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Last week, I had a wonderful time with my family in Japan. I promise to share with you snippets from my trip in another blog post. We will also share tips on how to get around Japan with a Toddler with you. Speaking of toddlers, it will be one week to go before Zeeka goes back to school. I’m sad, but at the same time relieved since I’ve been constantly looking for activities for her.

For this week, I’m featuring a young entrepreneur. She has a business for kids who want to practice art and for parents who want to teach their kids creativity!

Anna Cristina L. Ignacio, also known as Teacher Anna to her students. She’s 26 years old, single, and love to travel. She graduated from UP Diliman with a Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design. She’s been teaching art in various preschools in Metro Manila for the past 7 years, helping kids of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds discover and hone their creative talents.

In 2015, after completing the course on Program and Project Management in Tokyo, Japan, she was awarded the Honor Certificate of International P2M Practitioner by the Project Management Association of Japan. She’s currently the Head Art Teacher for a Likhang Bata Creativity Center, and Chief Creative Director of Kiddie Art Kart. She is a strong advocate of creative self-expression, which she believe is very important to a child’s positive development.

She comes from a family of 6 – 3 older brothers with her being the only girl and the youngest.

Their family loves to travel and exploring places together, and they also have high appreciation for the arts. She have a very supportive family who helps her with all the marketing efforts for Kiddie Art Kart, and they are always present in all of her events.

Kiddie Art Kart’s Story

Ginger: What is your Startup/brand/business? What is it about? How long have you been in business?

Teacher Anna: Kiddie Art Kart is a traveling art room that brings arts and crafts activities to parties, family gatherings, kiddie events, and play dates. We set up an art station and facilitate art activities to kiddie guests. Currently, I have a team of 6 experienced preschool teachers, which we call Creativity Coaches, and a resident Psychologist who guides us in our curriculum development. Kiddie Art Kart creates a positive, encouraging, and nurturing environment so no kid is left behind. Our projects are designed using the principles of creative self-expression and art therapy to help children in the discovery of their creative intelligence. We also incorporate the different developmental skills in each activity so not only do they get to create art, but they also learn something through creative education. We have been in business since November 2016.

Ginger: Who is your target market? Why did you choose this market? Can you give us the insight behind this market?

Teacher Anna: Our target market is AB class parents with children aged 3-15


Ginger: How did you come up with this idea? What made you decide to start this kind of business?

Teacher Anna: Being an art teacher, a lot of my students would often ask me if I can do art activities for them in their parties. Most of the time, parents would like their children to do activities with their friends in the comfort of their homes and not having to go through Manila traffic. Since I love to travel, and I love doing art with children, I came up with a traveling art room wherein we are the ones who go to you and we set up everything at your own chosen venue.

Ginger: Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming an Entrepreneur? What are these?

Teacher Anna: Having no background in business, it was a struggle to start one. I had to do the concept development, inventory, accounting, and research alone. Putting up the capital was also one of my worries. Good thing my family is so supportive of my passion and they were always there to guide me and save me when I was feeling stuck.

Ginger: What are the greatest challenges in putting up and maintaining a business in your country?

Teacher Anna: The greatest challenge for me in putting up my own business was giving up my full time job as an art teacher. It was a risky move and a huge sacrifice because that means I will no longer have a stable income. Aside from that, I became fearful of the unknown. So many questions like “will people avail of my services?” or “will they like the projects we offer?” or “is this a long-term business?” kept popping up in my head. But I learned to just believe in my concept and work my best to put it up. It was a great factor that I love what I am doing and I enjoy it, and I can only hope that other parents will see it and I’ll be able to share with them and their children the same love and passion I have for art.

Ginger: What are three traits that you think an Entrepreneur/Startup Founder should have when starting their own business?

Teacher Anna: Commitment – There’s this quote I heard which says “Entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.” Being an entrepreneur needs a lot of commitment because if you want to succeed in your business, you have to do everything yourself and not ask someone else to do it for you. It’s okay to get help from other people, but at the end of the day, it’s ultimately up to you to control your own success.

