Showing Tender Love & Care with Heaven Baby Diaper

I’m preparing for Baby Zeeka’s first birthday party already. I’ve decided to go DIY (do-it-yourself) on some of the things for her party to show my tender love & care. I love doing things for my baby, which takes a lot of time and effort (for example, I created a scrapbook for her, when I could easily just have had the pictures printed already in a pre-set layout). I mentioned my DIY idea for the party to a few people and some said that since it’s the first birthday party, I should go grand. I don’t know why some people associate making stuff by yourself as ‘pagtitipid’. Not because something is expensive, it’s better than some other alternative. Some ‘not so grand’ or ‘under-the-radar’ products can also be equally effective and can equally elicit the same response.

Heaven Baby Diapers

Heaven Baby Diapers

Heaven Baby Diapers: Total Leak Control System

Heaven Baby Diapers: Total Leak Control System

Like for example, I recently heard of this diaper brand called Heaven Baby Diaper. Have you heard of this brand? I saw it in Waltermart and found that it was cheaper than other brands. My baby’s size is large (sorry, I took a photo of the Medium) and for a Large pack of 24 pieces, it was priced at P186, so that is P7.75 per piece. The current one that I use is at Php 153 for 16 pieces per pack. That’s Php 9.56 per piece. That’s a lot of savings. You know how expensive it is to buy disposable diapers for a baby! That’s huge savings because my baby can consume around 6 diapers during the day and around 2 at night (during her sleep). If you compute that, you save at least Php 435 pesos in one month.

Zeeka in Heaven Baby Diapers

Heaven Baby Diaper has these features:

TLC or the Total Leak Control System: I tested it and it absorbs wetness and doesn’t leak. I only use it during the day. I tried to use it at night, but it’s best to go with more absorbable ones for night use.

Soft cottony cover: I tried it and my baby didn’t get any rashes. My baby has very sensitive skin and it’s amazing that with this brand, she was fine. Believe me! I tried other known brands and sometimes, my baby gets rashes with those brands. With this one, everything was fine and dandy!

Adjustable/magic tape: My baby has a cute little bulging tummy and she’s already 10 months now, so she really loves playing, crawling and trying to walk. With her active disposition, she really needs a diaper that fits comfortably. I love how Heaven Baby diapers fit her. They fit perfectly and she never cried about it.

Zeeka in Heaven Baby Diapers 2

As you can see, my baby loves the comfort that Heaven Baby Diapers give. In the little things that I do and buy for Zeeka, even if it’s not that expensive, I try to show my tender love & care. I believe that being practical should not be associated with how much you love a person. Sometime the little things or those that are made from the heart are those that matter the most!