Managing your Personal Finances

With nothing to do, but work, I’ve found myself incessantly drawn to watch How To YouTube videos. The types of videos that I am drawn to ranges from 30 day challenges to business videos to financial videos. But, I’ll admit, How To videos on Managing your Personal Finances always attracts me.

I guess the thought of watching Managing your Personal Finances videos feels like I’ve actually done a good job (at least for today!). It feels like a step closer towards financial freedom! haha!

But, we still have a long way to go when it comes to this topic. The financial literacy rate in the Philippines is still very low. Here’s an article from our Central Bank (BSP):

So for my Business Over Coffee on my vlog on YouTube (which you need… yes, NEED to subscribe to! haha), I have invited a good friend of mine, Oskie King, to shed light to some of the basic Personal Management questions that we may have.

I hope you liked this video. This is the best time to take control of our finances. Managing your personal finances can be tough, but there are people like Oskie and videos like this that may be able to help you.

If you have suggestions on other topics that I can talk about, or guests that you would like me to invite, please feel free to comment on the comment section below.

Here’s to your financial freedom! Stay tuned for Part II, which is Managing Finances at a time of a Health Crisis.