How to Squeeze in Exercise While Driving

If you think about it, it’s amazing how man continues to make discoveries that would make everyday things faster, easier, or more efficient. Before the birth of the automobile (now that we say car, this word sounds so “old” haha!), people mostly walked from Point A to Point B or relied on horses. What used to take months of travel by going on foot, can now be done in a few hours. However, modern conveniences like these have also made it difficult for some to find the time to establish a fitness routine. We tend to pack our schedules to fulfil all our obligations, that it becomes tricky to find that balance when everything in life seems to be happening at the same time.

This is especially true for moms, and for some who have already established a bond with their cars from driving the kids to and from school or running errands. Some moms have even partnered up with Uber to augment to the household income. They already drive around most of the day, so why not make money while on the road, right?

So how do you find the time to work out when you’re busy with…, well, life? Luckily, experts have proven that you don’t have to spend a straight hour at the gym just to get your fitness requirement done for the day. You can exercise while driving! Yup! You can break down that hour into more manageable chunks so you can squeeze in a couple of fitness moves while you go about your day. Yes, some of them can even be done while in your car! A word of caution: be sure not to be distracted while doing these moves. It would be best to do this routine while waiting for the stop light or while sitting in traffic (which tends to happen a lot in Metro Manila). Allow me to share some quick exercise hacks that you can do in your daily commute.

Deep breathing. I kid you not, breathing exercises are one of the easiest things you include in your commuting fitness regimen. Sitting in traffic can be stressful, so breathing can alleviate that restlessness. Take a slow, deep breath in and feel your diaphragm expand. Hold your breath for 3 seconds, then start to exhale slowly through your nose until you feel that all the air has been expelled from your chest. You can repeat the steps until you finish 1 song from your playlist. The purpose of this exercise is to make you more relaxed and calm. It is important to note that you should limit this routine for the duration of 1 song, or roughly 2 minutes. Prolonged deep breathing may make you too relaxed and sleepy. Remember that a sleepy driver is a dangerous driver!

Seated cat. You will quickly find that the car is a fun place to try all these modified yoga poses. This is a great way to work out your core, as we don’t get to work out that area while sitting down. Sit in the standard driving position and extend your arms to the steering wheel, putting your hands in the 10 o’ clock and 2 o’ clock positions. Slowly start to tighten your core and abdominal muscles as you inhale, curling inwards until your upper body is curved to a letter ‘C’. Slowly exhale and come back to the standard seating position but keep your abdominal muscles tight as you push your back into the seat. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds, and repeat. You can perform this move for the duration of 2 songs, resting for a few seconds in between songs.

Stretching. I love this move as it feels wonderful on my back when I have to drive for long hours. Simply reach your arms as high as you can toward the roof of your car while engaging your abs and back muscles. Hold for 10 seconds and come back to the standard seating position. You can do this move while the car is stopped in traffic. Do not attempt this move while in motion! It is important to keep your eyes on the road and keep your full focus on your surroundings while driving.

So simply put! There shouldn’t be any excuse for not staying in shape — driving around is definitely not an excuse anymore! haha! You can exercise while driving. Do you have other tips that you can share?

How to Get Five Star Ratings as an Uber Driver


In such a short time that ride booking apps have graced the Philippines, people can’t get enough of booking an Uber to get to their destination. It really is a lifesaver to get a ride when you need it the most, or when you can’t be bothered to go on public transportation. For those women drivers who are in this kind of business, who want to get into this business and for those who are new to this business, I’ll be releasing a series specifically for you! Hope you can share these articles.

Like with any service offered, Uber drivers have to put their best foot forward when providing the service to their riders. As a passenger, the rating of a driver can be a major factor in deciding whether or not to continue with the booking. Comparing my personal experiences and reading the comments of other users, there are tips which drivers can use to achieve the coveted five-star rating.

Clean your car! You remember the times that you had to make a great first impression, maybe a first date, a big interview, or an important presentation? The exact same concept also applies here! The first 5 seconds is crucial in getting a great first impression from your rider. A shoddy-looking car is no better than a poorly maintained cab, so give your vehicle some TLC by driving to the nearest car wash.

Keep your car well-maintained. There’s nothing worse than rushing to get a ride to go to an important appointment and having the car break down mid-way. Not only will this be more expensive for you, but this will create a horrible experience for your rider.

Be polite, even if your rider does not grant you the same courtesy. It’s the oldest lesson that’s been taught since we’ve learned to think for ourselves. Even if your rider is having a bad day, or maybe they’re not into greeting people, or even if they’re impolite, just offer a polite greeting and leave it at that.

Avoid talking or texting on your phone while driving. With the Anti-Distraction Law in place, the last thing riders need is for their Uber driver to be apprehended and end up arriving late to their destination.

If you’re not familiar with the area, trust Waze. Just trust the technology. There’s no point in trying out detours if you’ll end up getting lost and spending twice the time to get to the destination.

While this is not required, I am personally impressed with drivers who provide water, small candies, or even wet wipes in their car to help riders freshen up. In this humid climate Metro Manila is subjected to, any occasion to do so is welcome and appreciated.

Choose your music with care. Most riders want a comfortable and relaxing ride to get to their destination. It’s best to keep a playlist that creates that vibe, such as a coffeehouse playlist or soft rock music. Avoid playlists that feature songs with offensive lyrics.

Remind your riders to check if they have forgotten anything inside your vehicle before leaving. I find this extremely courteous as I feel that the driver looks out for the safety of your belongings. It also saves the rider from the stress of relocating their things and saves the driver the hassle of bringing back any forgotten items.

Hope these tips help you in providing the utmost care for your passengers!