What to Know Before Giving Birth Workshop

For three years, Manila Workshops, have been giving you different kinds of lifestyle workshops and one of the workshops that we plan to sustain and really run forever (haha… if forever is a possibility!) is our Parenting Workshops, Parenting Pals and the First Time Parents Workshop Series. The First Time Parents Workshop series really aims to help expecting parents prepare for scenarios that are unfamiliar to most of us who are first time or even second or third time parents. This year, we are holding the second and the last run of the What to Know Before Giving Birth Workshop on June 27, 2015.

This workshop is brought to you also by The Parenting Emporium and Stemcord Philippines, Inc. Here are the details of the workshop.


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Attending this not only helps you prepare, but you get to meet other parents whom you can talk to and share experiences with later on! To register, please go to this link: http://manilaworkshops.com/events/what-to-know-before-giving-birth-2

The Speakers for this talk are:

Dra. Patricia Malay Kho studied Medicine and underwent Residency Training in UP College of Medicine-Philippine General Hospital. She is an Obstetrician Gynecologist with Subspecialty Training in OB Gyne Infectious Diseases. She is also an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. She is affiliated with Makati Medical Center and St Luke’s Global. She has two children, and both were breastfed.

Luchie Callanta, RND, MSN is presently a faculty member at Center for Culinary Arts Manila teaching classes in Culinary Nutrition, Dietetic Desserts, Communication Arts, and other Management courses. She is also currently an adviser for Men’s Health Magazine. Presently, she is the consultant of Fly Ace Corporation and Armadillo Holdings Incorporated. Apart from her teaching and consultancy jobs, she is also a writer. She is currently a coordinator/writer for MAPEH series for Grades 7-10 at Abiva Publishing, co-authored “Cooking for Health Series”, and was a contributing writer/editorial consultant for Smart Carbs Workbook. She is married with 4 kids.

The workshop will be from 1-4 PM and the venue will be at the Best for Families Headquarters, #29 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City. We hope to see you there!

Are you a First Time Parent?

It will be our Baby Z’s second month birthday tomorrow. It just seems like yesterday when we held her in our arms for the first time. Ej and I are First Time Parents. We are parents who want the best for our little one. I remember that before I gave birth, during the 9 months of pregnancy, we did a lot of things to prepare.

We attended a lot of workshops and seminars (by Medela Moms, LATCH, etc.). We attended the Birthing Class of Rome Kanapi. We read books — I think I have three different kinds of pregnancy books here with me. We read articles in the internet and I think I may be one of the frequent visitors of babycenter.com.ph.

There are a lot of things that we needed to learn. I think as parents, even if we strive to be perfect, we cannot be perfect. We’re only human. BUT (emphasis on BUT!), we can continuously educate ourselves so that we can make the best decision for our babies.

There were a lot of things on my mind back then that I wish someone would have given me the answers to. I wish I got to know more people who could help me early on and who would be my support group. These led me to create this workshop series in cooperation with Medela Moms, Inc. and The Learning Basket.

I designed the series to be a four part workshop on topics that deals with (1)pregnancy, (2)post labor and new born care, (3) toddler years and (4) child development and education. The workshop titles are as follows (just to give you an idea):

First Time Parents Workshop: What To Know Before Giving Birth
Date: June 1, 2013

First Time Parents Workshop: Delivery and New Born Care
Date: June 29, 2013

First Time Parents Workshop: Toddler Care
Date: July 6, 2013

First Time Parents Workshop: Helping Your Baby Learn
Date: July 13, 2013

We have already launched and announced the first of the four workshops.

First Time Parents Workshop: What to Know Before Giving Birth

First Time Parents Workshop: What to Know Before Giving Birth

MommyGinger is giving a 50% discount on the registration fee (pay only Php 600 per participant/seat) for the first workshop! All you have to do is input FTP1MG in the COUPON CODE space below.

To sign up for the first workshop of the series (First Time Parents: What to Know Before Giving Birth), please fill out the form below:

I really hope to see you there! I’d love to meet more expecting moms and dads! 🙂

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger