Looping Philippines Squizz 2.0 Stroller

Why are all amazing strollers made in France. This is the second brand of stroller that I checked out this week. It’s from a brand called Looping in France, and the model is called Squizz 2.0.

Image from @cocoonstudioph #cocoonstudioph

For a busy family, like us, we need a stroller that will compliment our needs. We travel often out of the country, and we love bringing Zeeka. The reason why we bring her is that we want to expose her to different cultures, for her to widen her view of the world. But as you know, if you’re a mom and you want to travel, you need to plan well. You also need someone to help you carry some of your stuff, bring the stroller, hold the baby while you get things or unfold the stroller, etc.

But this Squizz 2.0 Stroller from Looping Philippines promises convenience for every mom!

It’s benefits are the following:

One Hand Folding Promise: The Squizz 2.0 can be open and folded using only one hand. Mom can travel on their own with the baby. I tried this and what I liked about it is that the lock was at the side of the stroller, so you just need to unlock it and use the handle to pop it open.

Lightweight: It only weighs 6.7kg. You can also pull it around using the T-bar luggage handle.

Suitable for Babies up to Toddlers: You can use the Squizz Stroller from when your baby is a newborn until he or she weighs 20 kilograms (so until he/she is 5-6 years old). Adjusting the stroller for your baby is also very easy, just pull the buckle behind the seat to recline or put upright.

Compact: Since we live in a condominium and I’m very particular about what we put into our “space” (this is why I practice the Konmari method), I love things that are compact. The Squizz 2.0 stroller can be folded into a compact size that can easily be stored in our home. Here are the dimensions.

Stroller size: W48 x D77 x H104cm.
Foldable size: W48 x D26 x H57cm.

Safe Stroller: The Squizz 2.0 has a 5 point safety harness that keeps your child safe in your stroller. Even if it’s that safe, it’s also very comfortable too for your baby or toddler.

What I would wish for though is that they add more colors. Right now, they only have two colors: you can either get the black or white frame.

So there you have it! That’s Squizz 2.0 Stroller. It’s being sold at an SRP of Php 16,999 at Baby Company, The SM Store, The Parenting Emporium, Rustan’s Alabang, Cebu, Shangri-la Plaza and Makati and MilkandHoney.ph.

So, what do you think? Are you getting one soon?

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