Smart Plasma Mask with Build in Ionizer: Mask We All Need

I have a new mask called Smart Plasma Mask to keep me protected and I must say, this is the mask that we all need. Let me tell you off-hand that at Php 5500, it’s pricey for a mask but affordable as an Ionizer. I started with the price so that you know how much the investment is before you continue reading the article. With that, let me tell you that this device is super worth it.

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Let’s start with the “why”… why did I buy this mask?

I haven’t been outside that much since March 14. See… I still remember the date. The longest time that I left the house was when Zeeka had a stomach ache and we had to go to the hospital. Turns out, she was just VERY constipated (thank goodness!). I bought the mask because one of the things that I have noticed when we wear masks is that, we can’t breathe easily when we’re wearing the N95 masks that we have. This is good because that means it really blocks the virus. But when you have senior citizens and kids, it’s hard for them to wear these because they get annoyed.

Next is that with the face shields that we are required to wear with the mask, it’s uncomfortable. Don’t know about you but I perspire a lot (so does my husband and daughter) and when we wear these two things together, we’re drenched in sweat.

And the last thing that I’ve noticed is that when we remove our mask in a restaurant, we just place it anywhere. With this, it’s not really that “hygienic”.

So I did my research and found this high tech mask! As you know, I love reviewing unique things like this, so I did and tried the device.

Before going to the review of the mask, let’s start with what makes this Smart Plasma Mask different from other “power masks”. It’s different because it’s also has a built-in Ionizer.

What is an Ionizer?

Ionezers create negative ions. Negative ions attach to dust and make it fall. This is why people with severe rhinitis like me are advised to have ionizers in the room. As for it’s chemical reaction, negative ions break down virus and bacteria. This is why people use it during this time of COVID.

Have you heard people say that if you have allergies or respiratory problems, you should go to the beach? The scientific explanation is really because of the amount of the negative ions in the air.

Check out this chart that shows the different negative ion concentrations.

So usually at home, we have a low concentration of negative ions.

All About the Smart Plasma Mask

The Smart Plasma Mask has a negative ion concentration of 80,000 /cm3. I started using it as an ionizer also in our room this week. Just to let you know, I tried to wean off from my antihistamines. I’ve been taking one tablet a day since a year ago. This year, I really want to stop using.

Last Sunday, I stopped, so Monday I really felt terrible. They only thing that helped me breathe, at least a little, was this Smart Plasma Mask. I would place it on my bedside just like this and I would leave it turned on using the switch holder.

It really helped me a lot, and because of this, I have been turning it on every evening since that time.

During the day, EJ loves using it also when he does errands. He said that it’s very comfortable to use and it’s easier to breathe.

What he finds really fascinating is the design of the mask when you ‘re not wearing it. You can just hand it around your neck!

Some FAQs!

How long does the battery last?

It lasts your 2-3 days without charging

How long can I leave it on?

8 hours is fine (like leaving it overnight). Please turn it off in the morning by removing the switch holder.

If something happens to the device, who can I turn to?

You can contact their distributor here in the Philippines. It’s under Min Shiang Corporation.

How do I clean the device?

You can wash the silicone ring with hot water and you can use alcohol as well.

How about charging the device?

Please always USE ONLY the inclusive adapter 5V/1A (Ampere) when charging. Only use a powerabnk with an output charge of 5V/1A (ampere).

Again, to buy this SMART PLASMA MASK, you can go to this link: Use MSCSMOMMY FOR AN ADDITIONAL 6% discount!