Maxicare Prima: Get Unlimited Check-ups and Lab Tests!

Wouldn’t it be great if each one of us can go to and have regular check-ups with doctors anytime we need to? Imagine a world where we need not think about financial constraints and just freely have ourselves checked when we feel sick. Admittedly, one of the reasons why I don’t have myself checked is that I think if I can solve it from home (by resulting to self-medication), it will save me a lot of money. I only go to the doctor if I’ve gone from feeling bad to feeling worse. 

Maxicare recently introduced a service that will save us a lot of stress and worries. For a minimal amount of Php 4,999 for individuals 0-59 and Php 12,999 for individuals 60 and above, we all can have unlimited check-ups! Yes, you read that right. We can enjoy monthly, weekly or even daily check-ups if we want to by availing Maxicare Prima!

Maxicare Prima is one of the cards that Maxicare released as part of their Maxicare prepaid cards. Each card if for a specific need so you need not pay for things that you feel you don’t need.

What is the Maxicare Prima?

The Maxicare Prima card is the Maxicare card that you need when you want to have unlimited consultations, unlimited lab tests and and diagnostic procedures! Most of the time, we can afford the consultations, but what drains us are the expensive lab tests and diagnostic procedures!

There are two Maxicare Prima variants:

Maxicare Prima Silver at Php 4,999

This variant is for individuals who are 0-59 years old. They can have their out-patient  consultations at any Maxicare Primary Care Centers, and lab tests in 4 Maxicare Primary Care Centers — BGC, Bridgetowne, Cebu IT business park, and SM Clark Pampanga which just opened last November 27.

Maxicare Prima Gold at Php 12,999

This variant is for individuals who are 60 years old and above. They can have their out-patient  consultations at any Maxicare Primary Care Centers and MyHealth Clinics. They can also have laboratory and diagnostic tests in 4 Maxicare Primary Care Centers — BGC, Bridgetowne, Cebu IT business park, and SM Clark Pampanga. Lucky them as they also have emergency coverage of Php 20,000 Annual Benefit Limit (ABL) per year. Doctor services, X-Rays, laboratory and diagnostic examinations, and other medical services related to the emergency treatment of the patient is covered.

Here is a list of the Maxicare Primary Care Centers:

Here is a list of the MyHealth Clinics: 

What kind of doctors can we see for the consultations?

Maxicare has this really cool branch or Primary Care Center in BGC at W City Center Bldg (close to my home). But their are also other stand alone clinics, too! In the PCCs (including Bridgetown, SM City Clark and Cebu) and in all MyHealth clinics, you can see the following doctors:

  • Internal Medicine (IM)
  • Obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN)
  • Ears-Nose-Throat (ENT) 
  • Dermatologist
  • Pediatrician (for Silver members only)
  • Ophthalmologists

In Maxicare PCC in W City Center and PCC – Bridgetown, you can also have free lab tests if it’s prescribed by the physician. For Prima Gold (Senior citizens), lab tests in MyHealth are also covered. The list of the lab procedures are the following:

Then for the other PCCs, you can have consultations with Internal Medicine (IM) Doctors.

Why I like Maxicare Prima?

Cost Efficient Way to Get Check-ups in a Familiar Location

I usually go to St. Luke’s BGC, so anywhere in BGC is perfect for me when I intend to go for a check-up. When I saw the amazing Maxicare Primary Care Center in W, I was completely sold and purchased a Maxicare Prima Silver right away, especially when I learned about the unlimited laboratory and diagnostic tests! For the price of Prima, Maxicare is giving us such a great deal!

So if you go to any of these hospitals for check up…

  • Cardinal Santos
  • Centuria
  • Chinese General Hospital
  • Makati Medical Center
  • St. Luke’s BGC
  • St. Luke’s QC
  • Medical City 
  • Bridgetown

You’ll be happy to know that there are Maxicare Primary Care Centers in these hospitals, too. Super sulit talaga!

So convenient for Senior Citizens!

The usual plans for Senior Citizens (aged 60 above) are expensive. The Maxicare Prima Gold is the best deal for them! Php 12,999 a year is really not that bad. This may be the reason why people are scrambling to get this product for their loved ones!

