7 Tips for Balancing Motherhood with a New Career

Motherhood can be a demanding vocation for many, but it’s also one that instills moms with great passion and purpose. A mom will always find it amazing to see their little ones enjoy life and explore who they’re meant to be. Moms also love being around to see their kids reach important milestones, whether it’s their first crawl, their first time standing up, or their first time to hear their baby say “Mama.” 

But being present in a child’s life and being able to meet one’s family obligations both take time and commitment. Achieving these can be doubly challenging if you want to have your own career on top of being a mother and a partner. Knowing that you have dreams and ambitions just like everyone else, how can you balance your professional development with the duties of motherhood? 

Whether you’re looking at prospects for job hiring in Manila or in another city, here are seven useful tips for juggling motherhood and a new career and ultimately achieving work-life balance for yourself, your partner, and your kids: 

1) Establish Clear Boundaries 

Setting boundaries is crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance between your career and your responsibilities as a mother. Clearly define the times when you’re committed to work versus the times dedicated to your family. For example, early mornings and evenings can be set aside for enjoying meals and catching up with your family, while the usual 9-to-5 can be relegated towards work commitments. 

Communicate these boundaries to your employer, colleagues, and family members. This lets them all understand and respect your designated time for both aspects of your life. Setting these boundaries will allow you to feel less burned out and be fully present in whichever role you’re fulfilling at the moment.

2) Practice Effective Time Management

Effective time management empowers you to be productive at work while still having space for important moments with your loved ones. It also ensures that you’re devoting adequate time to work, family activities, and self-care. 

Mastering time management is crucial to successfully balancing motherhood and a new career, like in content marketing, finance, or virtual assistance. To help you manage your time effectively, you can use tools such as calendars, to-do lists, and mobile apps as well as practice time-blocking techniques to allocate specific time slots for different tasks. 

3) Leverage Flexible Work Arrangements

If your company offers flexible work arrangements, take advantage of them from the get-go. Flexible hours and work-from-home (WFH) setups will give you the freedom to adjust your schedule based on your family’s needs. Such arrangements also ensure that you’ll have time to attend your child’s school events and doctor’s appointments, as well as other family commitments, without neglecting your professional responsibilities. Moreover, it’ll be easier for you to begin practicing work-life balance that honors your lifestyle as both a mother and career woman.

4) Delegate Your Tasks and Seek Support for Both Your Work and Your Family Life

Mothers eventually become experts at multitasking and handling a lot of responsibilities, both at home and at work. But although you’ll always have a lot on your plate, remember that you don’t have to carry it all alone. It might go against your nature, especially if you’re always used to personally taking charge, but asking for help will allow you to free up time and mental space to focus on your career goals and be present for your family. 

At home, enlist the support of your partner or family members to share household responsibilities. At work, on the other hand, consider collaborating with your colleagues and delegate tasks when appropriate. If you work solo, weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing some of your work and hiring freelancers to help you meet your targets. 

5) Get into the Habit of Open Communication

Effective communication is key in both your career and in motherhood. Keep the lines of communication open with your employer and colleagues about your responsibilities as a mother. Discuss your needs, challenges, and potential adjustments that you can make to your workflow to support your efforts in balancing both roles effectively. Being transparent and proactive with the people you work with will foster trust and collaboration among you all, leading to a more supportive work environment.

6) Focus on Quality Time with Your Kids

You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice a large chunk of your time to create lasting memories with your children. What’s more important for your little one is for you to be fully in the moment when you need to be. Prioritize quality interactions with your kids, which they’ll appreciate as they get older. Avoid thinking about work or bringing work into the picture when you read a bedtime story, play games, or have heart-to-heart conversations with your kids so that both of you can concentrate on strengthening your parent-child bond. 

7) Dedicate Time Exclusively to Taking Care of Yourself

Lastly, as a busy mama, you should never forget to set aside time for yourself. Though your fast-paced and other-oriented lifestyle may make it difficult to do at first, make it a point to honor your wants and needs. 

Whether it’s engaging in regular exercise, practicing mindfulness, pursuing creative hobbies, or simply catching up on your favorite movies and TV shows, this time spent nurturing your own well-being will be very important for living both a productive and well-rounded life as a mom and career woman.  

As a working mom, you’ll encounter various obstacles in both your professional and family life that may make it tempting to give up. But once you get into the habit of adapting, finding the right accommodations, and asking for the support you need, it will be like second nature for you to practice being yourself, a mom, and a breadwinner for your family all at once. Good luck, and here’s to your success in multiple important chapters in your career and family life!

