Kimochi Aroma Pillows

Stress can kill you! I hope that never happens to me. I had a massage two weeks ago and after around 60 minutes (I booked for a 90 minute massage), I felt like I could not breathe. It was so scary! I was lying face down on the bed in this spa. The ambiance was definitely relaxing, but for some reason I felt that way. I raised my head a bit so that I could breathe. I did not utter a word to my therapist, because I thought that she would panic. What I did was I focused on my breath (like how we do it in yoga class), and maintained that until that uncomfortable feeling went away. I think this was the first time I had a ‘mild’ panic attack.

Which is totally weird, since I never get panic attacks. And woooow, what a place to get a panic attack. But I do remember going through numerous stuff inside my brain during the duration of the massage. I was creating a to-do list in my mind. It may be because I felt like I had a trillion things to do.

Anyway, receiving these Kimochi Aroma Pillows in the mail a week ago was a blessing. It was maybe the world telling me to relax and take a deep breath. Speaking of deep breaths, our room now smells like a spa, because of these amazing pillows. The pillows are made by KIMOCHI AROMA, which is a newly founded enterprise offering natural therapy pillows that can be used either chilled or heated (using the microwave) at an affordable price. “Kimochi” is a Japanese word for good mood and these pillow will definitely always put you in a good mood. Aside from this, there are numerous benefits from using these pillows: relaxation after long hours of work, relief of muscle joint strain, cramps and swelling, improves blood circulation, ease muscular discomfort, menstrual cramps, reduces stress with lavender aroma, promotes good sleep and soothes chronic aches and pains.

Kimochi Aroma Pillow’s first product was created back in 2012 when Ryan Barros, a previously active athlete, suffered from a dislocated shoulder. He then relied on therapy and hot compress to relieve his aching joint. He tried different remedies for pain, until he came across with an innovative idea of using a microwavable pillow. With joint concepts from his wife – Michelle Barros, who is a physician by profession, they designed a pillow best suitable to alleviate pain, both acute and chronic in nature. Several tests were done to ensure that the product was perfect. Not long after, the couple started enjoying the benefits of this natural remedy. As a proud advocate of this excellent product in providing relief of muscle pain and tension, the couple found themselves swamped with requests from friends and family to produce and sell these pillows. This was the birth of the KIMOCHI AROMA MICROWABLE PILLOW.

I tried using the pillows and I loved them.

Kimochi Aroma Pillows - Extra Large

Kimochi Aroma Pillows – Extra Large

Kimochi Aroma Pillows - Square

Kimochi Aroma Pillows – Square

Kimochi pillows for the wrist and eyes!

Kimochi pillows for the wrist and eyes!

The scent used for the pillows were so relaxing. When I kept these pillows in our bedroom, it really smelled like a spa. I also try heating it and placing it on my back. It was so soothing!

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