Kerygma Conference 2017

Are you feeling a bit down lately? The ber months can make you feel a bit down especially if you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything this year. But there is a great event that you can attend that’s such a great pick-me-upper and you might just find inspiration and a sense of purpose there.It’s calle the Kerygma Conference (KCON).

For three years now, I have been supporting this event by spreading the word about it. The reason is that there were a lot of times in my life where I needed to find peace and comfort. I know that I’m not the only one out there who needs these. A lot of us feel tired. Feeling natin na ang pagod pagod natin pero wala tayong nararating (We feel tired and often wonder why is it that it seems we are not accomplishing anything). KCON gives you the space to listen to where life is calling you next.

The Kerygma Conference will be from 23 to 26, 2017—on your calendar. I haven’t met anyone who regretted joining the KCON at the SMX Convention Center and SM Mall of Asia Arena. They always say it’s life-changing.

Also, there will be great speakers at the Kerygma Conference. Individually, it will cost you a lot of money just to listen to them speak for an hour. They will be there to speak to you at a mere fraction of that cost. You will hear from the country’s best speakers including Bo Sanchez, Francis Kong, Edward Lee, Dean Pax Lapid, Rex Mendoza, Karen Davila, and Mike Enriquez, among many others. International speaker Chris Padgett will also be there.

How much are the tickets?

KCON tickets cost only P2,000 (regular tickets) and P3,000 (premium tickets) for the whole four days.

Would you like to know what heaven feels like?

Join the Holy Mass and worship at the Kerygma Conference and you’ll know. It’s the closest thing to experiencing heaven on earth. They say that when you pray, you light a candle. But when 20,000 people pray together, you’re building a pillar of fire that heaven cannot help but notice. When people worship together, heaven opens up and sends down all the graces that the people need. Worship at Kerygma Conference is a life-changing moment. Miracles happen. Experience it for yourself.

Receive the love you deserve.

Maybe you have lost a loved one, someone died, or someone broke your heart. Maybe you feel unloved by the people who matter most to you. Come to the Kerygma Conference and let love heal you, fill you up, and make you whole again. Go there to receive love. Receive the love God wants to give to you. He has not forgotten you. He will finish what He has started in your life (Philippians 1:6).

God is committed to bless you. He is asking you to go on this date with Him. He is hoping you’ll be there. Receive the blessing that’s waiting for you at the Kerygma Conference.

For more information on the speakers, classes, Grand Feast, and to reserve your ticket, visit today!


Is this Business Blog All that Matters?

I bought a planner last week, and it had pages where I could write all my dreams and aspirations. The funny thing is that, for someone who loves to plan, for the coming year, I have so many things in my head that I didn’t know what to write. I thought of so many plans for my startup and for this blog that seems to be evolving into a business blog. My thoughts wandered from my business blog, to goals, to my life plan and then to feeling inadequate. I felt so tired and confused after thinking about all of these things. Surprisingly, I then got an email from my blogger mama friend, Tina, telling me about the Kerygma Conference 2016.

I opened the media kit, and the title of the press release hit me. The title was: “Feeling Stuck? It’s Time to Move Forward.” Was this a sign? I continued to read it and then I decided to share it in this blog, because there might be others like me who feel lost and confused on what they want from 2017 or even from their LIFE.

kcon2016-attendees-2: Mommy Ginger Business Blog

The topic for this year’s Kerygma Conference is FORWARD. It’s the perfect theme for those who want to achieve their dreams this 2017. Bo Sanchez’s Kerygma Conference, this coming November 17 to 20 will be at SMX and SM MOA Arena. I have heard a lot of people say that this is a life-changing conference. It is a venue of hope and inspiration so that more people will be blessed and empowered in all aspects of their lives.

In the Kerygma conference, there are plenary sessions and classes you can choose to attend. Some can help answer your questions on career, business, family life and raising kids. I’m thinking of attending because I know that I can share some insights also with you for this business blog that I have.