Being able to accept constructive criticism – I believe that in every business, you always have to see it from the point of view of the client or customer. What may seem great to me may not seem great on the other end. I appreciate hearing feedback because that is one way of knowing the needs and wants of my client so I will be able to improve my services and give the best experience to new and returning clients. I also do meetings with my team of teachers and ask them about the good points and points for improvement. As the boss, I may be overlooking something and might be expecting so much from them that it makes them uncomfortable or less motivated. So I also like hearing their side and take them into consideration.

Believe in your product/service – This is very important because how can you expect other people to buy your product or avail your service if you yourself are not confident that it is effective. You have to back it up and be able to defend it 100% but also make sure that you can deliver. I wouldn’t recommend going into anything that does not align with your own values, beliefs, and practices because if something goes wrong, you won’t be able to save it.

Ginger: Unforgettable moments or lessons that you learned as an Entrepreneur/Startup Founder

Teacher Anna: Everything is a learning process and no one has it easy from day one. It is constant work and you have to be patient. I learned to stop and take a breather when I feel like something is not going the way I want it to be so I can bounce back better and think clearer. I also learned to not make decisions based on emotions because feelings come and go, but the damages you make when you do emotional decisions are there forever.

Ginger: What advice can you give to other Entrepreneurs?

Teacher Anna: Don’t get easily discouraged. Take negative comments and turn it into positive ones. Not everyone will like what you have to offer, but there is always someone else who will.

Ginger: Do you believe that everyone should become entrepreneurs?

Teacher Anna: I believe anyone can be an entrepreneur, but it takes a lot of courage to finally decide to be one.

Ginger: What are ways that you can do to raise capital?

Teacher Anna: Savings from job income, De-clutter and sell items that other people can use. A garage sale is a good way to do this. Look for investors and sacrifice the wants, and only spend for the needs.

Ginger: How do you market your products? Growth strategy?

Teacher Anna: We do a lot of online marketing on Facebook and Instagram. We also attend or join expos and events. We build connections with other entrepreneurs and this is very helpful when you want to collaborate on certain projects that will be beneficial to both businesses. We also build relationships with parents and children to get them to keep coming back. We send monthly newsletters to our subscribers to keep the updated with our events.

Ginger: What are tech tools that you use for your business?

Teacher Anna: Microsoft Excel, Afterlight photo editing app, Mailchimp for sending newsletters to subscribers, Facebook and Instagram, Trello for organizing tasks and to-do lists

Ginger: Other things that you want to mention which you think are important

Teacher Anna: Kiddie Art Kart believes in the benefits of creative education and creative self-expression. We do not impose on the children and we give them full freedom to do art with the guidance of our creativity coaches. We build an environment that is encouraging to all children so they become more confident within themselves.

Ginger: Thank you, teacher Anna, for sharing with us your entrepreneurial journey! For those who want to learn more about Kiddie Art Kart, please see the contact numbers below.

For Contact information:


Email address:

Mobile Number: 09178610022

Facebook Page:

Instagram account: @kiddieartkart

Youtube account:

New Business and Excited for Halloween

My sister and I have been contemplating on creating an events planning business specializing in children’s parties since a year or two ago. When my sister and I team up, it’s always a great tandem. She’s really very creative and has a good eye for colors. She loves colors. In our team up, I am the one who is usually in charge of marketing the business. I love talking to people and I love looking for ways on how to come up with a win-win scenario. This year, me and my sister, have started our events coordination business called Memory Crafters.

Memory Crafters

Our cool logo was created by a mompreneur, Lique Dimayuga. Thanks, Lique! We just started setting up our online accounts. Please do visit our website at Also, please feel free to ask for a quotation from us. Our rates are very reasonable. Promise! Just to make it clear, we are event planners and not event stylists. We really made our packages affordable since we want to help those who are very hands on in the planning of their child’s party. We also love DIY stuff which makes us the perfect partner event specialist for moms and dads who love DIY projects. We can help you in the conceptualization, planning and the execution of the ideas.

