Your Kids are Smart. Habits can be Picked up.

When Zeeka was young, she would scream and literally punch and hit anyone who would try to pin her down on a dentist’s chair. When the dentist would check her teeth, I would have to sit on the chair myself, put her on my lap, hug her, and lie down while the dentist cleans her teeth up. For hand washing though, I never had a problem with that. I never had any concerns or stressful moments, and it was all because of Safeguard.

What caused the difference? I realized that it was so easy for me to get Zeeka to ALWAYS wash her hands because her first experience with hand washing was FUN. Sharing with you this video that I posted two years ago… YES! I can’t believe that this was two years ago!

Her first memories of washing her hands by herself was this. We always sang this catchy tune together from Safeguard. Every time she washes her hands, it’s either the ABC song or the “hugas hugas ating kamay” song. With kids, I realized, too, that it’s not only about the song, but it was because you were there with them.

Kids are smart. They pick up on things fast and they emulate you (parents), because they love you and they want to try out things that you do. In our household, every one washes their hands with Safeguard because of the 24 protection and superior skin germ protection (removes 99% of germs including HANGINfection). If you mention these benefits, most likely, kids will not care. So what we can do is make it fun for them. Here is a video (which used to be a private one), which I’d like to share. It’s video where Zeeka and I role play and pretend that we’re fighting off Kuya Germ (daddy!). LOL!

If you want your kids to take on a habit, I highly suggest that you make it fun for them. Now Zeeka knows more about germs than most of the kids out there. Other ways that you can teach kids about proper hand washing is to play with bubbles, create a game between siblings, or you can follow our role playing stint!

Our daughter washes her hands even without being told. She has formed the habit, and she hasn’t gotten sick for the longest time!

So taking on from what we learned, we finally found a dentist whom Zeeka loved so much, because she got to wear cute little tiger shades while sitting on the dentist’s chair. She also got to meet Mr. Bee  and Mr. Straw (dentist’s tools). She made Zeeka’s visit to the dentist fun. I hope she takes on the habit of going to the dentist regularly and loves it, as much as she loves handwashing. 🙂