Simple yet Perfect — Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary

I love songs. Songs are simple yet they’re perfect for lifting up moods. I play tunes when I feel stressed, anxious, depressed, lonely and sad, and it almost instantly picks my mood up.

I also love that with the simple use of lyrics, hymns and melodies, you can convey emotions that you can’t express by just merely “telling” a person how you feel. With songs, a gush of emotions and feelings are injected in a simple sentence. Songs tell stories and convey messages that hit right at the mark of how you feel about another person or situation.

On the 17th of October, my husband and I will celebrate 7 years of marriage.

Photo Credits: Dino Lara

Photo Credits: Dino Lara

7 years is a long time, though it seems like it was just yesterday when this tall guy with braces came and picked me up from my house. Ever since that day, my life completely changed. I never felt as safe and secure in my life. Thank you, Ej, for always making me feel that way. Thank you for showing me that life shouldn’t be so serious (haha! because I always am). Thank you for always reminding me that family is important, and that I should love and value myself more, that I should set aside time for myself, too.

Panggah, I thought of giving you something that would tell you exactly how I feel.  Here it is…

Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for putting up with all of my crazy ideas, my tendency to be a workaholic, my insecurities, etc. etc. etc. I truly wish that you receive more blessings, because you are such a great person. I always ask myself what I did to deserve you. You are the kindest person I know.

I’ll always be here for you. I love you.



Video/Song from OSerenade: