan to visit the place by joining Eats Right Batch 2. Eats Right are motivational meet-ups for women who plan to achieve their fitness and health goals. We are here to support you make your life healthier and happier.


I’m excited for this run as our partner will be Onelife Studio and we have sessions on Restorative Yoga, Gentle Flow Yoga, Matwork Pilates and a Zumba class. You will be able to try all of these sessions and get that support group to finally achieve your health and fitness goals. To sign up, please fill out the form below.

As a discount, for those who key in MGEATSRIGHT2 in the coupon code field, you get to join for a discounted price of Php 1500 (for those who sign up within the month of July only).

Today was actually a bad day for me since I was trying to overcome a lot of things (i.e. Zeeka’s painful teething cry, a ton of deadlines that I have to meet, etc.). In trying times like these (whether it be work related or fitness related or relationship related concerns), sometimes you just need people that you can talk too, so for those who prioritize achieving good health this year, this is a great group to join!

Eats Right: Motivation Meetups for Fit and Fab Femmes

As for those who know me, ever since I was a teenager, I was really into fitness. Some people would even previously call me GYMger instead of Ginger since I would spend most of my time in the gym. I think I worked out more than I studied. I am thankful that I have been blessed with fantastic endurance when I was younger (probably not anymore). I would stay at the gym from 7am until 10pm. I would carry at least 5 changes of gym outfits every day.

I have an athletic body. I have huge thighs and huge arms. I was telling some of my Steps Project teammates that my ‘extremities’ are my problem. I have no problem with my tummy (I’m blessed that it doesn’t protrude that much), but what gets to me is that I look fat in pictures because my arms are huge.

I also have body image issues. I always think I’m fat. It got better when I got married, probably because I didn’t care that much anymore. I wrote about my problem in this article: A Woman’s Struggle

Now that I am more in touch with my body (yoga helped!), I want to help other ladies feel grateful and happy on who they are and with the body that they have. I want to help them achieve their fitness and health goals this year. I know that it’s hard to try to achieve fitness goals, especially when you’re alone in this quest to be healthy (when everyone is digging into a bag of chips and when all choices presented to you contain fat and preservatives).

I have always wanted to start this kind of support group. I have been longing to provide an avenue for ladies that would help them achieve their health and fitness goals. That is why I am very excited to launch the Eats Right! Program.

Join the Eats Right meet-ups!

Join the Eats Right meet-ups!

The Eats Right! Program is composed of pep talks and motivational meet ups that are for fit and fab femmes (single, married or married with children, etc.) who want to have a support group in achieving their health and fitness goals this year. The Eats Right Pep Talks will be a series of 5 meet-ups where the ladies will get to do different activities and will learn about different aspects of health, nutrition and fitness.

I am doing this with fit and fab ladies Martine de Luna of MakeitBlissful.com and Michelle Padrelanan of BeyondSilverandGold.com. This plan only took two weeks of preparation, since we really wanted to launch it before the end of May. That is how excited we were!

Also, let me thank our sponsors who readily believed in the Eats Right movement. We would like to thank Ian of Without Limits, Lourdes of Nanay Lunches with Love, Farah of Train Station, Aisa of Yoga Plus (love yah, cuz!), Cindy and Liezel from Curves Eastwood and my new friend, Vanessa of Go Steady (love yah, too, girl!).

Okay, the details are in the poster above so if you want to sign up, please use this form:

Please email the deposit slip or payment confirmation to ginger@manilaworkshops.com with the subject EATSRIGHT1. We will then send a confirmation email if you have made it to the group of 20 for this first batch! Sign up now to secure a slot! 🙂

For those who can’t make it for this run, please leave your deets here:

We plan to take this to other cities, so please do let us know if you’re interested in joining the Eats Right! Meet-ups.

Please do share this information since we would really love to meet up with you, ladies! Spread the word and use #eatsright and #eatsrightmovement 🙂

Let’s support one another! See you all!