Everyone gets FREE Dental Services once a year

Dental services includes the following:

  • Mild oral prophylaxis (cleaning)
  • Full mouth panoramic X-Ray
  • Dental consultation
  • Emergency relief of dental pain through medication
  • Cosmetic or oral rehab treatment planning
  • Dental nutrition and counseling
  • Dental health education
  • Preparation of dental certificates
  • Safekeeping of dental records as required by law or client

With Maxicare PRIMA, you can get exclusive discount from Maxicare Lifestyle partners listed here, MyHealth is already included there

I’m convinced! How do I get a card?

Here are the steps to shop online at

If you are from Metro Manila, you can also send me a message so that I can have the cards shipped to you or sent to your office. Please take care of shipping cost. 🙂

How do I activate my Maxicare Prima card?

It’s actually the same as how we did it for Maxicare EReady cards. If you haven’t seen my video on activating cards, please watch this!

So if you haven’t purchased or considered getting a Maxicare Prima, it’s time to check this product out. Give everyone, family and friends, the gift of health this season! Check out Maxicare Prima Gold and Maxicare Prima Silver (!

Maxicare EReady: Enjoy a Worry-Free Life!

When something happens to our little one, usually we go straight to the emergency room. The thing with babies is that they can’t communicate with us what’s wrong. Toddlers and little kids, on the other hand, are prone to get little accidents like cuts and wounds since they’re still developing their motor skills. They love exploring and testing out what they can do as little humans.

For us, parents, we of course worry a lot! But we can’t stop them from discovering the world around. Last 2017, I didn’t expect that we would be at the emergency room for Zeeka, my daughter, a couple of times. Each time that we went to the ER, she had to stay in the emergency room overnight. Our bill at St. Luke’s Makati was always close to Php 10k or a little above ten thousand pesos. I would have loved to have the Maxicare EReady card two years ago!

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads about this product, but I’d like to tell you more about the Maxicare EReady card. The reason being is that a lot of moms (since I posted that I’m a Maxicare Agent and you can get these cards from me!) were asking me more about the product. 

Maxicare has released Maxicare Prepaid Cards — these are the cards that you can buy at affordable rates. It’s more affordable than regular plans since each card covers a specific need. 

What is the Maxicare EReady Card?

The Maxicare EReady card can be used when you rush to the Emergency room. It has a one-time coverage of Php 15,0000 from illnesses or injuries that arises from medical-related emergency conditions. And do you know how much each card costs?

The Maxicare EReady Titanium (No access to the 6 Major Hospitals: Asian Hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center-Quezon City, St. Luke’s Medical Center-Taguig, The Medical City) is only at Php 699 per card. Card Validity is up to one (1) year upon activation.

The Maxicare EReady Platinum (Has access to the 6 Major Hospitals: Asian Hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center-Quezon City, St. Luke’s Medical Center-Taguig, The Medical City) is only at Php 899 per card. Card Validity is up to one (1) year upon activation.

Who is Maxicare EReady card for?

Maxicare EReady card can be used by individuals from 15 days old (babies) to 65 years old. When you purchase each card, it has to be registered to a person in order for it to be activated. It cannot be transferable once activated. The card is one time availment but you can only register and use up to two EReady cards in a year. 

In our family, all of us have one Maxicare EReady Platinum each! We also gave one EReady Platinum to our helper. These EReady cards are the perfect gift for loved ones, inaanaks (godchildren), to your workmates and staff, etc. 

Some companies like Dezynspace have already ordered cards from me to give as company prizes!

Where can you use the Maxicare EReady?

You can have Nationwide ER or emergency room access to all Maxicare affiliated hospitals. Member can avail in one accredited hospital only.

What is the coverage of Maxicare EReady?

It can be used for the following:

  • Doctor’s Services for Emergency Treatment
  • Emergency Room Fees
  • Medicines used for immediate relief and during treatment
  • Oxygen, IV fluids, whole blood and human blood products
  • Dressings, casts, sutures
  • X-ray, laboratory and diagnostic exams

But wait, there’s more! You should keep your card, because you can avail of these:

  • 20% discount on selected Metro Dental services. (
  • 15% discount on selected MyHealth services. (
  • With Group Life with Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disablement (ADD&D) coverage up to Php 50,000.00
  • Free consultation with Maxicare affiliated doctors on the Teleconsult hotline at (02) 8582-1980

I’m convinced! How do I get a card?

Here are the steps to shop online at

If you are from Metro Manila, you can also send me a message so that I can have the cards shipped to you or sent to your office. Please take care of shipping cost. 🙂

How do I activate my Maxicare EReady card?

