13 Educational Apps & Games For Your Kids

To support your child’s learning journey, educational apps and games can be excellent resources. There are plenty of options out there to suit every age group. To get you started with some fab ideas, try these thirteen educational apps and games for kids.

1 . Spelling Stage 

Spelling Stage is the perfect application to help kids who need support with spelling. The app provides a huge range of spelling lists and hundreds of different words.

The application is suitable for children aged 4 and up, and you can choose spelling lists based on ability. The ‘Spelling Stage’ game allows your children to join in various competitions and ‘spelling bees’ to master their skills. Your children can customize their own characters and use the 3D touch feature. Using the app, you’ll benefit from:

  • Word categories for all levels
  • New spelling bees added all the time
  • Free trial before committing to a subscription
  • Challenges with your friends and family

With so many great features to take advantage of, your child will be a spelling champion in no time at all!

2. Teach Your Monster To Read

Teach Your Monster to read is based on the phonics curriculum for preschool and kindergarten. This award-winning app will support your children to read with the help of cute monster characters. Children can master new words, segment, blend, and match letters and sounds. The app helps kids to develop the skills they need to make full sentences. The app is perfect for kids who are starting to learn to read or older children who need a little more support. Early phonics learning is so important to develop good reading skills; due to this, a little extra practice at home is advisable.

3. DuoLingo Kids 

DuoLingo Kids is a fantastic app to help your kids to learn a new language. Whether it’s French or Spanish, your children will love learning with these fun animal characters. DuoLingo lessons start with simple words and expressions and then move on to full sentences. Your children are bound to have a great time earning crowns and unlocking the harder levels. New language learning is advised from an early age (as it’s easier for young children to become fluent).

4. Kids Academy Talented & Gifted 

The Kids Academy is an AI build program featuring games, adaptive tech, and a personalized experience. The program includes more than 5,000 different activities, including videos, worksheets, songs, and puzzles. This application includes topics such as social studies, reading, math, science, and arts. Features of Kids Academy include:

  • Unique animated characters 
  • A kid-friendly rewards system
  • Content presentation for different age groups

Kids Academy offers activities for preschool children up to the age of 10 years old. Using this app, kids can build their confidence, practice their problem subjects, learn new things, and have fun.

5. Moose Math 

The Moose Math application teaches your children about subtraction, sorting, geometry, and counting to 100. The program was created for preschool-age children who are just starting to learn about Maths. Your children will have plenty of fun with the wide variety of games. Whether it’s running a juice shop or pet bingo, there’s plenty to do and learn! The Moose Math application will teach them lots of skills, such as:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Comparing the lengths of objects
  • Identify shapes 
  • Solve word problems

Some children just don’t enjoy maths at school, but with Moose Math, your kiddies are bound to have plenty of fun (without even realizing it’s schoolwork)!

7. DragonBox Algebra 5 +

The DragonBox Algebra 5 + app is an excellent tool for helping young kids to get a head start in algebra and maths. With DragonBox, kids can learn about linear equations, setting them up to excel in maths. The game is fun and engaging, helping children to grasp algebra in their own time. The basic concepts covered include multiplication, addition, and division. Once your child is a real maths whizz, you’ll be glad you downloaded DragonBox!

8. Monkey Word School Adventure

Using this app, your kids get to go on a jungle adventure, exploring spelling, phonics and letters, with monkey and his friends. The lessons include letter recognition, word components, consonant blends, irregular vowels, digraphs, and more! To help your little ones get to grips with reading, Monkey Word School Adventure is the perfect app! Not all children enjoy reading right away, and so a little extra help at home is just what they need.

Top features of the app include:

  • Six different interactive games
  • The difficulty adjusts automatically as you play
  • Simple to use- designed for kids
  • Cute rewards like chameleons, frogs, and butterflies 

To develop excellent reading skills, regular practice is essential. The application is perfect for use after school and at the weekends.

9. Tell the Time Game

As well as apps, there are plenty of kids games and puzzles to educate your children. One great option is the ‘Tell The Time Game’ by Orchard Toys. It’s a lotto-style board game that teaches children to read both analog and digital time formats. 

The game is suitable for children aged 5-9 years. First, the cards are placed face down on the table, and each player chooses a board. Next, each player has a turn to take a card and read the time. The other children need to match the time with an activity on the game board. Examples include, ‘What time do you eat breakfast?’ or ‘What time do you go on a school trip? 

10. Melissa & Doug Flip To Win Memory Game 

Flip-to-Win is a simple memory game, suitable for kids aged 5-7 years. The game comes complete with themed cards, sliding scorekeepers, and a wooden frame. It’s a great game to take on your travels and is small enough for little kids to handle. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging with plenty of themes from the zoo to fruit. Your kids will have hours of fun hiding and matching these cute picture cards.

11. Times Tables Heroes

Here is the perfect game to introduce kids to their 2, 5, and 10 times tables. The game is designed to help kids understand the sequencing and grouping of numbers. Once your kids have got to grips with the basics, they can have a go at the multiplication pancake game. The idea is to stack as many pancakes as possible on the plate and then spin a spinner. The spinner reveals which times table you should practice, and you can flip the pancakes to find out the answers.

12. Loopy Llamas

Loopy Llamas is a fun-filled game themed around the idea of a llama pool party! Players get to take it in turns to move around the pool, collecting colored rings along the way. The idea is to stack the colored rings on your 3D llama, and then have a race to be the first in the pool! It’s an educational game that helps children to learn about color recognition and patterns. The game is suitable for ages 4-8 years old.

13. Alphabet Express Floor Puzzle 

Kids who love puzzles will have a blast with this 10-foot extended animal alphabet. Puzzles are an excellent entertainment source for both younger and older children; these puzzle pieces are large and thick (so they are safe for little ones too). When your kids feel a little restless at home, a puzzle is a great activity to unwind and relax. It’s an excellent activity to do with your kids at home.

To support your children’s educational journey, it’s essential to make their home learning as fun as possible!