There will be five streams, i.e. five sets of classes happening from Thursday to Saturday. You might be interested in setting up a family business. These classes can help you: “How to Bravely Move Forward in Business,” “Secrets on How to Let Money Work for You,” and “Walking the Entrepreneurship Journey with Faith.”

If you are seeking healing, the Wellness stream is a good place to start. Check out its classes on “Health Made Incredibly Simple” and “How Inner Healing Bears Fruit in Our Lives”.

There are classes on building happy families that you can get valuable insights from. Learn how to “Create an Amazing Family by Design,” “Have Good Family Communication,” and “How to Parent a Child to Be Continuously Outstanding” through neuro-linguistic programming.

Learn and be inspired. “Walk with the wise and become wise,” as it says in the Book of Proverbs.  Soak in all the wisdom that these world-class speakers will give throughout the 4 days of the KCON! Since it’s KCON’s 10th year, no less than the best of the best, the most sought-after and most requested speakers, have been invited to give talks.


Among the KCON 2016 speakers are Anthony Pangilinan, Dean Pax Lapid, Rose Fausto, Rissa Singson Kawpeng and Chinkee Tan.  The other speakers are Ardy and Miriam Roberto, RJ Ledesma, Arun Gogna, Father Joel Jason, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, etc. Deacon Harold is a dynamic evangelist, radio host and bestselling author, and is a sought-after speaker in the Church today.

For those of you who want to achieve their dreams come 2017, come to the Kerygma Conference. If it’s building that parenting or business blog, taking hold of your finances to finally starting that business or being the best parent you can be, the Kerygma conference will be a great way to feel more inspired.

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See you!


Kerygma Conference 2015

What we consider normal now is being busy. It’s not surprising that all of us can’t keep still. We always feel like we need to move — check our phones, type something in front of the computer, go out and workout, etc. We have an endless list of dreams that we want to accomplish and there seems like there is not much time given to us every day.

I’ve been pretty busy this past week. Up until last week, I was working on one major project and I have set aside the other things that I needed to do. Since that project didn’t push through, I thought of focusing on the businesses that I will set up next year. But then a new wave of opportunities came rushing in.

Speaking of the Kerygma Conference 2015 (which has been running for 9 years already), I really feel that I need to go this year. The Kerygma Conference is the biggest inspirational event in the country founded by lay preacher and best-selling author Bo Sanchez. I feel that at this time in my life, I really need to be inspired and enlightened. I know my purpose — I am clear with what I want to accomplish, but sometimes, I get lonely, and I don’t know why. I feel that I may find answers when I attend this year’s conference. This year’s conference will be on November 19-22, 2015 to be held at SMX Convention Center and SM Mall of Asia Arena.

KCON2015 General Invite

Why am I excited to attend this conference?

The Kerygma Conference 2015 is four days of non-stop learning with as many as nine (9) classes of your choice from five (5) different streams—business and career, leadership and education, church ministry and systems, wellness and health, and family and relationships. Just click on this link for the list of classes and speakers:

Brother Bo Sanchez

I want to hear Brother Bo speak. I always feel inspired and enlightened after I hear him talk. Bo Sanchez’s mission is to bless you because He believes that God loves you as if you’re the only one left on earth to love. He’ll be preparing his talks for the Kerygma Conference with that intention in mind — so get ready to be blessed like never before!

I’m excited for the roster of speakers for this year. The speakers will be Rex Mendoza, Justin Fatica (of the U.S. based Hard As Nails Ministry), Fr. Joel Jason, Arun Gogna and Alvin Barcelona. There will also be international speakers, Jana Stanfield, Scott Friedman, and Jonathan Low who will  be sharing business and leadership insights in their respective classes. Other esteemed speakers who will be at the Kerygma Conference are Francis Kong, Paulo Tibig, Jojo Apolo, Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, Ichel Alignay, and many more!