Well, you’re in luck because I also created a video for this. Please watch this!

So if you want to be ready for any emergencies, check out the Maxicare EReady Card!

Get Acquainted with HMOs and Maxicare in this Season of “Outbreaks”

Are you familiar with what HMOs are? Healthcare Maintenance Organization or HMOs are organizations that provides or arranges managed care for individuals or employers at a fixed fee / premium or prepaid contract. For the entirety of my “employed” life, I think I always had a health card from an HMO provider.  

The best provider that I encountered so far (I think I have experienced 2-3 providers) was Maxicare. This was the HMO that my dad dealt with to give health cards to the employees of the family business. 

I wanted to get a health card when I resigned from my corporate job last 2012. so the first thing that came to mind was to get from Maxicare. I heard from my friends and family that Maxicare’s services were expensive. This perception of the product stopped me from researching about it, and since I started becoming busy with my business, getting an HMO card became least of my priorities.

My family then would get occasional colds and cough, nothing that worrisome though. So I continued living like this, comforted by the fact that no grave disease or serious illness will fall upon any of us in the family. I also thought that I would always have enough, so I could just pay for any hospitalization or medicines that we would eventually need.

In 2018, Zeeka, my daughter had her first episode of benign febrile convulsions. For kids who are younger than 7, our pedia mentioned that they are prone to have convulsions when their fever reaches 38 degrees celsius. The child will then have convulsions and will have to be monitored constantly until temperature drops. Zeeka was confined for 7 days twice that year. Since we didn’t have HMO, we had to pay Php 75,000 for 7 days of confinement. We had to dip into our savings and these health issues really hit our finances hard.

I started scouting for a Healthcare Maintenance Organization or HMO that I can trust. During my research, I came across the brand that I was initially curious about, Maxicare, and went to the Maxicare Philippines website.

When I checked out their products, I was surprised to see a plethora of products and services that would suit one’s needs. And hey, it wasn’t that expensive at all. 

For those considering which HMO to go with, here are the top three things that made me decide to go with Maxicare Philippines!

I want to go with an established HMO!

Do you really want to worry about service when you’re sick and rushing to the ER? With Maxicare, they have 30 years of solid healthcare expertise. With this, I’m assuming that in terms of service and internal processes (haha! I sound so nerdy here!), they’ve encountered all kinds or concerns and inquiries from their members. They have more than 1000 accredited clinics and hospitals and they have more than 56000 doctors and specialists nationwide (more than 18000 warm bodies). 

I want to go with an HMO that really understands my needs!

If you go through their products and services, they have full HMO products and they have prepaid products that suit your needs! I really just wanted to enumerat these here but I will try to explain them in succeeding posts.

Full HMO / Full Risk Products

  • My Maxicare: For individuals and Families
  • Maxicare Starter Plan: For Businesses with 3 to 99 employees (Best for start-ups like Taxumo!)
  • Maxicare Plus: For Businesses with 10 to 99 employees
Check out other Maxicare products here:

Prepaid Products

  • My Maxicare LITE: A prepaid health card which provides one-time Confinement coverage for eight (8) identified illnesses (Including Dengue!)
  • Maxicare EReady: A prepaid health card which provides a one-time coverage for Emergency related cases
  • Maxicare PRIMA: Maxicare has what they call Primary Care Centers (PCC) and PRIMA offers unlimited Outpatient Consultations, and availment of laboratory and diagnostic procedures in these PCCs.

I want to go with a company who innovates!

Yup, this is actually important for me. I want to know my balance or whatever credits I have availed from my plan. With Maxicare, they have a member gateway that contains the member info, the availments, emergency contact, Online Letter of Authority or LOA Request (print online; available for 3 days after printing), etc. You’ll also see that Maxicare always tries to improve their products and services.

So that’s it… these are the things that made me avail of Maxicare’s services. I’ll be writing more blog posts and posting more information on social media about Maxicare and its products and services, since health and “outbreaks” have been constantly talked about.

Feel free to comment on the section below for anything that you want to know!

*Full Disclosure: We were impressed with what Maxicare offers! Hubby and I decided to become agents! If you need help deciphering which of these you need, you can comment below and I can get back to you. You can also message me on my Facebook page. 🙂

For prepaid cards, head over to the Maxicare store: Please type gingerarboleda as your agent 🙂 Thank you!