Applying for a Business Loan in the Philippines: Unveiling BPI Ka-Negosyo Loans On the Go

Applying for a Business Loan: BPI Ka Negosyo Loan

As an entrepreneur or business owner in the Philippines, you may have considered applying for a business loan to support your growth and expansion plans. However, you may also have hesitations and concerns about taking on debt. In this article, we’ll debunk common misconceptions and explore the benefits of business loans, specifically focusing on BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan. Whether you’re a startup founder, an owner of an established corporation or a sole proprietorship, understanding business loans can help you make informed financial decisions for your venture.

Understanding Business Loans

Business loans with BPI Ka Negosyo Loan

Business loans serve a different purpose than consumer loans. While consumer loans cater to personal financial needs, such as buying a house or a car, business loans are designed to meet the financial requirements of businesses. As an entrepreneur, acquiring a business loan can provide the necessary funds to start or expand operations, purchase equipment, invest in inventory, or meet other capital expenditures. You’ll notice that usually, the purpose of consumer loans is for purchasing an “expense”, while a business loan is for acquiring assets that can generate more revenue for the business over time.

Different Types of BPI Ka-Negosyo Loans

Types of BPI Ka Negosyo Loans

BPI offers a range of business loans tailored to the unique needs of entrepreneurs like you. I’m a client of BPI and have availed one of their BPI Ka-Negosyo Loans, and what stood out for me is the flexibility and the support that they give you, especially when it’s your first time to take out a business loan.

Let’s explore four types of BPI Ka-Negosyo Loans that can support your business growth:

1. Ka-Negosyo SME Loan:

The Ka-Negosyo SME Loan is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) aspiring to branch out, expand product lines, purchase new equipment, or meet other capital expenditures. Whether you’re planning to scale your operations or embark on exciting ventures, this loan provides the necessary financial support. With flexible repayment options and longer payment terms, you can comfortably meet your financial obligations without burdening your pocket.

Loanable Amount: Php 300K to Php15M

Payback period: Up to 5 years

During the launch of BPI Ka-Negosyo on the Go, Ms. Gac Pagulayan from BPI revealed a remarkable success story. She shared the inspiring story of a BPI client who managed to secure a significant government order for pandemic aid, thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit and strategic planning. Utilizing the SME loan provided by BPI, the client wisely chose to expand their kitchen facilities, a pivotal move that enabled them to fulfill the large-scale order with ease. It’s a shining example of how BPI’s support and the client’s determination can create a positive impact in the face of challenging circumstances.

2. Ka-Negosyo Ready Loan:

If your business experiences seasonal working capital requirements, such as stocking up on supplies for holiday seasons or peak business periods, the Ka-Negosyo Ready Loan is the ideal solution. This loan offers the financial support you need precisely when you need it, allowing you to focus on growing your business and seizing every sales opportunity. With shorter repayment periods, it is suitable for businesses with cyclical funding needs that can be repaid from quicker conversion or business cycles.

Loanable Amount: Php300K to Php3M

Payback period: 3 to 6 months

3. Ka-Negosyo Credit Line:

For managing recurring business expenses such as raw materials, inventory, wages, utilities, and other operational costs, the Ka-Negosyo Credit Line is the perfect solution. Think of it as an extended wallet that provides immediate access to funds, allowing you to seize opportunities at any given time. This credit line offers flexibility and peace of mind, ensuring that unexpected expenses won’t disrupt your business operations.

Loanable Amount: Php1M to Php15M

Payback period: Renewable yearly

The company that I co-founded, Taxumo, actually has a BPI Ka-Negosyo Credit Line. We use it to manage our recurring expenses and maintain a stable cash flow throughout the year. We actually availed of this a couple of months before December, when we usually would give 13th month pay to our employees. It helped us a lot manage our cash flow, juggling funds between low months and peak months.

4. Property Acquisition Loan:

The Property Acquisition Loan facilitates property investments for business owners. With a long repayment period, this loan allows you to manage your finances effectively and comfortably while acquiring valuable property assets. As the property asset generates additional profits, it enhances the financial viability of your investment, opening doors to increased business opportunities and revenue streams.

Loanable Amount: Php1M to Php15M

Payback period: Max of 20 Years for Acquisition; Max of 10 Years for Construction/Renovation

How to Avail BPI Ka-Negosyo Loans:

BPI recently launched the BPI Ka-Negosyo on the Go! It’s a platform where you can check your eligibility for a business loan and also, submit all loan application documents conveniently. As someone who has undergone the process of applying for a business loan, I know for one that it’s such a hassle to go back and forth and talk to a bank loan officer for all the necessary requirements. This BPI Ka-Negosyo on the Go website (https://bit.ly/bpikanegosyo) makes the process significantly easier and hassle-free.

