Smart Devices from MiLi

There will come a time when a lot of things we once thought was impossible will be possible already with the help of smart devices. I realized that we are slowly approaching that world when I recently attended the event of one of the brands that I love, MiLi. I was introduced to this brand a few years back. From that time, MiLi has introduced four generations of devices that helped make our lives easier.

Generation One


Generation Two


Generation Three

MiLi Third Generation


Generation Four

MiLi Fourth Generation

This year, they have two new products that  are so unique and exciting! They are introducing the MiLi iData and Mili Pure!

MiLi iData and MiLi Pure

MiLi iData and MiLi Pure

MiLi iData

The MiLi iData is perfect for people, like me, who always need to keep on deleting pictures and videos on their phone because of lack of space. The iData device and application helps in file management as you can transfer files to the device and then transfer it to your laptop or computer. This can also be done in reverse.

MiLi iData

If you don’t have data plan or if you’re scared to save your files in a cloud storage system, this gadget is quite an amazing alternative. In scenarios also like going on vacation, where data plans are not available, but you need to take a lot of photos, just connect the MiliIdata and store your photos. The application is also super easy to use. Saving and sending email attachments is also so simple.

The idata will be available in June in 16G, 32G, 64G and 128G.

MiLi Pure

The MiLi Pure on the other hand is a portable skin moisture detector. I love this since recently, I have been so worried about my own skin. I’ve been looking at the mirror and I feel that my skin is so dry. I am excited to try this out!

The MiLi Pure has a user friendly probe that detects the skin’s moisture level when it comes in contact to the skin for 5 seconds. The MiLi Pure has an indicator light that has a Swarovski crystal. This makes it look so classy!

MiLi Pure


The data is transmitted to the phone through bluetooth 4.0 technology. Also, the application gives out suggestions on what you can do with your skin, based on the results that you get.

So are you excited? I know I am! I can’t wait to get hold of these two new products from MiLi 🙂