Internet Business Master Class with Jon Orana

I love stalking people online. I love stalking my very successful friends online. Oooooh, that sounds creepy, right? But I follow and stalk them because I love studying how they market themselves and what leads them to post this and not that, etc. I love analyzing what strategy or strategies they are currently doing. Hey, if I want to be as successful as they are, I would gladly do what they are doing. If it leads me to achieve financial freedom, then why not do it, right?

One of the people that I follow is my friend, Jon Orana. Jon Orana is a pinoy in Canada and he is the Founder of Negosyo University. Jon Orana is an author, successful entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and a business coach. A former corporate slave himself, he’s now inspiring and teaching people on how to start their dream business so they can escape their 9-5 jobs. He’s the creator of one of the most successful online business training in the Philippines such as Blog Academy, Money Tree System, and Internet Business Master Class. I have personally met this impressive man this year for the Passion into Profits Workshop. Manila Workshops helped him set it up here in the Philippines.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, for freelancers, for solopreneurs and mompreneurs, I would like to share that Jon will be having his next run of the (Internet Business Master Class. IBMC is a live 8-week online (webinar) mentoring program that teaches Filipinos how to create, sell, and profit by selling e-books and other digital products. Internet Business Master Class also has a small Facebook community where students can have continuous education and support. There are a lot of students who are now making money online who graduated from IBMC. This program is designed to help Filipinos here and abroad.


For the details of the program, you can subscribe to his newsletter. By subscribing, you also get a FREE 23-page Guide. It’s a short PDF file that teaches how to start an online business selling e-books and other digital products.

To get this FREE 23 – page Guide to How To Start A Simple Internet Business Selling e-Books, please click on this link (DOWNLOAD NOW) or click on the image below:

In this book, you will discover:
– The top 10 in-demand topics. If you want to sell a lot of e-books, start with these “hot” topics. Page 12
– How to create your own e-book fast without writing a single sentence. Yes! Even if you hate writing, you can succeed in this business. Page 19
– Why this e-book business is better, easier, and more profitable than traditional business like restaurant and retail stores. Page 6
– Jon’s best-kept trade secrets in this business and how he sold over P24 Million in the last 36 months. Page 9
– A simple 3-step process that you can easily follow to succeed in this business. Page 15

I really hope that you download this book. I am seriously considering creating my own eBook, too, after I have read this! How about you? Want to earn millions from selling a digital product?