How To Improve Your Hair’s Health In 2023

Improving your hair’s health is something that you want to focus on as you grow older. The lack of collagen you produce as you age impacts the overall health and growth of your hair. In some cases, it can even result in hair loss or thinning hair.

With that being said, knowing what you need to look after your hair’s health is useful to ensure you’ve got luscious locks for years to come. If you’re looking to improve your hair’s health this year, here are some useful tips worth knowing.

Know what type of hair you have

First and foremost, it’s useful to know what type of hair you have. For some, it’s a coil or curly texture, for others, it’s straight or wavy.

There are also patterns to hair that are important to note. So when you see 5 Rules For Managing And Caring For 4A Hair, Straight From A Stylist, you might want to know what this means.

There are four types of hair; 1 – straight, 2 – wavy, 3 – curly, and 4 – coily. In the above article, 4A refers to coily hair that has wide patterns. Knowing your hair type is useful because it helps determine what products you’ll need to use, and the methods you need for washing, drying, and styling your hair.

Purchase the right products

Hair products are something that everyone should be mindful of, especially when it comes to knowing which ones actually benefit your hair types and which ones probably don’t do much at all.

For example, it might be that if you have curls, you’ll want to use deep conditioners to help with adding moisture back into your hair. It might be that you also want to look at curling creams to help add further definition when styling your hair.

Every hair type requires a different product and each product is likely to influence the result in a certain way. With that being said, make sure you’ve purchased all of the products you need in order to look after your hair.

For most, it might be a case of trial and error until the right types of products are sourced.

Detangle your hair before showering

Detangling your hair is definitely something you want to be proactive about because if you’re not detangling or simply brushing your hair regularly, you’re likely to cause more breakage. 

Make sure you have a detangling brush to hand, ensuring that it’s the right type for your hair texture. For example, a wide-tooth comb is going to be useful for those with curls and coils, whereas a standard hair brush detangler is going to work for straight and wavy hair.

Detangling before showering is a good way to ensure every last hair gets coated in the goodness of your shampoo and conditioning treatments. It’ll also help with brushing through your hair once it’s dried.

Avoid too much heat on your hair

Heat is your enemy when it comes to your hair. If you’re not using a heat protectant when using heating tools of any kind, then you’re already doing some serious damage to your hair. In order to help keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, you want to try and avoid as much heat as possible.

If you’re going to use heat, keep it to a low temperature and avoid going over the same strands of hair too many times.

There are plenty of heatless ways to dry your hair and style it, so consider using alternative methods when it comes to this part of maintaining your hair.

Look after your scalp 

Your scalp is an important part of your hair care because it’s responsible for helping with the growth of new hair follicles. Stimulating hair growth by massaging your scalp, for example, is a practice that’s well worth doing.

It’s also good to use scalp treatments on your head so that you’re proactively keeping your scalp clean and healthy. Make sure to tackle any scalp conditions with the right products too, i.e. if your scalp produces too much oil or has dry, flaky skin.

Find a trusted hair salon or stylist to maintain your hair

Finally, if you want to protect and maintain your hair well, then make sure you find a hair stylist you trust. Someone who you know will be able to look after your hair and do what you ask when it comes to trimming or making major changes to the hair.

Improving your hair’s health is beneficial to keep it looking good for longer. Use these tips to improve your hair’s health in 2023.