Our Family Goals for 2022

Recently, I thought about updating my bucket list. A lot of things have changed since I’ve made that list. I’ll probably find time this weekend to update that. But as for our family goals for 2022, we have written it down and cast it in stone (maybe not really cast it in stone! LOL!).

But for those who are curious of what our plans are, here is the Youtube video. Hope you can share it also as we’re targeting to get around 50,000 subscribers this year. 🙂

Here’s the transcript, too, of our video:

[GINGER]: Hi Everyone! We know it’s February already and we’re a bit late in sharing this with you, but we’d still love to share how we plan for the year with you, especially for couples who are watching this.

But before that, for those who are new to this channel, I’m Ginger [and I’m EJ] and we’re content creators and startup business owners who love sharing our experiences on personal finance, investing, business and parenthood.

[EJ]: For today’s vlog, we wanted to share with you what our plans are as a couple. In our previous video, I shared that we, as a couple, go through a family planning session. For those planning sessions, we use this template that we have been using since 2017.

In this template, we first state the Vision and the Mission of our Family. For Team Arbo, our vision is to have passive income of at least Php 250,000 and have ZERO debt. For our Mission, our family’s mission is to be a family that helps people grow and achieve their goals in life – be it through creating content like this or running startups with the same goal.

[GINGER]: Our Vision & Mission hardly ever change. We also keep our Vision/Mission in our template so that we’re always reminded about our purpose as a family. Knowing that is vital in helping us make decisions together or by ourselves – as long as we’re going after the same thing, then we can trust each other to act towards that.

Okay… now, for our Life Goals, we divided these into 7 main categories…

Our Goals for our Daughters

Spiritual Goals

Financial Goals

Fitness and Health Goals

Professional Goals

Mental Goals

Work/Company Goals

We’ll go through each of these categories in a little detail. Do note that sometimes some of these goals have a financial aspect to it and that’s okay – this structure makes sense for us because we want to connect those financial goals to a particular section of our life. Don’t worry It’ll make more sense when we go through them.

[EJ]: First, our goals for our daughters. From a financial POV, our goals for them are (1) to save up for their tuition fee and (2), and this is a bit more long term, to save up for their college education. Zeeka’s Tuition fee is one of our sinking funds. For those who missed out on what sinking funds are, we explained what those are a bit more in our previous video (point to corner), but basically, sinking funds are funds where you set aside a little each month in preparation for a big payment later on. For their college fund, we place it in an investment policy that we have with Sunlife.

This is an example of what Ginger said a while ago about a financial goal that’s under a non financial category. These financial goals serve a purpose and that is for our daughters to grow up to be happy, well-adjusted, emotionally & financially independent adults

[GINGER]: For our Spiritual Goals, we make it a point to pray every evening. When we pray, we focus on thanking God for the blessings that we’ve received, thus adding to an abundance mindset. We’d love for our daughters to have a grateful heart and look at life as a glass half full and not half empty. Aside from that, this year we’d love to get our baby baptized and for Zeeka to finally get her first holy communion & first confession.

[EJ]: For our Financial Goals, we broke this down into 4 subgoals. First Financial goal: to always keep Ginger’s credit card bill at ZERO. Ginger actually had Php 700,000 in credit card debt last 2019 and she was able to get it down to zero in 2020. How did she do it, you ask? We’ll discuss it in another video. 

Second Financial goal: For my credit card bill, I actually have an outstanding debt of Php 600,000 and our plan to zero it out by December 2023. This is also one of the sinking funds that we have where we set aside 30,000 pesos per month so that we get to finally get rid of that.

Third Financial Goal: The other sinking fund under Financial Goals is for our emergency funds. We actually have emergency funds, but we used it for some emergencies the past few months. So this year, we’ll start building our emergency fund again and for that, we’ll be setting aside Php 10,000 every month. Our goal is to have enough set aside to cover expenses for at least 6 months.

And our last Financial goal  is to learn technical analysis for crypto and stock market trading. We would really love to learn more about analyzing charts so that we can make more informed decisions in our investments. EJ knows a bit about fundamental investing but with crypto, we both think that technical analysis is probably more useful.

[GINGER]: Now for our Fitness and Health Goals, we have one sinking fund under this category. This is the sinking fund for Health Insurance. Our health insurance costs Php 183,000 for the four of us for the entire year and this is from Pacific Cross. Most of it is actually for me and EJ, around Php 140,000. We are thinking if the kids need one since they already have an HMO from our corporate HMO. Well, we’ll see if we still need it by the end of the year.

The other goals are going to the dentist at least once this year, work out at least 3 times a week, for me (or probably even EJ) to follow a plant based diet again this year, not to sleep past 11 pm and to finally have an executive check up schedule (if cases of COVID goes down).

[EJ]: Now for our Professional Goals, we really want to be more active this year on Youtube and TikTok. In this channel, Ginger Arboleda or GTV, we have 6000+ subscribers and our goal is to increase that to 50,000. We know that this is quite a feat and will be very challenging, but we have lots of interesting things to share. We hope that you continue to support this channel by liking this video, sharing it and subscribing to it. This will really help a lot with Youtube’s algorithm so that we get recommended to like minded people who may need the little push that we give.

So we plan to make 50 or more videos this year on both YouTube and TikTok.

GINGER: And last, Mental Goals: I plan to attend one webinar every quarter. It doesn’t matter what topic. Aside from that we both plan to read at least 2 books every quarter – doesn’t have to be textbooks, could be fiction, but read at least 2 books.

So that’s it for our 2022 goals. Remember that it’s not too late to come up and write down your goals for 2022. It doesn’t matter if it’s February. We hope you are as excited to make this year a great year! Share with us your top three goals in the comment section and let’s be accountability partners!