How to Boost Learning with the Da Vinci Kids App

Calling all mommies and daddies! Here’s a new app that will help you and your kids explore learning in a fun and unique way!

Introducing the Da Vinci Kids App, a new family-oriented, interactive, video-on-demand app that you and your kids will surely enjoy.

Every parent knows how difficult it is to sustain kids’ attention. And as a parent of a pre-schooler, I know from experience that a bored kid isn’t so much good news.

That’s why I try my best to introduce Zeeka to different activities and workshops. And it’s amazing how curious and explorative kids can get.

Yes, I let my kid have screentime just like everyone else.

Before you raise your eyebrows, hear me out. Gadgets like mobile phones, iPads, and computers are not that bad if you know how to use it well.

Mobile devices have made our lives much easier. It has improved the way we communicate and saves us space and time. It is convenient for us, especially with all the apps we’ve depended on.

Today, kids learn things easier when they’re using a learning app. Check out this infographic from Power School below:

Zeeka is at the discovery stage where she asks a lot of questions about how things work. And while I try to answer all her questions, it’s still good for her to learn things on her own.

What I like most about the Da Vinci Kids App is its wide selection of fun and fascinating videos.

These videos are categorized into main catalogs that help kids understand abstract concepts.

Is your kid a budding scientist? They’re sure to enjoy videos about Amazing Animals, Mother Earth, Our Body, and How Stuff Works.

Boost their creativity with Inspiring Art and get ideas on your next DIY project.

Help them get to know more about the heroes and villains of the past with Fascinating History.

And build their love for problem-solving through our Mathematics videos and help them understand abstract concepts better through this educational app.  

Benefits of Gamification in Learning

Most people would know Dmitri Mendeleev as the first scientist that published the Periodic Table of Elements. But did you know that Mendeleev was also an avid card player?

His fascination with cards made it easier for him to categorize elements. It also made it easier for us to visualize and understand each element better.

That’s also the reason why the periodic table looks like a deck of cards spread on a table.

Mendeleev’s process may have been one of the first ways gamification was used in a learning task. This also proves how effective and beneficial gamification is when it comes to learning.

The Da Vinci Kids App uses gamification to review and challenge kids’ learning abilities.

After watching the videos, kids can take fun quizzes inside the app. It was also designed with mini-games kids can play.

Want to learn the concept of fractions? Check out the Train Conductor game. Stretch their memory and retention skills with Memory Gym. They can also create their own masterpiece using pixel art in the game Pixel Artist.   

Practice Vlogging in Kids Studio

If you’ve seen my recent vlogs, you’ll see that I almost always have Zeeka as my special guest/partner. And I’m really happy that she’s showing such interest in vlogging at such a young age.

But what I’m most happy about is how confident she is in front of the camera. So I want to make sure I’m nurturing this gift and letting her enjoy her time.

Check out her vlog here:

This is why I also got excited about the Da Vinci App’s Kids Studio. It’s a safe, video-sharing community within the app where kids can share and publish the stories they create. It also encourages kids to learn by doing.

It would be an awesome platform for Zeeka to practice her vlogging skills. We can do cooking videos and other experiments we do at home.

She can also talk about exciting things she learns about using the app. And we can recreate the videos we watch here.

The possibilities are endless!

How to Get the Da Vinci Kids App

Globe has always been the leader of the pack when it comes to the Filipino digital lifestyle. And as an exclusive perk, Globe is giving an exclusive offer to their Postpaid customers.

For only P99, Globe Postpaid customers can get this discounted 30-day subscription and enjoy new bonding experiences with their kids!

Here’s what you need to do to claim this offer:

  1. Download Da Vinci Kids on the App Store (for Apple users) or Google Play Store (for Android users).
  2. Open the app and click on the subscribe button on the upper right corner.
  3. Choose the exclusive Globe offer worth P99/month.
  4. Answer the adult verification question.
  5. Enter your mobile phone number.
  6. Enter the PIN code that will be sent to your mobile.

It’s that easy! With just a few steps, you and your child can start your new adventures with the Da Vinci Kids App!

With Globe Postpaid and Da Vinci Kids, moms and dads can bond with their children over great educational entertainment anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Globe Postpaid and its latest offers, visit

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