Make it Blissful x Luminisce (A Christmas Gathering): Part 2

The reason why I thought of creating a part two of the Make it Blissful X Luminisce gathering is because I believe that the brand who participated deserve to be featured and highlighted, too. And it’s not because they were “sponsors” of a beautiful event, but because I felt that their brand stories were beautiful, too!

People don’t see the just see the hardships that entrepreneurs go through in creating their businesses and in building their brands. We only see them as things that we buy or things that we don’t buy or brands that we like or brands that we don’t like. But I personally, would like to see each as inspiring stories. Stories of people who took courage to fulfill their passions!

Especially made for me!

Especially made for me!

The Make it Blissful Box

The Make it Blissful Box

2015-11-22 11.21.56-1

The Make it Blissful x Luminisce Box

This box was really filled with amazing gifts and surprises, but most of all, it was made with LOVE. Some of them were even personalized and made especially for us! Let me share the stories of these entrepreneurs who made them.

Your Truly receiving my box from Audrey and Dra. Kaycee of Luminisce

Your Truly receiving my box from Audrey and Dra. Kaycee of Luminisce


Luminisce founder, Dr. Kaycee, believes that achieving physical wellness should not only come from the outside but from the inside as well. She says that what sets Luminisce apart from the others is their desire to help people achieve the balance of both body and mind. Luminisce teaches its patients to achieve beauty and confidence from the inside. Using state-of-the-art equipment combined with natural or alternative approaches, this combination aims not to achieve physical wellness in the short run but to sustain overall health in the long run.

Read more about her here: Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations

2015-11-23 08.31.19 2015-11-23 08.25.08


Erika Tesoro-Mata and Dr. Richard Mata were a couple who started supporting a few scholar students from the Philippine Science High School and they felt that they wanted to do “something” more. This led to the birth of Humabi, which is a social enterprise that helps women in need and children who could not go to school.

Read more about them in this link: Humabi

Pro Studio

Valerie and Andrea were just two friends who were into beauty, who both faced the problem of purchasing airbrush kits that were too expensive. With this, they thought of creating their own affordable airbrush makeup brand and this was the birth of Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives.

Read more about them in this link: Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives

Whisk and Zin

Oh, I am a super fan of Cheryl and Czarina ever since the first time I met them for the GTV interview. Here’s my interview with them.

Their business really started when these two friends were seeking for yummy salad dressings and jams and decided to create them instead. I’m so proud that they now have a line of salt (ZIN), which by the way I cannot live without now!

Read more about them in this link: WHISK and ZIN

Lulu Swing

Lulu Swing was established by another lady that I admire, Isabel Abonal. We had coffee once, but her passion for her craft really inspired me! Isabel had deep appreciation for shoes so she wanted to create a local and affordable line that caters to women who loves comfort but seeks for pretty styles, too.

Reed more about her in this link: Lulu Swing


After 14 years of making handmade paper invitation, Airees (thus the brand name), rediscovered her passion for painting. In April 2014, she took an online watercolor class and painted girls in boots every day. In October, she launched her business with Calendar presenting 12 of the numerous girls she painted. Last September, she launched a collection named Musings in Color consisting of 8 designs taken from her art journals. Each one has a story behind it.

Read more about her here: AireesCreates




This business started in a small backyard in 2010 with the vision of providing opportunities for the unappreciated but highly skilled Filipino garments worker. The company has grown and has been exporting for major brands in the US and Europe. When require by the doctor to exercise, the managing partner was inspired to create a line of sportswear inspired by 80s fashion and design. This was the birth of Atsui.

Read more about it here: Atsui


Anna Marasigan loves travelling and her attention to detail led her to create Anma. Anma inspires people to lead a lifestyle of stylish yet functional items that lets you see the world instead of worrying about the little things. The three basic elements that they hold dear are simplicity, practicality and quality.

Read more about it here: ANMA Lifestyle

Blessings by Fad

France and Ami run Blessings by Fad, which aims to touch people’s lives one bag at a time. They realized that there was a need for simple but sturdy bags that speaks of God’s faithfulness and all around positive vibes, as well as bags that would be easy to use for women-on-the-go who were like them. Every year, Blessings by FAD partners with an organization and supports them by giving 5% from every tote or pouch sold.

Read more about them here: Blessings by FAD


Joana Gube has been designing jewelry for almost 10 years and she sold them to classmates and friends. In 2013, she decided to establish Heyjow, a brand that was inspired by the allure of tropical beaches and the mesmerizing world she discovers every time she travels.

