Growing your Business and Priorities

I made this article in a new place (definition of new place: one that I haven’t been to before), a beach resort in Batangas called Sabangan Beach Resort. I wanted to go some place with the family just so that we could have a nice vacation together. I often tell people in my talks that the reason why I became an entrepreneur is because I wanted to spend more time with my daughter. But the truth is, this balancing act between family and work is so tiring. And now, I’m also thinking about expanding. Thinking about growing your business can be tiring, too. Being in this quiet and cozy place made me think about a lot of things. I’m feeling a bit sentimental and emotional right now.

I read an article which Martine shared recently from Cup of Jo about Slow Parenting. The tip that struck me the most was to watch our child. I may have always be there with Zeeka, but have I really ‘watched’ her. Was I really present during those times or was my mind wandering off to mind maps and business decisions I had to make? Tonight, Zeeka was jumping on the bed and it was 11 pm. She didn’t want to sleep. You know what made her sleep finally? She grabbed my fingers and played with them, then later on, she fell asleep holding my hand. That moment was something that both pained me and made me happy. It pained me because I realized that I miss out embracing small things like these. I know that I was always physically there but I wasn’t fully THERE. It made me happy because I know that I can still do something about it.

I went to this place to think also on strategies on how to grow my business. All the noise in Manila can be distracting and sometimes you need to get away and be with just your thoughts. At first, I was at a lost on what to do with my several businesses. To tell you frankly, not all of them are doing superbly as of the moment. This is something that you must understand. Not everything that you planned out for or you wished for will be what you will get. I am happy though because the businesses have remained strong. I just know that certain changes need to be made and we need to adapt. Those who don’t adapt, will not survive.

Growing your business Quote

Okay, going back, I felt lost as to where to start with strategizing. Then I thought about the realization that I had. I realized that I have just been grazing over different aspects in my life from my personal life to my businesses. Sometimes, because of all the things that I need to do, I just go through the daily grind by just ‘going through it’ and not really embracing each minute.

Alas! This is where I should find inspiration again. I need to feel deeply, to act passionately¬†and live in the moment. This is something that I should do more and by doing this more, I will know what to do with my business. I need to enjoy life more (Gaaawd, I’m such a boring person! haha!).

So this is how it feels like to be at the crossroads of growing your business. It feels like you just started and created something new! Well, I’m not one to give up, but it’s time to enjoy the ride! Who’s with me?