Milna Baby Snack Food: Loving Mommyhood

Sometimes, I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. And when I do, I just feel that everything is horrible. Two days ago, I went to pick up my daughter in school to kiss her and just to say goodbye since I was rushing to meetings set one after another. After kissing her, I was about to cross the street when this car on my left side started moving back. The driver didn’t see that I was there. I was about to be ran over by this car. When we are confronted with days like these, little stuff can get to you and make you go crazy. Children refusing to eat or children not behaving the way you want can make you go crazy!

Sometimes, admittedly, I snap at my daughter. And the few seconds after that are the worst moments of my life. I feel so guilty. Do you have moments like these, too?

As moms, we just need sometimes need to see the beauty of Motherhood and why we should love Mommyhood. We need to be reminded that as moms, we are given this beautiful gift. Recently, we were just reminded of just that by a new brand of baby snack food called Milna Philippines.

Bloggers were invited to go an intimate gathering where we did fun activities such as a tote bag painting activity with Memory Crafters  and we were all treated to have our hair done by Flair Blow Dry Bar.

Tote Bag Painting


Yours truly with Nezi from Flair Blow Dry Bar

Yours truly with Nezi from Flair Blow Dry Bar

It was a fun event. I love intimate events where we, the invitees can actually interact with each other.

Milna creates nutritious food for your children during his/her developmental and growing up years to help provide self-fulfillment to the smart, thoughtful mom. What I love about Milna is that it has a whole line of products that you can choos from — bisucits, cereal and my favorite, which is the Milna instant pudding.

Ms. Lou from Milna Philippines explaining the whole line of products

Ms. Lou from Milna Philippines explaining the whole line of products

milna group-front small

There baby biscuits are great and affordable! It has AA & DHA to help baby’s brain development and good for eyes, Prebiotic FOS, Milk Calcium and vitamin D to support bones and teeth development and Vitamin C & E. It also comes in different flavors: Original, Banana, Orange and Mixed Fruit.

For the cereal, it has DHA, Prebiotic (FOS) to help strengthen body defense, calcium, 9 Essential Amino Acids and 12 Vitamins & 10 Minerals to support optimal growth.

My daughter’s favorite is the Milna Toddler Instant Pudding, which is so easy to prepare and tastes great! The toddle instant pudding contains Inulin to maintain healthy digestive system, Calcium to support bones and teeth development and 10 Vitamins for optimum growth and development.




Mommy Ginger and Zeeka


I may be busy at times, but as any mom, I want the best for my daughter. I love each and everything about being a mom. Thank you Milna Philippines for reminding me to #LoveMommyhood! Like Milna Philippines Facebook page HERE and follow them on instagram: @MilnaPhilippines