To determine which BPI Ka-Negosyo loan suits your business needs, you can easily check your eligibility on the BPI Business Banking website (https://bit.ly/bpikanegosyo). Simply answer a few questions, and the site will guide you to the loan option that best fits your requirements. Then you can apply for the most suitable Ka-Negosyo Loan online and in minutes.

Business loans are powerful tools that enable entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals, overcome financial hurdles, and drive growth. By providing the necessary funds at the right time, these loans empower you to seize opportunities, invest in your business, and navigate through challenges. BPI Ka-Negosyo Loans offer flexibility in repayment, longer terms, and convenient access to capital, allowing you to focus on your core activities and shape a brighter future for your enterprise.

As a startup founder or a sole proprietor, understanding the different types of BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan available, such as the Ka-Negosyo SME Loan, Ka-Negosyo Ready Loan, and Ka-Negosyo Credit Line, can help you make informed decisions and leverage financial support to achieve long-term success.

Remember, with the right financial support and strategic decision-making, the possibilities for your business are limitless. Check out BPI Ka-Negosyo Loans now!

Love Learning with These Online Learning Tools from Globe

From self-care courses to mind-blowing science experiments, exploring South Africa’s wild reserves to learning important life skills—all these can now be done by kids and adults alike using their gadgets and Globe’s new learning partners.

As part of its Globe for Education campaign, “Tuloy ang Edukasyon, Tuloy ang Pag-asa,” the telco giant is bringing new learning opportunities within reach of every Filipino home with discounted subscriptions to educational platforms, Da Vinci Kids and upskillist, to make education both a worthwhile and rewarding recreational activity for all.

Create, experiment, and explore with Da Vinci Kids

Families can create meaningful moments with Da Vinci Kids’ impressive collection of unique educational shows and games that offer a wealth of knowledge and discovery to children for only 169 pesos every month when they subscribe through GCash or the GlobeOne app.

A family-oriented learning app available on both mobile and TV, Da Vinci Kids offers thousands of award-winning TV shows, videos, and games designed to capture your imagination, including fun DIY experiments and challenging quizzes, covering a wide range of topics, from STEM to soft skills and social emotional learning.

Da Vinci Kids offers more than 200 games developed by academics that are designed to encourage kids to develop their creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and memory skills.

Its most popular shows include “Marvelous Makes,” an original production that lets children discover the joys of creating things with simple household items; “My Petsaurus,” which follows the adventures of a seven-year-old named Chloe taking care of her troublesome pet triceratops; and “Darwin & Newts,” a show about two siblings who love to explore the outdoors and find out how things work.

Upgrade skills, discover new passions with upskillist

Meanwhile, adults with a constant thirst for learning have over a hundred certification courses at their fingertips through upskillist, a global online education institution formerly known as Shaw Academy.

Globe customers can enjoy upskillist’s extensive catalogue of courses on almost anything to feed a new passion or upgrade a skill for career advancement—from candle making to fashion design, photography to blogging, cryptocurrency to crystal healing—all available at a special subscription fee of P849 for 3 months via GCash and the GlobeOne app.

upskillist also offers a space for those who want to learn more about taking care of their wellness with its wide range of self-care courses taught by expert instructors. Among these wellness-related courses include mindfulness and meditation, yoga, pilates, meal planning and building resilience.

Globe Platinum and Postpaid subscribers can avail these exclusive GCash offers on GLife by heading to the Shop Lifestyle Daily Deals section, while Globe Prepaid customers can use the GlobeOne app to access Da Vinci Kids and upskillist’s extensive collection of educational materials.

Globe has been at the forefront of creating resilience in education and promoting 21st century learning through various initiatives that provide both educators and students enough support to ease learning disruptions and get education back on track.

Through its Globe for Education campaign, it seeks to create more spaces for learning and give every Filipino a greater chance to access quality education.

To learn more about Globe’s initiatives and offers for education, visit https://www.globe.com.ph/learning.html

7 Essential Skills For Entrepreneurs To Learn

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to improve your skills, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you’re new to business or you’ve been running yours for years, improving on your skills is an essential part of being a business owner. Whilst it may be overwhelming to choose at first, there are lots of skills you can be working on that will help benefit your business in the long run. From web design to customer service, the more you’re doing to help the growth of your business the better. With that in mind, here are 7 essential skills for entrepreneurs to learn: 

Web Design And Development

When it comes to running your own business, ensuring you’re able to operate online is essential. Whether this is through social media channels or your business’ website, more and more people are looking to purchase products online. 