One of the projects that we are working on right now is a Halloween party to be held in one of the plush villages in Makati. We already started creating the decorations. We will be setting it up though on the day of the event and we will of course take pictures and share what we have created with you. Here is a sneak peek.

Halloween Decorations - Memory Crafters

Halloween Decorations - Memory Crafters 2

We can’t wait to show you the finished product. How about you? Have you already thought about your Halloween decoration? Have you already started making them? Let me know if you need help.

Please do support my sister and I in this new business venture. Please visit our website, like us on Facebook ( and follow us on Instagram ( Do ask for a quote now!

Love yah all!

A Day for Discovery and Exploration at Baby Blast Year 4!

As more and more diversions are created for children to engage in, how can we help in making sure a child gets the best kind of learning at his or her most crucial stages? Kids nowadays are spending less and less time outdoors, having been exposed to gadgets and other forms of technology even as infants. But recent studies show that children, especially those aged 3 and below, who play outdoors regularly grow up happier, healthier, and stronger!

Since 2010, Baby Blast has spread awareness that enjoyable, unforced learning, as well as hands-on play and parent-child bonding during the age of 0-3 years is critical in laying down the foundation for the child’s future learning and holistic development. Every year, attendance to the event grows in number, as more families enjoy the fun activities and learn from the featured topics.

Outbox Media Production Agency, in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS), once again celebrated the wonder of life at its early stages! EHS advocates, teachers, experts and parents together with their kids, gathered last April 14, 2013, from 10am-8pm at the Trinoma Activity Center for “Baby Blast Year 4: Discover, Create, Imagine and Explore!” a one-day event highlighting the importance of early childhood education.

This year’s event was hosted by Toni Aquino of DZMM, Jackie Go of, pre-school teacher and TV host, Nikki Veron Cruz, celebrity moms Snooky Serna and Jenny Miller, sportscaster Anthony Suntay and journalist Peach Mascarinas, together with the tandem of Anthony and Rossel Taberna. Performances and messages of support for early education were also given by Gail Blanco, Paolo Santos, Patricia Bermudez-Hizon and Tintin Bersola-Babao.

Anthony Suntay (1)

babyblast4_0293 (1) babyblast4_0559 (1)

The program was opened by a dance number from talented child singer Pauline Agupitan, together with the Neutron Acrobats and OBM Dancers.

This year’s program highlighted the importance of allowing babies and kids to experience the outdoors and engage in physical activities that can benefit their social, mental, physical and emotional development, given today’s tendency to merely rely on gadgets and technology to keep kids busy.

There were parenting and health talks led by experts and medical practitioners, like Ms. Glenda Derla, Child Welfare Specialist from the DSWD and Dra. Cynthia Cuayo-Juico of the PPS – School Health Committee.

Echo Store owner, Sharon Chua, shared an interesting topic on being a “green mom” or “eco mom”, discussing how kids can become more environmentally conscious and giving a recycling demo called “From Trash to Toys”.

Life coach Ms. Maricel Moreno-Laraya also gave a talk for parents on “How To Keep A Loving Relationship With Your Partner.” Essential Newborn Care was also tackled by the Consultant of the MMC and CSMC Pediatrics Department, Dra. Lourraine Co, MD, FPPS.

A revival of traditional Filipino outdoor games or “Palarong Pinoy” was also dicussed and demonstrated by TV Host Patty Nuguid-Santos of Buhay Pinoy, promoting the benefits of fun play and interaction for young kids.

On-ground areas like the World of Discovery, Beyond your Imagination, Baby Explorers and Creativity Corner gave kids the chance to play and interact with other kids, browse through books, play with toys, draw with art materials, and get hands-on with the educational gadgets and activities available today.