Read more about her here: Heyjow


Noteworthy was inspired by Kristine’s love for crafts, color, texture and most importantly, gift giving. With her deep fascination for unique and pretty gift wrapping ideas, she started handcrafting clay to add to the beauty of gift wrapping that she was so amazed with.

Read more about her here: Noteworthy


Curves is a fitness facility especially designed for women featuring a 30-minute workout and weight management program that is fast, fun and safe.

Read more about it here: Curves Philippines

Snapper Doodles

Pearl was an entrepreneur who took the leap from the corporate world, too! SnapperDoodles just began as a one year Instagram journey to make God known through lettering and art. Now, it is an online shop highlighting the beauty of traditional hand-drawn designs ranging from various stationery products such as postcards, tote bags, notebooks and of course BLOOM 2016.

Read more about it here: SnapperDoodles


Kristine Claudio is one of those women who has created a brand for her passion, consistently and successfully following the path to profitable businesses while building a collective reputation — philantrophic, resourceful, adaptable and collaborative. For the Love of Prints has grown its product and service portfolio which includes printing on t-shirt, tumbler, mugs, bags, etc.

Read more about it here: For the Love of Print

Bits to Pieces

Bits to Pieces

Kay Fanlo has been in love with arts and crafts since she was a child. She eventually discovered polymer clay and when her husband’s job required them to move back to Davao, she let go of her corporate job to become a full time mom and to concentrate on her craft.

Read more about it here: Bits to Pieces

Olivia and Diego

Yana Santiago is the humble and silent mover of worthy cause that bridges the gap between fashion and the social environment. Yana established a brand of fashionable arm candies and neckpieces. Her objective is to remind people that great things can come from upcycling / recycling.

Read more about it here: Olivia and Diego

The Honest Crop

The Honest Crop was started by 2 colleagues who had the desire to support the organic natural farmers in the country and to help people pursue a healthy active lifestyle. They realized that “healthier” options are not widely available, not convenient to consume and oftentimes way beyond people’s budget. This is what The Honest Crop wants to focus on — convenience, availability and more affordable healthy alternatives.

Read more about them here: The Honest Crop


In 1910, 18 year old Joyce Clyde Hall stepped off a train in Kansas City with nothing but shoeboxes of postcards under his arm. He had no money but he had the drive and desire of a soon-to-be-known entrepreneur! Hall quickly made a name for himself with the picture postcards he sold. His business with his brother was originally called Hall Brothers. In 1915, a fire destroyed their office and inventory. Also, as postcard sales declined, they realized that people wanted a more private form of communication. They started selling high quality Valentines and Christmas cards inside envelopes and the rest was history!

Read more about them here: Hallmark

Boqueria Lifestyle Market

BLM was founded by sisters Steph and Lady. Growing up, they were exposed to a “well-curated” home — mixing and matching of old and the new, turning trash into treasures, etc. Their mom made sure that everything was lovely! Over the years, they have been collecting anything and everything that tickles their fancy — collector’s items, unique pieces of art, bargain finds, etc.

Read more about them here: Boqueria Lifestyle Market

A Vanilla Story

It all started when Mr. and Mrs. Vanilla changed their hectic lifestyle and relocated to the countryside hills for a simple and slow-paced lifestyle. When they started baking Christmas cookies, they couldn’t find good, real Vanilla, so they decided to be THE Vanilla Company!

Read more about them here: The Vanilla Company

I hope you liked the inspiring stories of the entrepreneurs behind these brands. I sure did and I hope that you see the time, love and the effort that these people gave to building their businesses and brands to how they are today. Thank you Make it Blissful x Luminisce for sharing with us the box and the amazing,inspiring stories of these people!

Continue to make life blissful!

Blissfully yours,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

Make it Blissful x Luminisce (A Christmas Gathering): Part 1

Every year, I look forward to going to Christmas parties. These are times when you get to see friends and family that you have not seen for the past year. One of the Christmas parties or gatherings that I always look forward to is the one with my fellow Blissmakers. As you all know, I contribute some articles every year at This site was built by my dear friend, Martine De Luna, to inspire women to achieve a happy and blissful life. Most of the women here also are part of the WAHMderful Life Community of Women (work-at-home-moms).

Martine De Luna of

Martine De Luna of

Make it Blissful x Luminisce Gathering

Make it Blissful x Luminisce Gathering

This group of women has helped me a lot in the past years, and I am really happy that I got to know this group of amazing women. You want to know why and how this group helped me?

1. This group believes in inclusive growth. Walang iwanan! Obviously, not literally (well, sometime literally, too! hihihi!), but more of the fact that we will do anything to help each other succeed. We will lend out a hand to those in need of inspiration, strength and comfort. We will support the projects of each one in this group, whether it be just posting on social media, sharing contacts or just by praying for each one’s success.

With my fellow Blissmakers! Missing Martine in this picture :(

With my fellow Blissmakers! Missing Martine in this picture 🙁

2. This group is comprised of strong willed and empowered women. They stand up for their beliefs, but at the same, they know how to respect other people’s opinions. When we disagree about stuff, we don’t burden each other with bombarding them with guilt, stress and anger.

3. Even with each one’s busy lives, when we get to see each other, it’s like we just saw each other yesterday. We all value friendship and we know that friendship doesn’t mean holding them too tightly or hugging them close to you always. Just like love, in friendship, you need to see your friends grow and achieve their dreams. We can’t be too possessive with our friends, too.

4. We just feel that everyone genuinely cares for each one!  This is the reason why I am also excited to build our (Martine of, Frances of and yours truly) new project, Beauty Biz Bliss, which was created for women of all ages.

I truly had a wonderful time time with the Blissmakers. Kuddos to Audrey for preparing this gathering! Thank you especially also to Dr. Kaycee of Luminisce! 🙂 I will write a part two on what we did and what was inside our Blissful Box!

Be part of our community! Like and also Looking forward to meeting you soon!




My Personal Journey in My MiB Journal (#LindochinelovesMib)

I was listening to Amy Porterfield’s podcast the other day and she mentioned that one of the things that makes a blogger successful is consistency in coming out with content. I think this is what made me successful, too. comes out with fresh content almost every day. Enough though with the technicalities. Thinking about coming out with fresh content every day can stress you out though. Thinking about all of these technicalities WILL stress you out.

Do you want to know my secret?

My secret is (aside from the great love for writing) I consider my blog as a documentation of my life. When I pass away in the future, people will see how fun my life has been, urging them to cherish their life as well. Living is FUN!



Me with my daughter --- excited to start Journaling!

Me with my daughter — excited to start Journaling!

Martine of

Martine of

My Lovely Daughter holding Hey Kessy Materials

My Lovely Daughter holding Hey Kessy Materials

An event that made me remember and solidify why I love blogging is the Journaling event that Make it Blissful and L’indochine came up with (LindochinexMiB). Martine of invited me and other women for a light afternoon of just coming together to start our own journal. I know a lot of people who want to start a journal, but they think it’s so tedious to start and sustain. Here are some of my tips on how to sustain once you have started a blog or a journal.

1. If you don’t know what you’re first entry will be, notice the first thing that you think about and write about it. It can be a thought about building something from scratch, to your child’s doctor’s appointment, to cleaning your house later today.

2. During days when you feel uninspired, try to walk around and just rediscover the fascinating things that you see around you — how trees grow into certain weird shapes, how the sky changes in color especially during sunrise and sunset. Simple things like that will amaze you and inspire you!

The first page of my Journal

The first page of my Journal

3. Another way to start writing (especially when your mind is blank) is to write down everything you think of. Let me try it now…

I am sitting on a chair here in Coffee Bean and Leaf Burgos circle. I have no idea why I automatically gravitated to this branch tonigh. I could have gone to Starbucks Reserve, which was nearer to the place I live in. It must be this Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. I love this drink. Oh, currently checking out this lovely yellow dress of a woman who just arrived. Thinking that it would be perfect for me, since I love the color yellow. I think this color makes people happy. She’s also wearing pumps. I think I should start wearing pumps, too. I’m always in FitFlops or Sketchers rubber shoes. When I wear my Melissa flats, it’s already an indication that it’s a formal event. haha!

There you go, ladies and gentlemen. You could try this technique. As you can see, there are a lot of topics that you can now discuss or write about further — like how colors affect moods, proximity of places or why location of businesses matter, etc. You get the idea!

4. It doesn’t often have to be your own content (just as long as you quote your source). If a quote, lyrics of a song, a poem, a book, or any other thing inspires you then, write about it. The main thought doesn’t have to come from you. You can give your own opinion on things like these.

You can use pictures like these to tell people about the amazing moments in your life!

You can use pictures like these to tell people about the amazing moments in your life!

2015-11-11 15.41.44-1

5. It doesn’t always have to be written. If you have a journal written in a notebook, it doesn’t always have to contain words. Clippings, doodles, drawings, splatters, pictures, etc. will do. If you have a blog like, then entries can be audio recordings (which I have done lately because I just felt like making these), pictures or videos. Just let it go! (Now I’ve got that last song syndrome of Frozen).

6. This is something interesting that you can do if you are going through difficult times in your life. Write about it from a third person point of view. You can write about how you see it from an angle that moves you to be non-partisan and unbiased about it. This will make things clearer!

We enjoyed this event!

We enjoyed this event!

These are some of the things that I have been doing for the past years of blogging and it has helped me a lot with consistency. Being consistent has definitely made me successful at what I do. Oh, one more thing to remember and this one is really important.

This is your blog / journal. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot post in your blog / journal. Remember that this is a documentation about your life. Do you really want people dictating you what you can or cannot do with your life?

We got this beautiful bag from L'indochine's travel collection

We got this beautiful bag from L’indochine’s travel collection


We had fun at the #LindochinelovesMiB Gathering!

We had fun at the #LindochinelovesMiB Gathering!

This is what I like about the Make it Blissful events and also with the soon to be implemented Beauty Biz Bliss events and other events like the ones of our friends from Wholemom and Pursuit Manila. They make you feel empowered and inspired to take on life’s challenges, knowing that you have friends in the community. Your journey is just happier, brighter and more blissful!

Thank you to Make it Blissful, L’indochine, Gourdos, Stabilo, National Book Store, Hey Kessy, She Dreams Ink, Raintree Restaurants, Shop House Coffee and Hey Jow for supporting the #LindochineLoveMiB Journaling gathering! Looking forward to more gatherings like these!

The Philosophy of my Life

Philosophy is the study of the general and fundamental nature of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language (Wikipedia). Being an overthinker, I love that word. I love thinking about the reason why we exist, the reason why we act the way we do and the reason why we think about the things that we think about. And normally, I get to that state where I think about these things when I’m feeling either down or when I’m inspired.

And lately, I’ve been feeling inspired! Why shouldn’t I be, right? There are so many things that we need to be thankful for. Living is such a fun thing to do! I was recently invited by my friend, Martine De Luna for the MakeitBlissful x Philosophy Event in Megamall and I saw this written on the wall…

Philosophy Store in Megamall

It reminded me of the essential things in life.  We, oftentimes, think that the reason we all exist needs to be that huge or that life changing. I know that I talk about leaving a legacy and making a difference in the world, but I never mentioned the expanse of the dream or the legacy. Why? Because our reasons really differ and the expanse of a certain action is not measured by quantity. I don’t even think that it can be measured by quality, even. If you want to make a difference or if you want to leave a legacy, there are thousand things that you can do and all of these things start with the simplest of things, which is wanting it.

If you want to be a good mother, then be one. If you want to be the best wife ever, be one. If you want to be the best girlfriend, be one. If you want to be the best doctor or lawyer, be one. If you want to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses, then do so. If you want to change lives with the things you write in your blog, then do it.

We need to keep our lives simple. My philosophy starting today is to keep everything simple. If I feel like saying I Love You, i’ll do it. If I feel like crying, I will cry (parang baliw lang). Everything becomes clearer when we go back to the basics. Even in taking care of ourselves, we need to go back to the basics.

I was reminded of that during the event. This simple facial that was given to us reminded me of how grateful I am for little ‘pampering’ moments like these.

Philosophy 1

Me and Mommy Vanessa of

Me and Mommy Vanessa of

This bottle, which I actually purchased that day because it amazingly brightened my skin, also reminded me that I should make it a point to brighten someone else’s day. It reminded me that me need to be a source of inspiration to others so that they can also be sources of inspiration for other people.

We should brighten another person's day!

We should brighten another person’s day!

And no matter where we are, we need to co-exist with other people. We need to live in harmony with others. This sense of community comes from a simple seed of the innate goodness that we have — of wanting to do good for and to others.

co-exist with Philosophy


It’s now time to free ourselves of any inhibitions. Now is the time to achieve dreams and make things happen. I believe that each one of us is placed on this world for a reason. Time is the most valuable asset we could ever own. Let’s use it wisely.


philosophy 2

This is not your usual event review or product review. By just visiting this Philosophy store, it actually made me think of so many things (weirdly so!). Each product made me think of a lesson or a philosophy in life that I would actually live by from now on. It was a meaningful and lovely afternoon. Thank you, Martine and Philosophy for inviting me. *hugs*

Yours Truly and the other lovely ladies at the MakeitBlissful x Philosophy gathering!

Yours Truly and the other lovely ladies at the MakeitBlissful x Philosophy gathering!

