GLAD at Dagupan Bangus Festival 2016

Brands should focus on helping promote culture. Sorry (LOL!), that thought just crossed my mind. We don’t see a lot of focus on our culture and original content coming from the Philippines. My friends know of this frustration that I have about not having enough Filipino content. We should be advocates of our own tradition, culture and content! This is the reason why I admire brands that take a stand to promote and spread the word about certain festivals and traditions in the Philippines.

One of the brands that I admire is GLAD. They participated in the Bangus Festival in Dagupan.

I have been to Dagupan before but it was just now that I heard that there is this celebration called Bangus Festival in Dagupan where thousands of people gather together. This festival puts the province’s native delicacy (milkfish) in the limelight. To celebrate, 900 grilling stations were put up along De Venecia Highway in Lucao where thousands of fresh bangus were cooked simultaneously for the participants to partake of thereafter.

Ceremonial lighting

GLAD, the Filipino homemakers’ partner in food protection and kitchen management, joined in on the fun by providing grill participants with the required kitchen tools like aprons and paper fans. GLAD’s innovative Non-stick Aluminum Foils were also used to cover the grills and fish to be grilled, thus helping to make cooking easier while also ensuring faster clean ups afterwards.

Executives and staff of Glad Philippines staff flash the # 1 sign at the GLAD-sponsored booth

Executives and staff of Glad Philippines staff flash the # 1 sign at the GLAD-sponsored booth

According to Paulo Lao, Sales and Marketing Director for GLAD Philippines which is also among the event’s sponsors, “This is already the third straight year that our company has participated in the Bangus Festival through CSI Lucao. We are happy to support this activity as it allows us to help the local government of Dagupan ensure a successful staging of their event. It’s also a good avenue to help educate the public on how to achieve the best cooking experience using some of our kitchen tools like GLAD Non-stick Aluminum Foil,” she says.

In our home, we really use and love GLAD. We also used GLAD to cook fish since GLAD Non-stick Aluminum Foil ensures that the skin stays on the fish and not on the foil. You should try using these products, Mommies! You’ll be happily surprised at how useful their products are!

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GLAD to have Met you

I’m looking around the house and I can’t believe how messy it has gotten. I decided to drop some tasks that I needed to do and I fixed some things in the house. I was so happy when I got this package from GLAD, a brand that has always been part of our home.

Glad has numerous wraps and bags products. This brand has been committed to educating moms like you and me on proper food protection and on eliminating food wastage with proper storage. Glad tells us that we can make the most of the food we buy and we don’t have to waste money if we just know how to store food safely.



Just like any  household, we oftentimes use GLAD products to store food. My personal favorite are the Glad Freezer and Storage Zipper Bags. I use it for chips, biscuits and cookies packages that we have opened.


But for storing anything in the refrigerator, I am glad that I can trust Glad Cling Wrap. Now, Cling Wrap is  made to be 1.5 times tighter so that food that is stored is guaranteed to keep its freshness. It is also made of 100% crystal clear polyethylene and is BPA-Free.

What impressed me with this recent loot is their product called Press ‘n Seal. This product is a multipurpose sealing wrap that is BPA-Free and leak-proof. I tried following the picture in the box and tried to seal my daughter’s glass and I found out that it really works. Press ‘n Seal really clings on to the glass and provides an airtight seal that can be used not only on drinking glasses, but even on wood, paper, plastic, glass, ceramic and metal surfaces. It uses a technology called Griptex that is why Glad Press ‘n Seal is 10x tighter than regular wraps. It is activated when pressure is applied and is best used on dry surfaces. It is also microwave-safe, but should not be used conventional or convection ovens, stove tops or toaster ovens.

Okay, aside from storing food, we also use Glad to fix tokens in our board games, store pens and office supplies, pack a doomsday prepper’s kit for my daughter (haha!) and other things. There are so many uses for these products!

You can visit Glad’s site at

Glad® ClingWrap is available in these sizes and suggested prices:

ClingWrap Catering Wrap (33cmx300m) for P594

Cling Wrap (30cmx30.5m) for Php 89.40

Cling Wrap refill (30cmx20m) for Php 53.60

Cling Wrap mini (20cmx20m) for Php 55

Glad® ClingWrap is available at major supermarkets nationwide at SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Shopwise, Rustans, South Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Waltermart, Landmark Supermarket, Cash & Carry, Unimart, Makati Supermarket, Hi-Top Supermarket, Cherry Supermarket, Puregold, Metro Gaisano, and Pioneer Center.

For more information, please visit their Instagram account: @gladkitchen or their facebook account: