Earth 2: Own a Piece of Land in Virtual Earth

As I look outside my window, I see Manila Golf Club. It would be amazing to own a piece of land here in BGC. The cost of land is too high. If I were to buy land later on, it would probably be far from Metro Manila. But there is a world where I own part of the golf course that I see outside my window. It’s a world not known to many yet called Earth 2.

It’s a game where all of us can actually by pieces of land. The land that we live in was divided into 10mx10m spaces that you can purchase. The prices are driven by all the players in Earth 2. You can purchase unpurchased land, bid on purchased lands and sell your own land.

Each of my properties in Earth 2 has property deed details view confirming Land Class, Land Title, Deed Identifier, Controlled Status, Purchase Price, Market Value, Sale Status, list of exact unique Tile IDs including longitude and latitude plus addresses for each tile within related property.

The creator of the game is Shane Isaac. He introduced himself to the public last January 2021.

I’m not sure if a lot of people from the Philippines are playing this game, but I see a lot of Philippine flags already that claimed areas in the map. You’ll see leaderboards that will show you the net worth of the players. There is also an inter-user trading price (Market Value) per country determined real time.

You can add credit balances to your Earth 2 wallet and you can use those credits to purchase land in the game. If you want to purchase lands that other players own, you can go to Marketplace. MarketPlace list of all properties for sale by other users listing key data, number of tiles, land class, country, Market Value, Advertised Price, % vs Market Value displayed in Best Value order.

If you want to start playing this game, you can use my Earth 2 Code: UET99P2I3F to get a 5% discount on the piece of land that you’ll purchase.

What to remember:

This is a game and it’s not a trading platform. Please do not invest or play with money that you cannot afford to lose in the end. Since this is a new game, we really don’t know how long this game will last.

Why I played:

It’s interesting to see where the creators will bring this. I’m a fan of Ready Player One, and game playing with Virtual Reality or the idea of a virtual world interests me.

Plus, It’s just nice to know that I own a piece of that golf course when I look outside my window! 🙂

To play, just go to: Again, to buy land, use my code UET99P2I3F to get a 5% discount on the piece of land that you’ll purchase.