Search for that thing that you Love Doing

When I was young, not to brag, I never had a hard time looking for love. My family and friends would say that I was the “ligawin” type. Although, I am a bit naive and dense when it comes to knowing though if a person likes me. It may be that or probably the fact that when I set my eyes on someone, he becomes my whole world. Anyway, this isn’t about my love story with EJ, but it’s a story about searching — searching though for the thing that you love doing.

I wasn’t that lucky though in searching for that one thing that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. When I was younger, I used to admire my friends who landed their first job / business and loved immediately and wholeheartedly. Until now, most of them are still in that same company, doing the same profession, and still managing their businesses. During those years, I was pretty envious. They were so successful already, earning probably millions of pesos and I was stuck with the feeling that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

I kept on searching and kept having an open mind. I have gone through a lot of businesses and side jobs, and believe me, when I say a lot — I mean A LOT!

Then the time came when I was creating events for Manila Workshops as a side business. I wanted to set up events so that I could use it as a tool to look for the business that I would eventually start. After a few runs, I realized that this (creating events) was the thing that I loved doing and it was there all along. It was right under my nose and I failed to notice it!

Fast forward to today, 3 years after, we are incorporating the business (from being a sole proprietorship). Also, I just came from Davao to conduct an onboarding session for my team there. I still couldn’t believe that I expanded the company from just me and my husband doing all the legwork for Manila Workshops to a team of 30 people now, helping out cascade the vision of Manila Workshops to our countrymen here in the Philippines.

Keep on searching

Looking back, there are so many things that I have learned and that I am grateful for, which I hope will help you also.

1) Never just settle. Settling is having that feeling that you know that one thing isn’t right for you, but you just “go with the flow” since it’s comfortable. It has to be something that makes you incessantly and ridiculously happy.

2) Love and believe in yourself. You deserve more than this comme ci-comme ca life. Believe that you got what it takes. All you need is to love yourself enough!

3) In searching, listen to the voice within. Listen to what other people say, consider what they say, but follow your heart. You know what’s best for you. You know what will make you happy. You know what will make you sleep well at night.

And the last thing that I learned is that the search for that thing that you love doing may seem like forever, but be patient. Be positive that you will find it. It may come early or late in life, but at least you get or will get to experience doing that thing that will make your heart leap every single day!

Loving and caring for you,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger





PS. Happy Valentines Day! 🙂

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When Did We Stop Dreaming? (FPxGinger)

When I was child, I used to have so many dreams. I wished that I could be an architect, because I wanted to build houses. For a time, I dreamed of becoming an equestrian because when I looked at them, I thought them to be very elegant. I also wanted to be dancer, a gymnast, a sportscaster, a lawyer, a travel journalist, a stylist, an actress, an olympic athlete, etc. But eventually, I just stopped dreaming.

What stopped me? Well, life got in the way. Life gets in the way for most of us. I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw this short clip from Up in the Air where George Clooney mentions the line “what did they pay you to give up your dreams?” This is a sad truth for all of us. We know what we are passionate about and then we lose track of it and eventually we forget it, because we get lost in the daily grind of trying to earn income to sustain our lifestyle.

I had this conversation once a few days ago with the lady. She took up ballet and did pole dancing. What was intriguing that she was in her 30s when she started. Her classmates in her ballet classes were all 12 year old girls. I admire people like that because they don’t let their age, pride or their life, get in the way of their dreams.

When I met with Tina of FluffyPwets a few months back, and we discussed having this collaboration, I didn’t know exactly what design to do. I just told her that it would be a great idea if she could partner up with people and bring out their personalities and advocacies using cloth diaper designs. And then one day, Eureka, an idea hit me. Why not make people realize that going for dreams, the dreams that they had when they were once children, is still possible. Why can’t we pursue our dream of being a teacher or a soldier or a ballet dancer? What is stopping us?

FPxGinger 3

fpXGinger 2

FPXGinger 1

Pursuing a passion or passions have been a big thing, but for many people my age, we think that we have tons of responsibilities already so it might be best to set these dreams aside. My question to you though is would you be content with knowing that you lived this life not knowing how it feels to make, create and go for the dreams that you had once when nothing was stopping you?



LearningwithFP 1

LearningwithFP 2

My collection for Fluffy Pwets shows different the different dream roles we had when we were children (bonus is that the characters are shaped like meeples  for those who are into board games, plus we have a jedi somewhere in the design! Sorry, Star Wars fan here!). It’s entitled Eureka and it serves as a constant reminder that we are all capable of dreaming, believing and making it all happen! 

I really hope that you like and purchase this design. This was designed by the very talented, Ramil Vinarao of @quackandmeow. Please check out also the other designs of other collaborators, Amanda Griffin – Jacob, Dimples Romana, John Arcilla and my good friend, Martine De Luna. We hope to see you on January 28 and 29.

Do join me, too, on January 28 at 3PM for a FREE workshop on Pursuing Passion!

Pursue your Passion Ginger

See you at Glorietta on January 28, 2016 from 10 am onwards for the launch of #FPCollabs 🙂