Gabbi Garcia’s Secret to Success: Why Her Mom is Her Ultimate OG Bestie

Lazada, the top online beauty destination, is celebrating Mother’s Day with LazBeauty brand ambassador, actress, and performer Gabbi Garcia. In honor of the occasion, Gabbi shares her thoughts on her relationship with her first beauty bestie, her mother Tes Lopez, who has been a constant source of support in her journey towards becoming her best self.

Gabbi attributes her success to her mother’s unwavering encouragement and support, which has empowered her to pursue her passions with confidence. Gabbi also advises treating our mothers as our best friends, while also acknowledging the role they played in making our lives possible.

To honor her mother this Mother’s Day, Gabbi has added some skincare products from LazBeauty to her cart, which she and her mother love. She also expresses her appreciation for LazBeauty’s support of Filipinas by providing easy access to a wide range of beauty products with numerous choices and deals.

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