November and Me Time!

Yesterday, I was so pumped up to start November right. I made this recording.


True enough! Yesterday, I started writing my To-Do List and ended up writing 2 pages with 42 tasks. No worries, I said to myself! I envisioned today to be seamless… perfect. I would wake up at 6:00 am to jump on the treadmill. Then I would take a cold shower and work until around 9:30 AM. After which I would rush off to my 10:00 AM meeting and eat lunch at the coffee shop and work again once I got back home. Then I would take a Skype call from a potential partner from Amsterdam and then work again after the call. In my mind, everything was perfect! I was so pumped up for November.

Me Time

Then this morning came and I couldn’t get up at 6:00 AM. I stayed up late watching the first episode of Code Black and a few episodes of The Flash. Yes, seriously, a workaholic entrepreneur like me has some lazy moments, too. My head hurt last night. It was probably because I gobbled up one whole bag of Popcorners (so much for my diet!). That is the reason why despite the snoozed alarm, I was only able to fully wake up at 9 am. I then rushed taking a shower, eating breakfast and packing my laptop, which was lazily dumped on top of the table the night before.

He, let’s face it, peeps. We will have days like these when we think of ourselves as lazy bums, and guess what?! That’s perfectly alright! We all need some “down” times like these. We need our ME time. It makes our “game” faces and “game” feelings even game-r (somewhat like the calm before the storm!).

It doesn’t mean that you’re less effective or you’ll be less effective. Feeling tired and longing for some rejuvenation and relaxation makes you human.

Now that I had that down time yesterday, I feel like i’m more pumped up for November! Time to cross all that tasks in my to-do list.¬†How about you? How was your weekend? Where you a lazy bum like me?

Raaaaaaawr! I hope you’re now pumped up, too!