Sunnies Specs for Kids! Eye Glasses Kids will Love

During one conversation with my daughter, Zeeka, she asked me to get her eye glasses. She didn’t want shades; she really wanted what mommy and daddy had. What triggered it more was that she saw her best friend wear glasses. The little girl had astigmatism. I kept on telling her that her best friend needed it to correct her eyesight and she didn’t need it, but she kept on insisting. Dineadma ko! (didn’t mind her) HAHA!

Days after, I read this article on How Gadgets and Screens are Harming your Child. And then, I came across Sunnies Specs kids! I realized that my daughter needed protection for her eyes! It’s so nice that Sunnies Specs came up with this line of glasses that protects children’s eyes from blue light.

Zeeka Eureka wearing Sunnies Specs for kids! So cute!

Look at that face! hahaha! Super kulit!

This line is available in all sunnies specs stores nationwide. Well, I’m sure my daughter will grow up wearing glasses like mommy and daddy. It’s nice to have a brand that thinks of my kid’s eyesight! Oh, each pair is at Php 1999 only! 🙂

Look who’s so happy about this!

Check out for more information!

Four Eyes: Online Eyeglasses Shop

My daughter is so talkative. The first time around, she’ll be all shy and sometimes, she’ll just stare at you. Once she gets used to seeing you though, she’ll warm up and she’ll never stop talking. I’m not surprised that she’s that way since both me and Dada Ej are talkative, too. One of her first words is GLASSES (others are BAG, SHOES, HAT, etc. — notice that they are all accessories!). She loves tinkering with my prescription glasses and her dada’s glasses. Both my husband and I wear glasses. All four gradnparents wear glasses, too, so she thinks that this is the norm.

I always hated wearing glasses, because I always thought that I didn’t look pretty and sexy. But recently, I saw this article shared by a friend of foreign celebrities who look “hot” in glasses as compared to when they’re not wearing any. I took a look at my worn out glasses and it was probably because I was wearing the WRONG pair all along. The article (I will try to look for it) said that to look younger, you need to wear dark rimmed glasses. I didn’t know that! I always had these shiny rimmed glasses. I never took the time to change them, because I never had time! When I would think of going to the mall, I’d prioritize a work deadline and then after, I would totally forget to go out to purchase a new pair.

It was a good thing that I came across this brand called FOUR EYES. Four Eyes is an online shop where you can buy a pair of glasses, and they will create one for you with your prescription! This is such a cool idea, right? All you have to do is go to the Four Eyes Website and sign up for an account.

Register for a New Account

Register for a New Account

Then you can go to their online shop and try on glasses via the Virtual Try-on feature of Four Eyes. I think I spent two hours trying on different types of glasses. I had so much fun!

Try the Virtual Try-on..

Try the Virtual Try-on..

For those who really want to be sure that they get a good pair, you can also ask for Four Eyes to send you three pairs for Virtual Try-on. The three glasses that I wanted to try on was a frame that was a mixture of black and brown (brindled), a blue one and a red one.

Or try the Home Try-on Feature!

Or try the Home Try-on Feature!

The glasses for Home Try-on arrived after a few days! I loved that it came in a sleek blue box.

Four Eyes Glasses came in a sleek box

Four eyes in a box - home try-on

My choices

I had a hard time choosing so I posted both these two pictures below on my social media accounts to see which looks better on me.

My own eyeglasses poll!

My own eyeglasses poll!

Thank you to all those who voted! At the end of this post, I will post a picture of yours truly and the chosen color!

Anyway, after choosing, I sent back the box of eyeglasses to Four Eyes using their logistics partner which was Xend and they didn’t charge me anything for the return. I also included all the information about my grade. For those who will have prescription glasses made, Four Eyes needs to know the following information:

Left (OS)
Right (OD)
Pupillary distance (or PD) – Your PD is the distance between your two pupils measured in millimeters

Get this and include key it in when they ask for it online. After a few days, with complete information, you will get your glasses back.  What I like about Four Eyes is that they support World Vision.

Four Eyes Helps World Vision

So want to see what I got?

I got the Red Glasses!

I got the Red Glasses!

If you want a 15% discount, you can use my COUPON CODE: REWARD-1991-UGYDB-MSGM

Share with me your experience with Four Eyes! I’d love to hear about it.