KCON2015 Youth Conference

And what’s nice about the Kerygma Conference 2015 is that there’s a Youth Conference for students and teenagers, life-changing career talks for the young professionals, empowering entrepreneurship talks for those thinking of starting their own businesses, retirement topics for those who wish to learn how to be “happy retirees,” and so much more! The Kerygma Conference definitely has something for everyone!




I also feel that I NEED it. Have you ever felt that way about something? I just feel that this event was scheduled perfectly at the perfect time in my life when I need it the most.

Kerygma Conference

Kerygma Conference

Two “Grand Feasts” at the Mall of Asia Arena will mark the last day of the Kerygma Conference. I haven’t gone to the Feast but I would really love to go to one, and this may be the perfect opportunity and time to go. There will be a Holy Mass and plenary talks by Bo Sanchez and Alvin Barcelona, plus powerful worship. For non-conference attendees, tickets will be available at For more details about the Kerygma Conference 2015: Coming Home, visit

There, I just shared my own personal reasons on why I want to go to the Kerygma Conference. How about you? Will I see you there?

Kerygma Conference 2014: Excited to go!

I am so happy that there are a lot of conferences that people can choose from. I’m still high from the Work-at-Home Weekend Expo from last Saturday! I’m now excited to create and attend big conferences like these. One of the conferences that I want to go to is the Kerygma Conference. I am just so blessed to have been invited by my friend, Anthony and Tina Rodriguez to attend the Kerygma Conference 2014. For those who are not familiar on what the Kerygma Conference is, it is the most popular inspirational learning event in the Philippines. Last year, 18,000 people gathered for four days in Metro Manila and two days each in Metro Cebu and Metro Davao for Kerygma Conference 2013: Be Empowered! Last year, the conference had 7 plenary talks, 20 streams, and 63 classes to choose from, and over 70 speakers who spoke in rooms filled to capacity with participants receiving empowering lessons.

This year, the Kerygma Conference 2014 will be held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), SMX Convention Center, and SM Mall of Asia Arena on November 20 – 23, 2014. An estimate 20,000 participants are expected to attend.

Kerygma Conference 2014

On November 20 – 21, that’s Thursday and Friday, classes will be about how to manage Church activities, community relationships and ministry involvements. Esteemed speakers from church organizations and charismatic communities will be joining the conference for two whole days filled with topics that will bless one’s service and knowledge about the Catholic Church.

Kerygma Conference 2014 - Jason Evert

On November 22, Saturday, there will be empowering classes about business, leadership, career, wellness, and a whole lot more. They are also introducing the Youth Conference, which will  be staged for the first time for youth participants. A free concert also awaits attendees on Saturday. Finally, there will be a Grand Feast on November 23 with plenary talks from international Chastity speaker Jason Evert of and renowned lay preacher Bo Sanchez at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Kerygma Conference Schedule

Kerygma Conference Schedule

For the past two years, I have been busy creating my business and building it. I know, as a Catholic, that a lot of these blessings are from our Creator and yet, I am guilty of forgetting that He is the one I should thank. In the past months, I have been contemplating on the deeper reason why I am doing all of these things. The first reason is that I want to achieve a good life for my child (children, in the future). But when I looked at all of these things occupying my mind — passion, business, mentoring, legacy, stability, income, community (btw, I’m just throwing words out!), I see that what I really want to do is yes, build a good life for my child, but I realized that in order to do this, I need to help build a “better” community where she could live and love.

And in the Bible, God is constantly reminding us to use our talents, and I know that my talent is really to help others establish a viable business to make their lives more comfortable when they become financially free and when they have their own time. I’m really excited for 2015, since after that long contemplation on what my purpose is, I have finally encapsulated it into concrete action steps that I can do. I am excited for the Kerygma Conference 2014, since I know that this will be a good venue to get that “motivation” that I need. The steps that I will do next year is a bit out of my comfort zone, so I just need that extra push and I think I will get it from this conference.

Are you going to the Kerygma Conference 2014, too? For those who want to sign up, please visit

Let’s lift each other higher!