I am a proud Blissmaker! (Bliss Makerie 2014)

Early this year, my good friend and business partner, Martine de Luna, asked me to be part of her team for She told me about her plans of changing her website, and re-branding it into this site where women could share stories of BLISS. This group of ladies that she asked would be her ‘bliss-makers’, constantly highlighting the little memorable things that make one’s life happier. These are the things that make our ordinary lives extra-ordinary.

Yours truly, Ginger Arboleda (@mommyginj) with my good friend, Martine De Luna (@makeitblissful)

Yours truly, Ginger Arboleda (@mommyginj) with my good friend, Martine De Luna (@makeitblissful)

Well, when she ‘recruited’ me (haha! sounds like a sorority!), I immediately said yes and it was not because I gave in to peer pressure. Nor was it because Martine was a friend and I couldn’t say ‘no’. Martine has this gift of sharing stories and she does it in a way that is so inspiring! At that time, I was thinking of the goal of helping people find bliss, even in their professional, entrepreneurial and work life. As technical and as straight-forward as that aspect of life may seem, we could always find BLISS there. My main mission in life is really to help entrepreneurs make turn their dreams into reality and I knew that if I joined Martine’s team, we could help all of these people (aspiring entrepreneurs, work at home individuals and even office workers and professionals) live their lives to the fullest.

Fast forward to today, it has almost been one year and I’m very happy for Martine and of course, the rest of the team for what we have accomplished. is such an inspiring site and I love reading the articles there of my fellow Blissmakers.

Recently, Martine threw a party called the Bliss Makerie 2014 for all of her clients, sponsors, collaborators, partners and fellow bliss-makers. It was held at Scarsdale at S&R Shaw Boulevard. The invite was so ‘Martine’ and so blissful. She told us to come in rustic chic attire. I wish you could have seen the behind the scenes conversation of the team. Everyone was scrambling and asking Martine for pegs. We all wanted to come and look our best for the event. That was how excited we were (haha! Gigil for parties!).

When I arrived, I was so amazed at how Constance Event Styling decorated the place. It definitely exuded BLISS and dainty-ness.

Wonderful table set-up by Constance Event Styling

Wonderful table set-up by Constance Event Styling

Look! It's my Name!

Look! It’s my Name!

Yummy treats from Scarsdale!

Yummy treats from Scarsdale!


Just had to have a Latte! Wonderful!

Just had to have a Latte! Wonderful!

Lovely raffle prizes from Elin, Brown Belly resort and leisure wear, Sitting Pretty Crafts Studio magnet boards, make-up from Happy Skin, Sunday Paper notebooks, “Cudsly cash” from Cudsly and a lovely weekend getaway from Taal Vista Hotel

Lovely raffle prizes from Elin, Brown Belly resort and leisure wear, Sitting Pretty Crafts Studio magnet boards, make-up from Happy Skin, Sunday Paper notebooks, “Cudsly cash” from Cudsly and a weekend getaway from Taal Vista Hotel

I won Cudsly cash in the raffle and immediately used it two days after!

I won Cudsly Cash!

I won Cudsly Cash which I already redeemed!

The afternoon was just an informal gathering. It was nice to meet other blissmakers! It was nice catching up with friends that I haven’t seen for the longest time. It was awesome to discuss collaborations and possible tie-ups for 2015 with people I have just met. It was great seeing the people who I follow online and actually meet them finally in person.

Martine welcomed all of us to the event

Martine welcomed all of us to the event

Frances of, Martine of, Ginger of and Rica of

Frances of, Martine of, Ginger of and Rica of

Blissmaker Martine of, Mompreneur Ginger of and Beauty Minister Frances of ---My bestest friends in the industry!

Blissmaker Martine of, Mompreneur Ginger of and Beauty Minister Frances of —My bestest friends in the industry!

Me with the lovely Paula Peralejo - Fernandez of It was nice to see you again after so many years!

Me with the lovely Paula Peralejo – Fernandez of It was nice to see you again after so many years!

Me with Maricel and Van of Shed Mom Blog

Me with Carmel of and Van of Shed Mom Blog

Me and my good friend, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo (entrepreneur behind Love this girl!

Me and my good and super cool friend, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo (entrepreneur behind Love this girl!

Lovely Blissmakers: Vanessa of Shedmom, AJ of Sunday Paper Co., Maricel of A Sweet Cottage, Martine of Make it Blissful, Chrissy of Changing Nappies in High Heels, Peachy of and Ginger (yours truly) of

Lovely Blissmakers: Vanessa of Shedmom, AJ of Sunday Paper Co., Maricel of A Sweet Cottage, Martine of Make it Blissful, Chrissy of Changing Nappies in High Heels, Peachy of and Ginger (yours truly) of

My wonderful friend, Louise of We're cooking up something for 2015! #collaboration haha!

My wonderful friend, Louise of We’re cooking up something for 2015! #collaboration haha!

One of my favorite bloggers, Patty Laurel - Filart. It was nice to meet this refreshing lady! (

One of my favorite bloggers, Patty Laurel – Filart. It was nice to meet this refreshing lady! (

My good friend, Peachy from

My good friend, Peachy from

It was a simple yet lovely affair. We also had a croughnut contest and the winner took home a trip to Taal Vista! I created my own croughnut and called it Ginger Spice! haha! It was a croughnut topped with dark chocolate with Baileys. It also had caramel popcorn with almonds on top. This was my creation.

My creation called Ginger Spice!

My creation called Ginger Spice!

Ladies creating their own Croughnuts

Ladies creating their own Croughnuts

Denise of creating her own Scarsdale Croughnut

Denise of creating her own Scarsdale Croughnut

I was a great afternoon of inspiring conversations and celebrating blissful living. Martine also gave us a Bliss Box filled with her favorite things!

The Bliss Box!

The Bliss Box!

I super love the polka dot box from Print Cafe. Each one of us received product from Yosi Samra Philippines, Heima, Zoya, A Vanilla Story, The Vanilla Company, Cutieverse, Casa La Armonia, Craftsmith, Nica Cosio and Philosophy.

I am so glad that I am a blissmaker! I’m looking forward to contributing more stories in 2015 at Join us as we strive to achieve BLISS everyday!



An Interview with Mompreneur Martine de Luna of

How can we oftentimes forget the one’s closest to us? I’ve been interviewing a lot of amazing women entrepreneurs and who do I forget to interview? I forget to share the story of my amazing partner-in-crime (and when I say crime, I actually mean business. Lol!), Martine De Luna.

Mompreneur Martine De Luna of Make it Blissful

Mompreneur Martine De Luna of Make it Blissful

Martine and Family

Okay, let me tell you more about Martine, for those who don’t know her (which is quite impossible, since she’s practically a celebrity to moms). Martine de Luna is a lifestyle design advocate, student of life, a WAHMderful woman; wife to Ton for six years, and mom to Vito for four. An old soul with a love for long walks, books, quiet days on holiday, and a passion for visual storytelling, Martine loves being a “sociable introvert,” a blogger, a writer, and an amateur photographer (mostly on Instagram). Oh, by the way, she ‘says’ she’s an amateur, but I consider her a Pro because she create these amazing photos especially on Instagram (I hate her for this! All of my pictures on Instagram look crappy! haha!). Before becoming a full-time freelancing WAHM — mostly doing online coaching, copywriting and community management — Martine used to be an English teacher, a youth counselor, a magazine staff writer and editorial assistant. Her goal in life? To live each day joyfully despite all odds, and to find “bliss” in the ordinary everyday of being a wife, mom, and student of life.

martinedeluna main

Interview with Mompreneur Martine de Luna of

Ginger: Oh my geee! How could I forget you! Good morning, Marts! It’s nice to have you here at! I’m really excited to have learn from your experiences and I’m sure other people would love to hear your stories, too and how you made it to where you are now. So, can you tell us more about your brand/business? What is it about and how long have you been in business?

Martine: My brand, Make it Blissful, is really a statement, a collective and a mindset. I started it on my blog, which was formerly called “Dainty Mom.” Through the blog, I offer blog-related events, like blogging and writing workshops. I also offer collaborations, either with other blogs, or with brands that I feel “click” with the Make it Blissful way of thinking.

I also offer freelance digital media-related services, on my professional site, I launched this about a year ago, when I wanted to step up my freelancing game and go into offering services on a full-time basis. In the past year, I’ve worked with women-run businesses, like wedding blogs, style/fashion blogs and businesses, creative businesses, advocacies, and personal bloggers, mostly through blog consulting, branding, and copywriting.

Make It Blissful Website

Make It Blissful Website

Ginger: With all of these services, who is your primary market?

Martine: Women who have great ideas and need help in putting them into an online platform that will help them in their businesses.

Ginger: I’m just curious, how did you come up with this idea?

Martine: These services I offer — blog coaching, copywriting, developing website experiences, even personal brands for women — they were all based on skills I’d learned as a creative social media manager in a U.S. based business that I used to work for (offshore). During my stint there, I learned how to blog beyond just lifestyle blogging; I learned branding, social media basics, some online marketing, that sort of thing. I was also exposed to brands and businesses abroad, because these were the clients we worked with. A lot of the blogging and social media practices I learned were so different from the local blogging and social media culture. I thought, why not teach these tactics to individuals, so that they could build up their online platforms (websites and blogs) in a way that felt professional, like “DIY PR” or “do it yourself branding.” I called my initial offering “blog coaching,” because I began doing one-on-one freelance coaching with people who wanted to launch a serious, long-term blog.

I also saw that there was a need for busy business owner-women to manage their blogs and social media accounts more effectively. These powerful women often don’t have time to manage these platforms; they are busy building up their businesses. I started offer “web & blog management” for these women, so that I could manage running content, editorial, photography, and make sure their blogs and websites regularly came out with quality content. I likewise complimented this on social media by being their community managers, too.



Ginger: Amazing! Knowing that this mission would really be hard work, were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming a Mompreneur?

Martine: Well, I’m only breaking into the local coaching scene. It’s picked up over the last few months. I feel the challenge is in balancing it all: your personal/family life, excelling and improving in your coaching and services, finding time for continuing education, etc. Because I work now on a “per project” or retainer basis, I have to make sure I’m constantly marketing myself and putting myself out there in front of potential clients.

Ginger: What are three traits that you think a Mompreneur should have when starting their own business?

Martine: I think going solo — whether as a freelancer or mompreneur — takes gumption. You have to be willing to take risks so that you can discover where you can really thrive. Of course, you should plan financially and prepare your reserves before going into solopreneurship, into mompreneurship. You also have to learn how to organize your life according to your priorities. You’re your own boss when you become a freelancer, a mompreneur, and that can be both a blessing and a burden! I think mompreneurs and solopreneurs should also have a solid community of like-minded people that they can connect with on a regular basis, especially on days when things get challenging. For instance, I began a community called the WAHMderful Life, in partnership with Manila Workshops. These women are all work-at-home moms, and they find support, encouragement, even work, when they connect in our exclusive Facebook community group, set up especially for them. You can’t be a mompreneur and “be an island.” Find your tribe; grow with a community. They can help you keep going, even during your down and low days!

Make It Blissful-new home slider 1

Ginger: That’s good advice! That’s true. A lot of the support that I got was also through that network. Marting, how about sharing with us any unforgettable moments or lessons that you learned as a Mompreneur?

Martine: I’ll share just one lesson: You have to design your life and be humble about learning how to do things better. Having an outlook of lifelong learning and “life hacking” can take you through your most trying times as a mompreneur.

Ginger: What advice can you give to other Mompreneurs?
Martine: Stay humble. Never stop learning how to do things better. Hire a mentor or a coach to be your constant sounding board. (I owe much of my success to the training and mentorship of business coaches and blog mentors.) Live out your mompreneurship like you’re at the top of your empire: delegate, hire the help you need, create systems so that you can focus on your priorities: family, marriage, and the bigger picture of your business.


Ginger: What are tech tools that you use for your business?
Martine: I can’t live without WordPress! Every business — whether online or offline — needs to have it and leverage it towards their brand, their sales efforts, their lead generation. It’s not just for blogging. With WordPress, you can literally run your business from anywhere in the world.

Ginger: Thank you Martine for sharing with us your insights on being a momprenuer and for sharing your experiences. We wish you more success in all of your endeavors!

For Martine’s contact details, you can see it listed below. Thank you for reading this interview and watch out for more interviews with inspiring mompreneurs!

Contact information of Martine De Luna:
Website (blog) | (professional)
Email address
Mobile Number 0917-8591126
Facebook Page |
Instagram account: martinedeluna
Pinterest: martinedeluna
Twitter: martinedeluna

Because I’m Happy… (or rather, I WANT to be happy)

Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

I can’t stop humming that song of Pharrell Williams. It has such a nice melody that everyone can actually sing the song.

But who among you can honestly sing this song and really mean it? “Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.” “Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.” I know of a lot of people who wake up every morning and just drag their feet to get to work. I also know of a lot of people who are caught in the web of “routine” that life’s meaning is lost. Honestly, I think not a single person should live like this. This is not right. This is unhealthy. This is not cool.

I, too, was stuck in a rut years ago, but I made the conscious decision to find bliss — find the things that make me happy. God said that we should use our talents and I wondered how much of an impact using my talents would be. I wondered if it was worth the effort, or if I was just dreaming that I could achieve a better, happier life. I wondered if I had what it took to make my dreams real or opportunities and chances like these are really just meant for a few people. I had thoughts like these when I was in my mid-twenties.

