How To Make The Most Of A Duvet Day

We all have those days when the mere thought of getting out of bed, let alone going to work or doing anything else, just seems impossible. On those days, the best thing to do is often to have a ‘duvet day’ where you literally stay in bed and relax as much as possible – it’s a form of self-care, and although it might initially seem like a waste of time (or even selfish!), the truth is it can help hugely and ensure you feel much better by the time you’re done. 

Of course, you can just doze all day, and for some people, that’s enough – or rather, it’s the best thing they can do. However, for others, there are different ways to make the most of a duvet day, and if you’re wondering what they might be, keep reading to find out. 

Make Your Home Cozy

One of the most important things to do if you’re going to have a duvet day is to make sure your home and wherever you’re spending your day (it could be your bedroom, but it could equally be a sofa in the living room, or a book nook somewhere else in your home, for example) is cozy and welcoming. When it feels great, you’ll be a lot more relaxed and not worry about doing the housework or making changes to make things more comfortable. 

Some of the things you can do include dimming the lights (and perhaps having candles too), playing soothing music, and making sure your bedclothes are fresh and clean. Make yourself a little cocoon of comfort that smells and feels great, and you’ll have the most amazing duvet day. 

Ignore Social Media

Social media can be a useful thing, especially if you run a business or you want to stay up to date with your family and friends. However, studies have shown that social media can also have a detrimental effect on your mental health – you’ll either see a lot of negativity, which is upsetting, or you’ll compare yourself to others and their ‘perfect’ lives and feel bad. Or both. That’s why, when you’re having a duvet day, the best thing to do is ignore social media altogether. 

This can be a hard thing to do because, even if we don’t like to admit it, many of us are addicted to checking our profiles and feeds. Therefore, find something to keep your attention for a while so you don’t even think about looking. Listening to music, reading a book, or watching a great movie or TV series would all be good ways to do it. Watch Vindication here, and you’ll soon see why things like this can keep you occupied and away from social media. 

Treat Yourself

A duvet day really is the ideal time to treat yourself to a little (or a lot) of pampering, and that could include whatever you want, from eating your favorite comfort foods to having a long, luxurious soak in the tub. 

Sometimes you might not know when a duvet day is coming (although you can also plan them in advance and make the most of them that way), which is why it’s wise to have your favorite things stored away in your home, just in case you need them.