5 Tips to Make Your Car Safe for an Infant

Photo by Felipe Salgado on Unsplash

It’s pretty much down to you to make your car safe for an infant by doing certain things properly. A car can only do so much, so the rest is up to your common sense and awareness.

Buy a Reliable Car First

Not all cars are made equally. Some are designed for sports, off-roading or family life. Some vehicles come packed with family features that can make your life as a parent of an infant much easier and safer. For example, the Ford Ranger can withstand a high side and front impact, meaning it’s safer if you get into an accident. Reputable car dealers like Edmunds offer a wide range of new and used family-friendly cars for giving you the best peace of mind about safety.

Minimize the Number of Distractions

You have a lot to do as a parent, especially if you have a full-time job. Keeping your focus on the road at all times is the most essential thing you can do to keep yourself and your infant safe. If your phone is too tempting, put it somewhere you can’t reach it. And eat while your vehicle is stationary rather than trying to eat while driving. Also, try not to mess with your MP3 player or radio while the car is moving. Only pay attention to the road ahead and other vehicles.

Make Your Car Safe for an Infant by Securing the Seat

Children ages 4 and up are most likely to die or get hurt in car accidents. Safety belts and car seats are essential for babies. So, make sure you always follow the rules for child car seats. In general, kids should stay in child seats until they grow out of them. All kids under 13 should always sit in the back seat because a new baby in the front chair can actually be hurt or killed by an airbag. And also, don’t forget to double-check that everyone is wearing a seatbelt.

Never Leave a Child Alone in the Car

It can sometimes be tempting to leave your kids in the car. But you should never do this. Every year almost 40 children per year die from heat exhaustion after being locked in a car in the United States alone. Some of the kids were left there on purpose, and some were left in by accident. And some of the kids were playing in the car. If you leave your child unattended in the vehicle, they could get stuck in the boot, set the car in motion, or be abducted by a criminal.

Make Others Aware of the Children

Classic “Baby on Board” signs are very helpful. They might keep you from getting into an accident or let people know that you’ve got a youngster. But they are there so that people who help in an emergency will know to check for your child. If you are in an accident and can’t see your child in the back seat, these signs and labels will let medical workers know they need to act quickly to save your child. Ensure that the words are easy to read and can easily be seen.


It isn’t too challenging to make your car safe for an infant. Of course, buying a reliable car always helps. But you should also secure the car seat and let people know you have a child.