What I did was I just grabbed the opportunities that came my way and just made things happen. A lot of opportunities came in though especially when I became a mother. It was surprising though since this was the time when I actually said that I wanted more time for my family. With these, I had to balance the time that I have for different roles that I play.

I’m a workaholic (though I don’t admit that I am), but I know that this is what makes me happy. I’m happy juggling several things on my plate (in may case, it’s a huge tray.. lol!). I’m happy spending time with my baby (although sometimes for just a few hours a day). I’m happy that my husband lets me dabble in different things, until I find the right mix of businesses. I’m happy that I have a supportive family. I’m happy that I have great business partners who bring in great ideas into the business and have the same values as I have. I’m happy that I my faith and that I can turn to Him anytime.

I told my friend about being happy and when you’re happy with yourself, you exude that happiness and it makes your husband and family happy. It makes the community happy as well since you’re inspired to motivate them to feel happy, too. It’s so funny that happy is such a simple word, and yet so hard to achieve.

So how about you? What are you happy about? What will make you happy?

If you still don’t know what it is that will make you smile, I suggest that you join this weekend getaway called the LIFE-BLISS weekend. Martine, one of my friends/business partners, has been telling me about this wish of hers to have something like this in the future. I’m so happy for her that she finally announced this and made it happen!
Life Bliss Weekend Poster 2014

The Life-Bliss weekend will be an overnight, countryside retreat aimed at helping women foster the spirit of exuberance in their lives. It is designed to empower women to live lives according to their unique mission and purpose. It is sufficiently packed with introspective and eye-opening activities, creative projects, as well as interactive games that facilitate group dynamics personal learning.

The LIFE-BLISS WEEKEND is a purposeful “me time” break for extraordinary women who need to reconnect with themselves, recollect their thoughts around their life’s mission, and simply bond with fellow journeying women.

This is for ALL WOMEN who want to —

• conquer their fears,
• banish their limits — financial, emotional, physical, career, even hobbies,
• awaken their passions and turn them to strengths,
• make strategic goals towards fulfilling their life, business and personal dreams,
• express their “best life story” in a way that inspires others.

casa luminaria main view

casa luminaria lunch

casa luminaria living area

casa luminaria dining room 2

casa luminaria cottage bituin

Participants can expect to return home with a firm personal mission a robust plan of action, and commitments to sustain their exuberant disposition as well as a community of like-minded women and friends whom they can connect with through the community.

Registration includes overnight accommodation and meals at Casa Luminaria, a private countryside estate surrounded by inspiring & lush gardens, a swimming pool, peaceful grounds and restful villas; Life-Bliss & Mission activations, conducted by life vision experts, The Exuberant You Consultancy; Personalized strategy sessions with our team of experts in purposeful living with precision and planning; A “crafternoon” designed to inspire and invigorate you to express your bliss visually; Ample down-time for creative pursuits and relaxation.

The Life-Bliss Weekend is a joint event by and The Exuberant You Consultancy. Registration fee for early birds is Php6,595.00 until May 8 only. Regular rate is Php6,800. To register and make payments, please log on to


About Martine de Luna – Event Organizer & Chief Blissmaker
Martine de Luna is the Founder of, an online community and inspiration e-zine dedicated to the art of purposeful, meaningful living, working and creating. As digital strategist specializing in women, Martine leverages online platforms to help women create freedom-based lifestyles that play towards their core values, beliefs and intentions. Through her work online, Martine has built and branded several lifestyle blogs in the Philippines and abroad for women entrepreneurs, creatives and fellow “blissmakers.” All the while, she has been running her award-winning women’s blog, which now has an international roster of writers. Martine’s most recent venture is Manila Coworking, a coworking facility operating within Southeast Asia’s only craft beverage incubator.

About Apa Alviar — Certified Human Resources Facilitator, Director of The Exuberant You Consultancy
Apa Alviar is the founder and Director of The Exuberant You Consultancy, a company that crafts custom-made Personality Enrichment Programs (PEPs) to help participants, in whatever age and status in life, discover the true gifts that they are to their organization, colleagues, family, and peers. Apa inspires individuals and teams discover – and experience – their passion. A graduate of BS Psychology (cum laude) from St. Louis University, Apa has gained over 20 years’ experience in the fields of Customer Service, Human Resources, Marketing, and Corporate Affairs from the academe, airline, financial, and minerals resources industries. From his humble beginnings to becoming part of the ManCom of multinational organizations, Apa now sits on the board of the only wish granting foundation in the Philippines, is a consultant for church-based and family-owned organizations, an avid writer for online and print publications, and an internationally certified facilitator.

So hope you can register and join the Life-Bliss weekend!