Payoneer: It’s about TRUST and FAMILY

Hello from Tel Aviv! I apologize for not updating my blog for the past few days. It has been a busy week for me. I am now in Israel for the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, and everything has been amazing. This is my first time traveling alone to another part of the world. I love it! I think moms should do this more often. It’s so empowering! Haha!

What I have noticed is that we really have a lot of Filipino “kababayans” scattered all over the world (W-O-W!). Case in point, I was tasked to deliver a pitch during the Cities Summit here in Tel Aviv and amongst the audience was a college friend, whom I have not seen for the longest time! How cool is that? It was surprising to see a fellow Filipina. Also, while leaving the Intel Exhibit in DLD, this other woman talked to us in Filipino from out of the blue, and we chatted after. She worked for Fujitsu and she was there for the conference. So, yes, we Filipinos are everywhere!

I am so proud of all of the Overseas Filipino Workers that we have. I’m just here for a week and staying here, away from home, feels completely different. I know that all of us are trying to make ends meet and trying to build a better life for our families. I salute all of the OFWs and the Filipino workers all over the world.

That hard earned money should aptly go directly to the hands of our loved ones in the Philippines. Most of us use our social connections or MTOs or use wire transfers to send the money to our loved ones. But let me give you another option. I have tried using Payoneer and it’s fantastic. This is how it works!

So all you need to do is ask your loved ones to open a Payoneer account and transfer money via Payoneer. It’s also way cheaper than the current options that you have. The also have the lowest conversion rates and a low total processing time.

ltp-philippines-847x1084The reason why I use Payoneer is not only about these advantages and benefits. It goes beyond the stuff that you already know by reading other blogs, like Cath’s article: It’s about TRUST. It’s about family.

I have met the people behind Payoneer for more than a year; They have been nothing but supportive. I consider them as family. From experience and interacting with them, I have gotten to know them. I have trust the brand and the people behind the brand. If I were to make payments or to send / receive payments, I would definitely want to course it through an entity that I TRUST. This is my hard-earned money and I very much want to interact and deal with someone (or a brand) that can guarantee me that it gets to my family on-time. I know that Payoneer can and will deliver.

Give it a try! If you want to learn more about Payoneer, this is their website (CLICK HERE) or you can visit The Freelancer Fair on November 19, 2016 (CLICK HERE). Payoneer is one of the Major Sponsors of The Freelancer Fair 2016.


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