Family and Finance Conference

I was going through the receipts of the things that we spent in Singapore for the 5 days we were there. I can’t believe that we went way beyond our budget! Haha! And to think, most of our money was spent on food. Boy, we must be big eaters!

But I’m glad that my husband and I are not big spenders. We splurge on food, but I think that’s the only thing that we splurge on. I’m glad that we both look at money the same way. There are a lot of couples who fight over finances. If you find yourselves disagreeing over money, I think this conference will be helpful.

CCF Family Ministry will be hosting the Biggest Family and Finance Conference this July 30, 2016 at the CCF Center in Fronterra Verde, Pasig City.


Family and Finance Conference is a whole day workshop dedicated to teach and help families manage finances better. This year’s conference includes the country’s top financial speakers: Mr. Randell Tiongson, Mr. Chinkee Tan, Mr. Edric Mendoza and Pastor Joby Soriano. These speakers will be sharing how to set financial goals and manage finances as a family, as well as what to teach kids and the biblical perspective about money.

Here is my good friend, Edric Mendoza to share with you what to expect from this event:

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My husband and I fight over how to manage money sometimes, but we don’t turn it into a big issue. Our belief is that if we lack funds, then we need to create more sources of revenue. This just means that our sources of revenue is not enough. For controlling and monitoring our funds, we use the envelope method where we already set aside a specific budget inside an envelope for the expenses that we have.

I can’t wait to learn more about handling and managing money from these speakers. I know that I will be able to pick up a lot of insights on how they handle money as a couple.

Again, if you want to attend, please register here: