#BOUNCEBACKFORBUSINESS: Forest School Philippines

We’ve been inside our homes for a month now. Lately, I’ve been feeling the effects of staying indoors. It’s mostly affecting my mood. I can’t wait for the time when we can go outdoors and explore again.

Speaking of exploring, our children will need this, too. So today, for the local business that I want to feature, I interviewed Forest School Philippines. Honestly, this is the first time that I have heard of them and what they do is quite interesting.

Ginger: What is your Business? Can you tell readers more about it?

Forest School Philippines: Forest school is an approach that takes place outdoors where children are in charge of their learning through unstructured free play. As a result, children can think for themselves, speak their minds, and keep on getting up every time they make a mistake.

Ginger: Interesting! Why did you start your business? And what is your mission? 

Forest School Philippines: It started as a personal mission because I was stuck for the most part of my life. I was in a career that did not give me joy and meaning. Finding forest school was marrying the 3 things I loved–education, nature, and children. At the same time, we want children joining forest school to discover and unlock their own genius so that they can share their gift to the world.

Ginger: So how do you earn? Can you describe your business model?

Forest School Philippines: Profit-first. Zero capital (except for the UK training I invested in myself). I earn through weekly sessions, private coaching sessions, special events (birthday or summer camps) and speaking engagements.

Ginger: I know it has been tough for schools lately. How about your business? How were you impacted by this pandemic?

Forest School Philippines: Despite the fact that nature is good to boost children’s immune system, the children’s safety is utmost concern. All sessions were postponed to a later date.

Ginger: How can people help you moving forward? What kind of help are you looking for? 

Forest School Philippines: I need help in creating awareness about Forest School or forest kindergarten as an option alongside the other progressive or non-traditional schools. If Scandinavian countries have been practicing this for years, and they have the highest literacy rate, then they must be doing something right. I am also looking for forest school assistants and volunteers from different parts of the country whom I can train, so we can spread this movement fast.

Ginger: Because of the things happening now, what changes will you be implementing in your business? 

Forest School Philippines: Teaching people how they can do it themselves, as long as they have access to space and nature.

Ginger: Oh nice! Since a lot of business owners will be reading this, what are the business lessons that you have learned from this? 

Forest School Philippines: This is a season for planting. It’s a time to work on our marketing, revisit the processes, and strengthen the connection with potential clients.

Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool?

Zeeka’s (my daughter) is already almost 1 year and a half. I already get questions on where will I send her for pre-school? Just yesterday, my mom was already urging me to check out schools, which I really plan to do anyway. In the Work-at-home community that I am a part of though, a lot of the moms their homeschool their children. Then there are progressive schools.

In the past years, Homeschooling has already become an option because in truth, you, as parents, we are the best teachers for our children. Also, the tuition fees of traditional school has gone up and is steadily increasing at around 8-10% per year.

From what I read, Homeschooling is really not for everyone. It takes a lot of dedication and heart! Homeschooling is a choice and you have to really commit to it once you decide to homeschool your child. I actually haven’t decided yet on whether to homeschool Zeeka or not. I want to explore and research about it more. That is why Manila Workshops and the Learning basket is holding the second Homeschooling Conference entitled Educating for Life on September 6, 2014. This is supported by the Homeschool Association of the Philippines. This conference is also co-presented by Unilab.

Homeschooling Conference Philippines

You can register by going to the Homeschooling Conference Website: http://homeschoolingconference.com/register-now/

In this day and age, a lot of choices are now available to us, parents, which is actually great! There are so many choices on how to educate our children and sometimes it can be overwhelming. What we can do is research and try to observe our children, too. As early as when I was still pregnant with Zeeka, I was already researching about homeschooling, progressive schools and traditional schools. I plan to continue learning more about these forms of education until it’s time for Zeeka to really go to school. How about you, mommy and daddy and guardians, have you thought about your child’s education? Have you checked out the different forms of education?

BTW, I was impressed with this young lad speak at Ted Talks.

Learn more about homeschooling and attend the Sept. 6 Homeschooling Conference!