Contests for the whole family were held before the event, and winners were awarded during the program. Baby Magazine held the “Brilliant Babies Video Contest” where parents sent videos of their babies showing advanced development. The winning entry received a 1-year subscription from Baby Magazine, along with other prizes.

The “We Love the Outdoors Family Contest” gave families a chance to submit their best photo doing a fun, outdoor activity. The winning entry won a family staycation package at the Waterfront Manila Pavilion. Other contests held were the “Design My T-Shirt” art contest where kids submitted their interpretation of this year’s Baby Blast theme. The winning entry became the official Baby Blast event t-shirt design and received art materials and other prizes. For the moms and dads, The Blounge Salon also raffled off a Full Pampering package to give parents a well-deserved treat.
Both kids and parents also joined fun contests from Bye Bye Fever, Rite Med, Refresh Big Sip, Regent, Ferna, Lock & Lock, Bibbo Hotdog, Bounty Fresh, Uratex, Osihi, and Magnolia Frozen Delights. Lots of prizes were given away!

The event’s official print partner, Baby Magazine, also held a Search for the Cutest Babies attending the event. Babies were awarded at various times during the program, and all selected babies will be featured in the magazine’s next issue.

Pre-schools like Dynamic Recall, Playlab, LinxProvi8, H.A.N.D.S. of Children, Filway Marketing, and First Robotics also presented their EHS Programs for parents who are looking for schools to enroll their kids for the summer or for the next school year.

There were also mascot appearances by Ainon Baby, Bibbo Hotdogs, Robby Rabbit, and TJ Hotdogs, much to the kids’ delight!

Cool science experiments by Mad Science captivated the kids in the audience! Diliman Prep School also had their taekwondo team onstage to demonstrate a routine. Self-defense techniques to stop bullying were also presented by International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF).

Free face painting and kiddie hairstyling was also made available to the event participants courtesy of Outbox Media. Booths and other fun activities wowed everyone, and exciting freebies and loot bags were also given away. It was truly a great day for the whole family!

To continue spreading this advocacy, an annual Outreach Program is held a week after the Baby Blast event in Trinoma Activity Center, at a barangay in cooperation with the DSWD and DepEd. This year, the outreach program was held in Brgy. Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City where parents and kids happily participated in the different games, learning segments, fun activities and even mascot appearances brought in by friends from Diliman Prep School, Robby Rabbit and Jollibee. Dr. De Jesus of the Department of Education and Ms. Jacelyn Paguio of the DSWD also graced the occasion. Gift packs were also given to the participants with lots of freebies from Jollibee, Robby Rabbit, Unilever, RiteMed, Magnolia, Universal Robina Corp., Big Sip, Jack n’ Jill, Bounty Fresh and Regent Foods Corp.

Baby Blast is an annual event that aims to enlighten parents that enjoyable, unforced learning, as well as hands-on play and parent-child bonding at an early age is the key to an intelligent, well-rounded and well-mannered individuals. See you again next year for another round of Fun Learning!

This event was made possible by Purefoods Crispy Chicken Burger, Purefoods Crispy And Juicy Drummets, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs, Magnolia Frozen Delights, Bounty Fresh Chicken, Regent Foods Corporation, Refresh Big Sip “Big Sip Sarap For Big Thirst”, Jack N’ Jill Candies, Ritemed, Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel, Bibbo Cheesedog, Ferna Hotcakes, Bye-Bye Fever, Uratex Foam, Robby Rabbit, Ainon Babies, Lock And Lock, Oishi Choco Flakes, Unilever, New San Jose Builders, Links Provi8, Ahavia Spa, Transfer It, I Clickz Photo Booth, Fax, Parcel And Print, 18 Days Coffee Roaster, Dental First, Guard Protect, The Blounge Hi Tech Salon, and Tunying’s Sarap Tinapay To The Max.

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