Mommy Meditation: A Step Back from My Reality

I will have no yaya for three weeks since she left to take a vacation to go to Bacolod. With this, we will be staying at our in-laws place in Quezon City, quite far from where I normally conduct my business meetings which is either Makati or BGC. And since I don’t know how to drive, I had to cancel most of my meetings to just stay home to watch over Zeeka.

I should be frazzled (initially I was, I have to admit), but instead, I am now taking this opportunity and turning it into a meditation vacation — Mommy Meditation. I will take a step back from MY reality to re-assess my life (my businesses, my financials, my plans). Lately, I have been second guessing myself on some of the plans that I have for my businesses. Also, I think I need to create better processes for both my household and businesses.

Most of the time, we, moms are so busy that we forget that we need to take time out to see the bigger picture of how things are working out for us. We then, after sometime, feel tired and feel like we’re not getting anywhere in terms of our plans. So what we need to have is some Mommy Meditation time.

My Mommy Meditation time started today. It just started today since I had to do a lot of things after our STEPS PROJECT Active Lifestyle Fair last Sunday (BTW, thank you to all those who came). As for my meditation and reassessment of my life, these are the things that I need to think about:

1. Budget checking
2. A new contract for our helpers since some leave after a few months (I usually spend for their fare coming from the province so my husband and I feel like we’re just being used so that they get the chance to come to Manila from the province)
3. Organizing the files in our house and to have a better system for it (especially for paying bills)

I’m actually glad that even with all of these stuff going on around and so many changes in our plans (some things don’t turn out the way we expected it to be), my family is very healthy and for me, health is really our priority. Health is wealth, indeed! It’s a good thing that I’m participating in a body fat challenge with my friends. It forces me to cut down on fatty food and stick to healthier alternatives. It’s so funny cause my husband seems to be losing weight, too. But aside from that, i’d like to stress the importance of proper nutrition and vitamins. There are things that we are taking now that keeps us healthier. If you want me to send you the list of supplements that we are taking, just email me at

One of the things that I love taking now, especially with this heat, is my own concoction of a healthy milkshake.

2 scoops of Vanilla Nutrimeal (low glycemic / Gluten Free / Soy Milk) – This is a meal replacement formula so it keeps you full. A pack can last for approximately 15 days.

USANA Nutrimeal Vanilla

USANA Nutrimeal Vanilla

Mix it with two table spoons of Athena. Athena is High in Calcium (which we need) and low in fat. It is also a good source of Vitamins A, E and Zinc.


Add 400 – 500mL of water and add ice, then blend! Viola! This is my own version of a healthy milkshake!

I actually started shifting to all things healthy and natural even before this mommy meditation spree. I already feel the difference in my body. I weigh less now, have more muscles and I feel more energetic.

It’s time to review all of the business processes that I have. I think after I move back to our own home again, when yaya arrives, I might call for a team meeting for Manila Workshops. It has been a while since we have had our team meeting. I’m actually going to review my PNL report for this year as early as now. I need to make some adjustments and I need to make it fast.

How about you? Have you had any time for mommy meditations? What did you realize after meditating? I can’t wait to get started on all of these things that I plan to do for these next 3 weeks.