TODAY Tala’s Adventure Begins

Early this year, I underwent a yoga teacher training class. Aside from being a certified yoga instructor, another good thing that came out of it is that I meant and was with the coolest bunch of people ever! One of my classmates was the sweet and very motherly Dra. Cris Maria Raissa Paje РBayawa. She is the founder of Happy Heart Kids Yoga. Happy Heart Kids Yoga aims to promote health and wellness in children. Their mission is to share yoga with the children, both the typical kids and those with special needs, and make it an enjoyable way for them to imbibe a healthy lifestyle through movement and mindfulness, so that young as they are, they can become happy, healthy and productive in every aspect of their lives.

During that time, Raissa mentioned that she wanted to create a book that would teach little kids about yoga. I thought that it was a great idea. I think that introducing yoga and having a healthy lifestyle to little kids is really important. It’s better to start them young! And just recently, I received a copy of the book that Raissa made. It’s entitled TODAY Tala’s Adventure Begins. The illustrations are made by Renante Ramirez and the layout was done by Raissa’s husband, Jerome, who is also a certified yoga instructor.

TODAY Tala's Adventure Begins

Today Tala's Adventure Begins 2

I thought of a way to show you how interesting this book is so my husband decided to take a video of Zeeka and I as we go through this amazing book!

See how interesting and unique this book is! I highly recommend it for parents who want their kids to be highly engaged when reading a book. The book will be out by January 2016. You can pre-order now at this link: PRE-ORDER NOW!

For more information about the book, you can visit:

Again, congratulations, Raisa!


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