If you already have a website, learning web design skills will allow you to make improtant updates and changes to your site without having to rely on others. If you don’t have a website, learning web design and development skills will give you the opportunity to create one. For a guide to setting up your own business website, you can visit this site here. 

Branding & Marketing

Branding and marketing are essential when it comes to running any business so if you’re looking a skill that you’re definitely going to use during your time as an entrepreneur, this is the one. Whether you’re learning how to create branding guidelines or you’re discovering all of the ways in which you can market your business to your target audience, the more you know in these two areas the better. Luckily, there are lots of branding and marketing courses available for you to do. 

Social Media Management

Social media is another vital part of any business and if you’re looking to grow your brand online, the more social media skills you have the better. This could mean taking an in-depth look at a particular platform or learning how each of them can help you in different ways. In most cases, each social media platform will serve a different purpose for you and as a result, it’s important for you to learn where to position yourself. 

For more information when it comes to learning more about social media, you can visit this site here. 

Customer Service

Customer service is essential to every business owner, so if you have the opportunity to improve your skills you definitely should consider it. Whether this means learning about the importance of hiring a customer service team or learning how to improve your own skills, you need to be sure you’re providing a good service every time. 

For more information in regards to customer service for your business, you can visit this site here. 

Financial Management 

Another great skill to have as a business owner is financial management, as this will ensure you’re able to keep on top of your own finances. Although you may want to hire an accountant for the more difficult aspects of running your own business, learning how to keep track of your money each month is important. If you want to take a more in-depth course, that may be an option further down the line. 

Public Relations

If you’re looking to increase the reach of your business but you don’t know where to begin, improving your skills in public relations can help. From learning how to approach media professionals to delving into the world of PR disasters, having these skills will certainly help you in the future. 

If you’re looking to start featuring your business in the news, this is the best place to start. 


Finally, improving your skills in photography is a great way to ensure you’re able to take great product photos. Although you may want to hire a photographer for your professional website photos, being able to take high-quality photos that can be used on social media will give you the opportunity to post much more frequently. If you don’t have a camera, you may also want to consider a course in mobile photography. 

Although there are lots of skills you should be learning as a business owner, it doesn’t mean you have to learn them right away. These are all things you will slowly pick up as your business grows. 

What other skills do you need to learn? Have we missed anything off of the list? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. 

SMEs and Professionals Unite During this time of Crisis!

The effect of the corona virus (COVID-19) won’t be just on people’s health, but it will have an effect on the world’s economy and people’s mental health. Here is a good podcast of the World Economic Forum that you can follow:

The International Labor Organization also mentions that the COVID-19 Pandemic will result to approximately 25 Million people who will lose their jobs: https://www.ilo.org/global/about-the-ilo/newsroom/news/WCMS_738742/lang–en/index.htm

Regardless of how huge the effects will be, what we know is that the Corona Virus will definitely impact all of these. Given the uncertainty of things and the future, I’d like to believe that the strength of each one of us collectively will help us weather through a crisis like this.

In our country, the Bayanihan spirit of the Philippines shines through in times like these. A lot of negativity and fake news have circled the internet, and a few people talk about the help that’s going around. I’ve been seeing a lot of people and groups stepping up though to help certain segments of society. An example is that the freelancing community that I’m a part of have been teaching employees how to effectively work from home. What’s interesting that speakers were from different professions and had different backgrounds.

I think we can all do our share to focus and promote the good things happening in our community.

This morning, when I woke up, I wondered how “in my own little way” as a blogger could I be able to help the people in times like this. My heart (as you all would know since I always talk about it) really goes out to business owners, professionals and freelancers who are affected by this crisis. The SMEs in the Philippines also make up 61.6% of the country’s employement (source: https://businessmirror.com.ph/2019/01/03/helping-msmes-grow/). If they are negatively affected, their could be a huge hit on our country’s employment rate.

As I read all of the comments in Jason Dela Rosa’s Facebook Group Bounce Back PH, I thought of running articles and features from tomorrow onwards on different Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) whose businesses have been affected by the Corona Virus and the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

I think all these local businesses need all the support that they can get from all of us.

If you know a business which needs help, please share this form with them. I’ll be happy to write about them in the following days.

For all the articles about these local businesses and SMEs, I will share links at MommyGinger’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mommyginger/

Hope you can read about them and support them! Have a great day!

P.S. Please read my previous article on the Effects of the Enhanced Community Quarantine and Corona Virus on small businesses: https://mommyginger.com/short-and-long-term-effects-of-enhanced-community-quarantine-to-smes.html