Happy Mother’s Day!

Before anything else, Happy Mother’s Day! I especially made this article for all the mom’s out there.

I slept late yesterday evening. It must have been the coffee that I took just before bedtime. I don’t know if it was a bad or good idea that I took it, but it gave me few more hours that I spent watching downloads with my husband and talking about life. I know. How deep is that?

Growing up, I thought that the world was just about getting the highest grades and being the super student that you can be. I was the Editor-in-Chief of the school paper. I was class president. I received honors. I wanted to be the best at everything. I wanted to be a daughter that my mom and dad could be proud of.

Now that I am a mom, I still strive to be the best at everything. I want to provide my daughter a good future. I want to make my husband happy always. I want to still be a good daughter. I want to earn to help with the expenses. I want to live in a better world. I want to help more aspiring entrepreneurs start their own business. I want to inspire and motivate people to action. I want still want it all, but my own world got a lot bigger so I know that this will be harder to accomplish. I would bet that this is not true only for me. I would think there are a lot of moms who want the same things — who have the same seemingly impossible dreams.

Mother's Day

And, I admire you for that. I admire you for having dreams for your family. I admire you for wanting a better life. I admire you for thinking about others and not just yourself. I admire you for striving to achieve dreams that will not only be for your own benefit but dreams that will make this world a better place.

I know that life can be tough. I know that sometimes, crying doesn’t even seem sufficient. I have questioned myself so many times on when will everything stop — all these aiming for things, all of these goals that need to be achieved. I feel so tired and helpless sometimes.

To these things and questions, my husband gave me three powerful words. He said “You’re already there.”

You are already there, supermom. You have made ends meet. You have done everything that you can for your family. You have stood up everytime with an unwavering spirit. You have made your family happy.

Enjoy the journey. Enjoy your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!