Gift the Child, Gift the Parent

Five gift ideas for kids that will make their mommies happy too

Christmas is a time of giving, and oftentimes that giving is focused on the kids we know—which is just as it should be. But when you get to be a certain age, you find that you might have a lot of kids to get gifts for (mga pamangkin, inaanak, and more) when really it’s their parents who are your friends.

So recently I got to thinking, why not kill two birds with one stone and get your friends’ kids gifts that their parents will really appreciate too?

Of course, this got me thinking, what kind of gift would this be? To get ideas, I went back to my marketing roots and asked myself, “What’s the one problem every mom, myself included, suffers from?” And the answer was obvious—lack of mommy time!

That is to say, just about every mom I know wishes there were more hours in the day because we are all so busy. Not only are we charging forward with our careers, whether we’re employees or self-employed, but we’re also busy managing our households and families.

Given this problem, it was easy to think up a solution: get gifts for kids that keep them active and creative… and out of their parents’ hair! That way, while the kiddies are enjoying, Mommy and Daddy can take a breather.

So here are a few ideas for these kiddie gifts that are actually gifts for the whole family:

KidZania passes

I’ve been a KidZania Manila fan since the child-sized city opened in Bonifacio Global City a couple years ago. It’s not just that it’s fun for kids between the ages of 4 and 14 to get to experience their dream jobs in areas that look like scaled-down versions of actual workplaces. It’s that they learn a lot about themselves and also the challenges adults face, which helps teach them responsibility and creative thinking.

Oh, looks who’s one of them? 🙂 hehe!

Zeeka created her own comic strip at Metro!

Learn more about KidZania Manila via their website.

Ticket prices range from P900 to P1100 for kids aged 4 to 17.


Another play and activity center kids are guaranteed to enjoy is ActiveFun, which has branches in Bonifacio Global City, SM Megamall, The 30th Mall, Power Plant Mall, and Evia Lifestyle Center. In fact, if the members of your barkada all have kids around the same age, it might even be cool to make a fun day out of it so the kids can exhaust themselves on the slides, in the ball pits, and more, while the mommies can have a spa party.

Learn more about ActiveFun via their website.

Admission rates for unlimited play are P480 per child.

GummyBox PH

Just a couple months ago, I discovered Gummybox, which offers themed activity boxes containing everything kids could want or need for a hands-on crafting or science project—something sure to keep them occupied for at least a whole morning or afternoon.

To learn more about Gummybox PH, check out my previous blog post or the company’s Instagram account, For inquiries, email or text +63 939 551 1501.


Workshops and Kiddie Courses

Who says learning can’t be fun? There are workshops all around the metro to cater to a whole rainbow of kids’ interests. alone offers courses on game development, toymaking, robotics, film and animation, and more.

Know any MasterChef Junior contenders in the making? Check out the kiddie courses at the Red Apron Cooking Academy. Dolldalita offers dollmaking workshops where kids can learn what goes into making toys they love. Or if you know any kids set to become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, check out the courses at And kids with an eye for style and beauty can learn a lot from the programs at KidzArt.

Craft Supplies and Kits

Know kids who love to get hands-on with crafty materials? Feed their love for these types of activities by getting them age-appropriate art and craft supplies, such as watercolor, calligraphy and lettering, or scrapbooking sets. Some places to shop include The Craft Central, Hey Kessy, Craft Carrot, and National Book Store.

Do you have other suggestions on gifts that will make both the parents and the kids happy? 🙂 Share it with me in the comments section below.

Why I’m Excited to Go to Kidzania!

It’s been quite a while since I have heard the news about KidZania opening here in BGC. I, of course, was stoked since it’s near and you know how moms like us are about traffic and about going to far places with our children. I really wanted to go with my daughter, but I have hesitations of going since she’s only 2.5 years old. The website says that it will be better appreciated by kids from 4 onwards.

Anyway, I still plan to go to KidZania soon and i’ll share with you my reasons later. For those who don’t know what KidZania Manila is, it is basically a kid-sized city built for children that opened at Park Triangle Mall in Bonifacio Global City. It allows kids between the ages of 4 and 14 to get hands-on experience on their dream jobs. Super, right?! I think if I were still of that age in this present time, I would be one of the frequent visitors!

I think the concept of KidZania is a brilliant idea. Here are the reasons why (as an adult / parent) I think (based on what I have read and seen through pictures) you should have your kids try it out:

1. KidZania will teach them about the concept of being a part of a community.

KidZania PaZZport

KidZania Manila teaches the concept of being a good citizen. Here, kids can apply for a paZZport to become naturalized citiZens and fully enjoy the benefits of belonging to this great nation. What I like about it is that KidZania teaches that even if they are still young, they can contribute as a part of a group or community.

They can enroll in the B•KidZanian program that has three Citizenship levels. With each visit, KidZanians accumulate stamps that allow them to upgrade their citizenship level and thus unlock privileges, earn more kidZos (the currency in this “world”), and have more fun. They can even get their own PaZZport.

2. KidZania will teach them about going for careers that they like and enjoy.

Farm House Store

There are a lot of professions to choose from at KidZania (and I heard that there are over 1000 jobs). Each child will go through an orientation first that will help them identify their strengths and careers that fit them. What I love about it is that each one is encouraged to go and do the thing that they love the most. I hope that we have an assessment like this in real life for adults! haha! Kids get better direction in the jobs that they wish to pursue inside the city after consulting the employment office.

3. KidZania will teach them about Peace and Order.

I am fond of watching shows like How to Get Away with Murder and CSI. But I don’t know if I want to be a Crime Scene Investigator. Haha! But for kids who dream of helping keep the peace and order in the real world when they grow up, KidZania has its own law and order institutions, such as a Court House, a Police Department and a Crime Scene Investigation establishment. They will get to play detectives investigating and solving cases, and participate in trials at the Court House.

KidZania Career

4. KidZania will teach them to give value to health.

KidZania: Being Part of a Community

My daughter wants to become a doctor when she grows up and I know that she would want to be a surgeon or a veterinarian even for a day. In KidZania, they will perform simulated procedures, which will give them a glimpse of what it is like to save lives for a living.

7. KidZania will teach them about earning and saving.

kidZos KZMNL

Inside KidZania Manila, kids will learn the value of their hard work. Kids earn kidZos, KidZania’s currency, for every job they perform. Through this, they get an introduction to financial literacy through basic transactions involving their earnings. They can use their kidZos to buy items from stores and avail of the services inside the city. KidZos earned from other KidZania facilities are accepted at KidZania Manila after having them exchanged at the bank. This leads to another fun learning opportunity for kids that entail managing their finances.


On their first visit, kids can open their own personal bank account and will be given their own personalized ATM card which can be used at any of the city’s ATMs to withdraw their kidZos. Kids learn about saving money by apportioning their earned KidZos and enrolling for a savings account that will earn interest.

These are the reasons why I think that we should let our kids try out KidZania. Have you experienced sending your children to KidZania. How was it? For more information, visit